Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Suck it, Sandy Hook!

The chorus from Sandy Hook Elementary School sang at the super bowl. Freepers, always willing to demonize anyone who disagrees with their vision America, struggle to hate the children but not see too loathsome. They don't do well.

Bob knows numbers are very important:
Gotta squeeze a little more gun-control emotion out of Newtown's children.

26 members in the chorus - 26 victims. Coincidence? I think not.
Vaquero doesn't bother to explain, he's too outraged.
Un friggin believable what the left will do. Despicable.
Obadiah expected that the superbowl would get all anti-gun:
We all feel for these kids, but I am very concerned that this is going to be nothing more than a propaganda ploy for somebody, say, Bob Costas, to get on his anti- 2nd Amendment soap box.

Watch carefully for the subtle propaganda, such as seeing these kids sing and then a short time later somebody slips in discussion or a picture of the NRA, Dianne Feinstein, etc. I put NOTHING past these guys and I would not at all doubt that Obama and his campaign were to be found to have their fingerprints all over this.
TexasCajun knows you never alleviate grief:
Lesson of the day for the young minds.

Tragedy Leads To Celebrity.
cripplecreek might make a pretty awful parent:
I would forego the grief counseling as well and just let the parents deal with the issues.

In my experience, kids are amazingly resilient in the wake of traumatic experiences.
444Flyer is also enraged that anyone is happy for the kids:
The Libs are fueling everything on emotionalism. There was a time in this nation when people would mourn and move on privately. Out of respect for their loss and in compassion, people would give them that privacy.

By parading these kids around, it appears to feed the indulgent emotionalism so many Liberals crave to be fed. And at what price to these children's long term emotional health?

Here's one example of a comment made on the news comment site:

“Awesome! I can feel the tears forming already. So happy for the children!”

So ‘happy’ for the children? That person is completely out of touch!
bmwcyle is feeling Roman:
Bread and CIRCUS
kidd thinks performing a the Superbowl is super traumatic.
The NFL is going to put 26 already tramatized elementary school kids on stage to perform in front of a 60,000 person live audience and 100 million TV viewers.

Yeah. That’s a good idea.

And when they faint, vomit or wet their pants from stage fright, what is the plan to pick up the pieces for these poor kids?
xrmusn Agrees. Also whatever Obama will do, it'll be evil:
Will they be lip syncing?

IF a proven performer can do it so as not to ‘embarrass’ herself, shouldn’t the children be given the same opportunity.

What will it do to their fragile hearts and minds if they should happen to ‘mess up’ and someone DARE laugh at them or give them a ‘pan’ for a review.

AND I AM NOT PICKING ON THE, I feel very comfortable using the term ‘innocent’ children, because IMNSHO they are being exploited.

I understand that the 15 yo in Chicago that ‘supposedly’ went to DC (some doubt has been raised) ANYWAY, a petition ‘supposedly’ has been started to get BO to go to the funeral.

He is either going to show up unannounced (with 100 body guards - ‘gang funeral you know’) and 400 TV crews or ignore it BECAUSE IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO...however, that will NOT be his reason for not going....
DJ MacWoW 
Pro-animal rights, Pro-abortion, Anti-religion, Anti-tobacco, Pro-euthanasia, Pro-redistribution of wealth, Anti-gun rights, Pro-labor union, Pro-homosexual "rights", Pro government healthcare, Uses children as props........Hmmmmm

Democrat_media has a really low bar for mind control:
These socialists/democrats are all about mind control

boycott the news media and the stupid super bowl and nfl. They give us circuses to distract us and use the acts at the circus to brainwash us. At least the Romans just gave them circuses. boycott the stupid NFL too. What does anything the stupid media or sports say have to do with me and my life? Only a few less than 100 die of these media created mass shootings per year while millions of Americans die of other causes (40,000 just in car accidents per year) . 2.5 million home invasions per year, 300,000 women get raped per year but all we hear of is this 1 event.These mass shooters seek the media fame and even so its just a fluke , statistically non-existant event
andy58-in-nh is also not going to watch the liberal Superbowl:
Yet another reason why I won't be watching the Super Bowl.

I'm getting dangerously close to that point myself, and I haven't missed a Super Bowl since 1972. It's partly because I hate both teams who are playing, but also because the NFL's adoption of "causes" (pink cleats? - give me a friggin' break) and stupid rule changes have been pissing me off.
bgill now thinks all events are conspiracies:
I saw a youtube yesterday (thought I'd saved it but guess not) which noted that far too many of the pictures/film people in the parking lot later turned out to be victims’ families. With an enrollment of 625 students and say 40 staff, the odds of immediately airing a victim's family should have been 1 of 26.

Will they be cued to stop cheering and eating hot dogs to look all solemn when the Super Bowl cameras pan over to them? Compare the tears of the Chicago girl's family to the happy go lucky faces of the school's families. But, the Chicago thing has nearly as many questions as Sandy Hook.
RummyChick gets really mad:
You really disgust me with the way you bob and weave and try to explain things.
So what does the article say???

They advanced INTO THE SCHOOL and saw Lanza .

They were on the scene if they saw Lanza while they were in the hallway.

What’s your point??

Did someone else kill Soto other than Lanza????

They were INSIDE the school before Lanza DUCKED INTO A ROOM.

They absolutely were on the scene before Lanza went in and killed Soto.

I really really really DESPISE your postings.
After that it devolves into minute and angry parsing of reports on the school shooting.


  1. Hitler disbanded the labor unions....

    1. He also put in place a death penalty for performing abortions, and the homosexuals were among the first groups locked up and sentenced to death.

    2. If the libs really were like Hitler, Freepers would already be shipped off to concentration camps by now (where these fucks truly belong).

  2. Zimmerman goes under the bus.

    Trolls trolling trolling trolls:

    Also, remembering Slayton.

  3. Hitler disbanded the labor unions....

    I ain't never heard Glenn Beck talk about nothin' like that, son. I reckon you musta been edjumacated in one o' them there gummint schools.

    Seriously, considering that Freepers' interest in world history is so minutely fucking focused on the eight or nine non-Biblical events that actually matter to them, you'd think they could occasionally get some basic facts straight about those events. I'm sure just about any Freeper could tell you that Hitler ruled Germany and killed a bunch of Jews sometime around the middle of the last century. From there, it'd take the average Freeper 10 seconds -- tops -- to start spouting unmitigated bullshit.

    Never mind the fact that if it were 1939, most of these assholes would've been proud members of the Bund.

    1. If anyone reading this has a fake account on the site, you might wanna try something.

      Post a thread simply titled "Hitler had some good ideas"

      Talk about how he stopped the homosexual agenda and fought tooth and nail against the communists and actually tried to cure both behaviours.

      Talk about how he abolished the labour unions.

      Talk about how he treated any abortions done as a murder, plain and simple.

      Talk about how he heavily increased military strength.

      See how long it takes for people to say they misjudged Hitler.