Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The gun control fight continues

The tyrannical assault weapon ban is dead. Long live the tyrannical everything else! CAPS LOCK ABOUNDS!

driftdiver has metaphors and he's not afraid to use them!
Its a win that this is all they could put forward that that Feinstein’s bill failed.

We need to kill this bill. Put the cross hairs on it. Paint a bullseye on its back.
SoFloFreeper knows the real issue is that the Democrats suck it:
let’s kill the ammunition limit.

Obama and Reid and Pelosi all hate America. Period.

They must lose this fight.

Big Time.
traditional1 is pretty sure negroes don't go to gun shows:
Most inner-city tribal parasites and street-level cartel employees don't buy their weapons at gun shows.

That's specifically targeting INDIVIDUALS who exercise their Constitutional Right to Bear Arms, and are the SAME targets of Tax Laws that want to keep them at the mercy of Beaureaucrats who fear for self-defense-armed citizenry.

Run background checks and drug tests for EBT's and Obamaphones, and see who's left standing......
Cyber Liberty was trying to explain to his dad that eveil blacks travel in groups:
I was talking to my father yesterday (watches CNN all day long), and he said (head down), “I think we need to limit the magazines to 10.” I asked, “Well, Dad, what if you are accosted by three somebitches that need to be put down? Do you feel comfortable with 10 rounds? ‘Cause I sure as Hell don’t. I have 15, and carry a second mag.” The nature of the threat has changed. I used to carry a .357 6-shot revolver, but now I don’t fear having to kill a car, I’m faced with a damned flash mob of dozens of Amish. Semi-auto, no choice. And these bastards want to take it away from me? Give me a tiny magazine?
ArrogantBustard feels raped:
Oh, yes ... We'll be 'reasonable' and 'compromise': We'll only rape you half as badly as Feinstein wants to do ...
Then we'll come back for more next year.
tet68 wants to stokpile musekt balls for Freedom:
This is what leftists do, they nibble away at your freedoms a little bit at a time. Don’t fall for it.

The important part...

The right of the people to keep and bear arms


Not limited by amount of powder/ball or by number or in any other way. Period!

Anything else is unconstitutional and an attempt to subvert the very basis of our government.
Ruy Dias de Bivar tells the story of the harrowing time he got lost in a black neighborhood.
Back in 1968 I kept a cheap pistol, unloaded, in my truck. One day I missed my entrance to the interstate and found myself in a very bad part of town.

Ever try to load a single action pistol while operating a standard transmission truck? it is not easy.

A few months later there was a major riot in another town and I read what happened to some drivers caught there.

I immediately got rid of the cheap pistol and bought me a 13 shot Browning Hi-Power. I wanted firepower!

Forty five years later I still like LOTS OF FIREPOWER!
ExSoldier just makes a cause and effect:
registration ALWAYS leads to confiscation at some point in time. History shows the proof of this.
Carry_Okie knows the real goal:
What they want is a database of their enemies. They don’t give a crap what kind of weapons we have. That’s all posturing.
kinsman redeemer is still yelling about confiscation:
I’m not going to negotiate ANYTHING!

Listen-up you socialist, liberal, ignorant FOOLS!

It's not a government-given right, it is an inalienable right!!

It's not a hunting right. It's not a target shooting right. It's not simply a self-protection right.

I have the God-given right (and responsibility) to defend myself, my family, and my possessions AND MY RIGHTS from thieves - WHATEVER kind of thief they might be!! I won't compromise. I won't compare. I won't retreat. I won't relax. I won't give up.

YOU can go ahead and do whatever you want! As for me - I KNOW FREEDOM and I won't be a slave to you or your new world order.
Well, this fantasy persecution keeps them happy, I guess.


  1. I know someone exactly like these guys. He called me a stupid fuck for not believing that the government was going to take our guns, round us up, and shoot us.

    You know, I don't think the countries with strict gun laws have gotten around to that yet.

  2. Street-level cartel employees?

    1. He means anyone vaguely hispanic-looking.

  3. I've been listening to Tea Party radio (WIBG 1020 from Ocean City, NJ) in the mornings and the guys calling in have got to be sporting major chubbies at the thought of armed resistance, especially if our swarthy President were to leading the ATF shock troops like some Civil War general.

    1. Sorry, should read "President were to be leading."

      If these guys were to ratchet up the hyperbole just a tad more, the Feds could use their own words to justify drone strikes on their garages.

    2. They'll be ever waiting for the persecution to begin, poor devils.