Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Saturday Night Live: Harbinger of Hitler

Free Republic may be down, but I have lots of posts in the can, so service should continued uninterrupted for a while at least!

Saturday Night Live did a skit about the New Testament as a Tarantino film. It was mocking Tarantino. If anything, Hollywood is the thing that comes off badly. But such postmodernism is rather above Freepers and their appetite for persecution:

EQAndyBuzz explains the only actually funny jokes: Conservative ones!
A skit about Menendez and underage Dominican hookers would have been funny. A public service message about how Chris Dorner stopped smoking would have been funny. Announcing it has been 1 year since Whitney Houston stopped doing drugs would have been crude, but funny.

Skits about liberals write themselves. Not only are liberal skits about conservatives not funny, but most of the time they are forced, run on too long and most of the time aren’t true to start with.

A skit about liberals are true, to the point and most of the time hysterical.
TWhiteBear knows this is an atheist or demon attack:
Moslems, of course, consider Jesus to be a prophet, so when atheists or demons attack Jesus they attack Islam.
GunRunner is one of a few Freepers to actually keep his sense of humor:
“A less violent version of the Passion of the Christ.” That’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are.

I thought the whole thing was funny. It was poking fun at Tarantino and his anti-historical style. “Samuel L. Jackson as Pontius Pilate” and “I never knew Jesus used the N-word so much” were funny too.
seowulf knows what comes after funny skits:
That is how it always starts.

In Nazi Germany the cartoons papers of greedy, hook-nosed Jews and the stereotypical greedy Jew in the movies were followed not long after by yellow armbands with the star of David being passed out.

How long will it be before white armbands with red crosses are passed out to be followed shortly after by herding onto the next train out of town.
Texas4ever blames men.
America is in a position of submission and so is your manhood...take time and count the endless assaults to men in commercials, TV shows and the media. You are to be silenced. Do you ever wonder why?

It amazes me how men are allowing, weak,unchased, skinny legged metro sexualized, frail unGodly men to speak for your gender.....women are now wearing the pants.

Not this one....I enjoy my womanhood, my motherhood, my grace and words of praise and wisdom. I have not forgotten what I have been taught. I will not succumb to the lies.

I beseech the....yes I said that...why because I want you to realize there was once a Man who spoke of wisdom and tells you how to teach your children, defend you Country and love your wives, daughter, sons.... you have dropped your sword and picked up the remote! Damn you!


  1. Ozy

    How about putting all the Spotlight Friday post in one section?
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    Do a google search on user name "geronl"..all he does is post 24/7. His obsession with kiddie porn/underage children sex on various other sites makes my skin crawl...you will see enough to make you want to vomit.

    1. I've used Free Republic's downtime to label all the spotlight posts I could recall:


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  2. The Free Republic site being down lets us see some interesting background on their site; specifically, that it runs on NGINX, a Russian-based HTTP server with the following logos:


    Any lurkers want to attempt a "FR servers are communist!" meme?

  3. Yes seowulf, the Nazis were well known for their sense of humour. I mean, think of that great WWII Comedy To BE Or Not To Be, with the hilarious comedy stylings of Mel Broo - Oh, right.

    Yeah, the people who couldn't take a joke weren't the Jews.