Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Terrorists behind every tree

Some random blog totally heard from "a source" that Iran got some of their terrorists into America.

I wasn't sure if Freepers would all get Red Dawn boners, shake their fists at Obama and preemptively blame him, or jump at shadows.

Turns out it's mostly the last one.

crosshairs figures this is why Obama has banned all guns.
Damn. Americans better hurry up and disarm. Barry can’t give the go-ahead until he’s sure his muzzie comrades aren’t at risk for retaliation by American citizens.
Theoria vastly underestimates the effects terrorism, or overestimates tax policy's power.
Why would Iran need to have terrorist in our country?

We are doing a pretty could job of destroying ourselves. With debt and open borders. Throw in our economic policies and we are our 'enemies' best friend.

Illegal aliens rape, murder and harm more Americans than any islamic terrorist could.
Species8472 senses a Muslim:
Go ahead and write me off as a conspiracy nut, but there were initial reports of multiple shooters at Sandy Hook School...............
This "two shooter" thing is swiftly becoming the latest Freeper facts no one else knows.

MachIV thinks all mass shootings are a government conspiracy.
I doubt multiple shooters; however, considering this administrations likely culpability in Fast & Furious, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they were behind theses waves of mass shootings; essentially, Reichstag Fire events.
yarddog is sure Mexico is all Muslims now.
I saw an interview on the John Ankerberg show. It was a retired general who was very high up, I think a four star one who was in charge of much of the Army.

He said there was clear evidence of Muslim terrorists in Mexico, and in large numbers. He also said a lot of the murders in the last year or so had the fingerprint of Islam rather than drug dealers. Of course the terrorists are involved in the drug trade too.
21twelve has the inevitable:
I was thinking they have already infiltrated the House, Senate and Presidency myself.
concerned about politics is rooting for only liberals to die:
The gov knows about this, and they're still talking about more controls? LESS self defense?

Maybe they want to depopulate - thin the herd. They'll just let rouges from other nations take care of it.

NOTE: The liberal cities have more targets per square foot, and they're gun free zones.

I just thought I'd mention that.
Ax Saw a Muslim looking guy in an airport 24 years ago!
In 1988 or so, I was at the airport in Iguazu, Argentina, in the Tri-border area. There was big crowd around up at departures. A guy dressed up like Khomeini was addressing a bunch of Iranians. They’ve had plenty of time to strengthen their cells in the TBA.
txhurl isn't worried, on accounta being so racist:
Muslims are stupid. I know: I’ve worked with more than is
fair and while they may be clever, they can’t think in 3D.

When the call comes to scoop them up all at once the smart ones will have re-patriated but the rest will be minnows in a net.


  1. >while they may be clever, they can’t think in 3D.

    Doesn't Spock say this about Khan in "The Wrath of Khan?"

    1. Close. It was "His logic betrays 2 dimensional thinking"