Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Potpourri

allendale knows that the day a study that will never be done is done, it will show that child molestation creates gayness:
Someday a study will be done asking homosexuals how old they were when they had their first homosexual tryst and how old was their partner. Then there will be little doubt about homosexuality. Of course such a study will never be done.
goat granny: Arbiter of Charisma, doesn't get why anyone could like Obama:
He's homely as a mud fence, ears like dumbo cannot speak 3 sentences with a teleprompter, married a rather homely woman, got through college on af action, picks his nose when the camera is on him, gives the finger to those that find his policy's stupid as a box of rocks, lies, like the idea of killing babies and would love it if one of his daughters aborted one of his grandchildren, yet some conservatives drink the lefts charisma statement kool aid. The man is even dumber than Biden, no one takes Biden the left, they use charisma to describe any democrat in office....what the media says rubs off on some of us without our even realizing it.
butterdezillion knows birthers are a little like Jesus:
Terry Lakin is a Christian man who strongly resembles his Lord - Christ, who also received not only whipping but mocking, spitting, and hissing from Satan and from the very people who were being saved from Satan by the sacrifices of the One they mocked.

Terry Lakin was not able to save this country, but it wasn’t because he failed to try. Though the rest of us haven’t given to the extent that he did, we have done what we could and been mocked and despised for it.
chuckles explains that Black kids are losers like this, while white kids are losers like THIS:
If you grow up black in America, you are taught from birth that you have no chance. You can be elected president and think everyone that disagrees with you is a KKK racist that wants to lynch you. It's the same with pro football and basketball players. You can make millions and then get cut and it was for some ulterior motive.

White kids are different, but similar in the fact that there is some reason they don't rule the world. Of course it's not racism, but it must be some reason that the apple of his mom's eye is a failure. They are spoiled from birth with dad's credit card and all of the sudden they have to make their own way and it gets hard very quick. If you have to move back to mom's basement, you can either play XBox all day or start killing school children to prove you still matter. How many will humble themselves and go to work at Burger King until they get a break?
I can't help but notice that all Blacks are poor, while all whites are upper middle-class in chuckles' world.

Similarly, Sacajaweau riffs that Blacks murder like this, while whites murder like THIS:
I see these white men like Holmes and Loughner act out of rage....rage that they built up themselves ending in the terror of their rage.

On the other hand...blacks (and my old hometown is typical)...they kill as if it's just a way to settle a and with no remorse...a way of life. No big deal in their world.

They make a mockery of education...a 40% graduation rate?? They collect welfare in lieu of working. Until THEY change their ways, things will stay the same. Disgusting...
alexander_busek goes far with the passive aggression:
Actually, I think that Obama does remarkably well in "acting American" and referencing "Americana" when mentioning, e.g., the number of States in the Union (57 aint so far off) or the names of our military medals, considering that he spent so many formative years in a primitive, third-world country like Indonesia. Just think how difficult it must be for him to keep this (for him) exotic information straight in his mind.

After all, most natural-born Americans probably couldn't correctly state how many provinces there are in Indonesia, and would probably stumble when called upon to name a single Kenyan military decoration ("Order of the Burning Spear," anyone?).
I thought it was racist, but "Order of the Burning Spear" is a real thing, it seems.

Eye of Unk had a dream, so NASA is probably assassinating astronomers that find killer asteroids:
I just woke up from a dream where I was at a resort and was looking out at a tall hill nearby and suddenly watched it start flying apart, rocks and trees blowing away from it and falling far away.

Maybe we will see a LOT of this in the near future, suppose we have this occurring every day or more often globally?

And lets just assume NASA or some other agency knew ahead of time and refused to make it public, or on a more serious note monitors private stargazers who also have seen an oncoming object but when they try to announce it they are silenced instead.

I have a feeling these objects were seen, plotted and even their strike area plotted, but nobody will announce the news.
livius on how Pope's war on Satan's thunderstorms culminated in his tricking the Devil by resigning:
When I was at World Youth Day in Madrid two years ago, a horrible wind and rain storm broke out and lightning was slamming down all around us. The Pope sat there, eyes closed, praying, and this was the only thing that calmed down the nearly 1 million people who were there and let us last out the storm.

At the time, it seemed to me that the Devil was striking at the Pope and this is how it seems to me in this photo, too.

So to me, that means that the Pope is doing the right thing by resigning, and something really bad must be brewing - but he has averted it for now and Satan is angry.
factoryrat thinks everyone is here to pillage:
The illegals are here for one reason only: to loot, pillage, and plunder this country for all it’s worth, just like their democrat AND republican enablers. The next time you see a ford explorer full of mexican gangbangers, think about what I said.
fattigermaster on the efficacy of inquisition tactics:
You can’t trust some of these so-called atheists, most of them are faking it...try the Vlad the Impaler test and give them a seat on a ten foot sharpened stake, and see if they cry out for Nobody, Oh my Nobody, for Nobody’s sake help me Nobody, Nobody save me I promise I’ll change, I swear to Nobody. Aieeeee.
mrsmel kicks it Fred Phelps style, wioth a slight switch in focus:
The left, these days, is unadulterated evil, and Our Lord vehemently opposed evil, and gave His blessing for us to do the same.

exit82 on the birther magic plan:
The key objective at this point in time is to unravel the nest of lies that define Zippy.

One lie is exposed, it leads to the next one, and the next one.

Soon, Zippy will be forced to resign as Americans realize the fraud that he is. there will be other political fallout as well, as those who covered the lies are exposed as well.

If Zippy is not exposed now, this country will implode, on many levels.

The most peaceful path to removal before that happens is to expose the fraud.

And let the fallout be what it needs to be.

Otherwise, enjoy your chains.
BigCinBigD seems to think New Orleans is a slum. I have a theory as to why...
Hold a Super bowl in a slum. Get what you get.
Las Vegas Ron knows Homeowners Association are in on the UN Depopulation Conspiracy!
Yeah, but what happens when the day comes you cannot but into anything that isn't HOA?

Ever read Agenda 21?

Who, grants HOA's their power?
pepsionice thinks Obama wanted Obamacare to be struck down:
I believe the President expected the Supreme Court to take it apart, and dissolve it....making that the number one issue of the 2012 election. It was simple math...he’d use the same topic all over again, and reach the same crowd, and get the votes to win.

I suspect he was greatly shocked when the law was stamped ‘ok’, and proclaimed a tax. He really didn’t expect that, and he’s probably sweating a bit now because it’ll drag on the economy unless he can get Republicans into the Senate to tear it apart (Nov 2014 election).
veracious isn't creepy at all...
Sarah, we can not be valentines.
But, will you be my President, Senator or something with authority within what’s left of my country.
Best Regards,
martin_fierro will just make this up if it doesn't happen:
Mark my words — Hollywood will soon lionize this loser in a movie starring Denzel Washington.
manc reveals much:
I've spoken to many blacks at the boxing gym and there is truly a big differenceof views on how and what America is, not all blacks but many, though especially the women.

The women, wow, they really go off at the deep end and one blakc guy said to me “now you know why many of us prefer white women”

There is hardly a thin black woman around here, all seem mouthy and yet not very knowledgeable, I’ve found talking to the men is better but they too try and stay away from those kind of women.
I will never forget going to a black college which in itself is racist and we wnet for a boxing fight , my son was fighting and the racism towards myson and my wife was the most disgusting acts of racism I have ever heard, it was out there in the public, being shouted and laughed at
Blackirish knows milk is the problem:
Thing is in the old days a picked on scrawny kid might get a lick or two in. Now with growth hormones in milk some 15 year olds have the body of a full grown man. Is closer to a prison beat down.
GeronL's small tent definition of conservative strikes again!
The problem is that there is no conservative TV media in this country at all. There never will be either.
Truth is a Weapon thinks antisemitism is genetic:
Why does Hagel hate Joooos? Could he be descended from Nazis? Just asking.
AtlasStalled goes for some hypothetical Nazi accusations:
Hagel would have collaborated with the Nazis in Paris during WWII.
Ghost of Philip Marlowe knows liberals:
So you finally looked into the heart of a liberal and found the Heart of Darkness that dwells inside all liberals, hidden far away behind the ‘empathetic’ gaze and compassionate half smile.

If they could get away with it, they’d kill us all and be done with it.
TomasUSMC has decided Obama has lost all authority over the military:
Cold Case Posse Supporter has a whole new birther theory:
So it’s possible he could have given consent for his mother to fill out the paperwork for him? What I am getting at is that we can’t rule out that his mother and Lolo could have taken him to a embassy/consulate and told little Obama on the side to renounce his citizenship. At that age, Obama would have listened to his parents. Lolo could have set it up. He or Obama’s mother could have had contacts there for all we know. After all, Obama’s mother is documented as wanting to stay in Indonesia indefinitely with her new husband. Again, none of this can be ruled out.


  1. butterdezillion: "Terry Lakin is a Christian man who strongly resembles his Lord - Christ..."

    How much insanity can one get in one sentence!? Obviously no-one knows what JC looked like, but one can be pretty sure he didn't look like some bald guy in his mid-forties wearing a military uniform. Even if you buy into the Turin Shroud idea then it just gets worse - hair, beard, early 30's!

    1. To be fair, she's talking about how he resembles Jesus in his sacrificing himself to save us all. Still crazy, but in a different way.

  2. Thinking, Ghost of Philip Marlowe is a master projectionist.

  3. Can someone explain why exit82 is calling Obama Zippy? As a Brit, it reminds me of a character in the kids TV show Rainbow but since that was never shown in the US that can't be it. (It does have me speculating if Freepers would cast Joe Biden as George from the same show, though).

    1. Obama -> 0-bama -> Zero -> zip -> zippy.

    2. Ah. All is revealed. Thought a loud mouthed hand puppet with a zip for a mouth was wrong somehow. Thanks. :)

  4. And here I was mistaking that for Zippy the Pinhead references...