Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pope Benedict resigns

Freepers were already waxing apocalyptic after Obama won reelection, but now the Pope resigns?! Just as prophesied!

golux is one weird Jew:
I am not Catholic - I am a Jew - but I will pray for the Holy Father as I know he is the guardian of the one true church of Jesus of Nazareth. Thank you for your concise comment. I do not believe in “looks,” but I do believe in spiritual warfare. Perhaps Benedictus felt frail and knew the stakes were too high.
sunmars is prepared to hate Obama for anything he does to acknowledge this:
No doubt Obama will get in on the action, watch him try and steal the limelight by lighting candles in a catholic church for a photo op. Wonder will the UN send electoral observers in, they stick their nose in everything else.
SoFloFreeper is excited this might somehow hurt Obama:
Ha! Ha! This Pope news is sucking ALL OF THE NEWS OXYGEN out of the clown's Lie-Fest tomorrow night!
IrishBrigade wants some purges?
I believe that the next Pope and the Pope after that should continue in the same vein as JP II and BXIV — knocking out the liberals, bringing the Catholics closer to the Orthodox and the Oriental Churches by emphasising the first among equals nature of the Western Patriarchate and tossing away a lot of the medieval baggage. This will help in rapprochements with other Christian brethren.
MestaMachine wonders if this was a CIA hit:
Does it seem to you a little odd that just a couple of weeks after he is visited by leon panetta, he resigns?
mouse1 laments Freepers are angry and hateful:
“I can’t believe all the disrespect and jokes from FR”...

I can’t believe it either. I havent signed on for awhile and thought maybe I was on the wrong site. Oh well, just part of the prophecy and the times we live in.
jsanders2001 knows what's coming:
Staging for the ascension and revealing of the Anti-Christ in the WH
djf's second sentence is awesome:
Is he not, according to the Malachi Martin prophecy, the last Pope before the final one, Petrus Romanus?

Dam! I really was hoping the end of the world as we know it wasn’t coming this year...
Arthur McGowan is also in on the Anti Christ thang:
I have always thought the anti-Christ would be far more intelligent than Obama, in order to deceive so many people. But it has been shown, instead, that the people are much more stupid and wicked than I gave them credit for.

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