Wednesday, February 20, 2013

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Bed poetry edition:
Over 8 YEARS ago—I wrote this on THIS site. Few then really cared about it—some made FUN of what I wrote....

I wonder if they STILL feel this way NOW...

sted on Thursday, January 06, 2005 8:18:46 PM by Rca2000

This came to me, earlier, and so, i decided to put it into words. See how you all like it.

America, I miss you.

Remember,the country we once Knew, With Landscapes just lovely, and Oceans, so blue, and people who were kind, and who’s promises were true? America, oh,America,I miss you.

As kids, we played in the woods, and in the park, From early in the morning, until well after dark. And our parents, they taught us right, and wrong, and how to stand on our own, to be steadfast and strong.

From our earliest years, we were taught that morals mattered,

They made the country strong, and prevented lives from being shattered.

But, somewhere along the way, those things have been forgotten,

Replaced by somethng self-centered, and just totally rotten.

And children who are mean, and have no concern about others,

Be it, their teachers, parents, or sisters and brothers.

In our Government, those who try to do right,

Are called “mean spirited, and always ready to fight”.

And our courts seem to defend those who this counrty would weaken,

allowing others to come in, who desire to see our nation shattered and beaten.

When did trying to do right, suddenly become “wrong”, and where are the moral principles, that guided this country, for so long?

They have been replaced by an attitude of”just do what you feel”,

And if someone else gets hurt along they way, well, that’s just part of the deal.

Once in this land, little children were cherished, and those who hurt them, they were rounded up, and then they perished.

but,now, human life has little value, and is of little worth, When a child’s life is routinely snuffed out, even before birth.

In Neighborhoods, the children all played together, and each others parents, they all knew,

But now, they cannot play together, ‘cause if one gets their felings hurt, the other parents will SUE.

This sure is not the country, I once loved, the country I once knew,

America, Oh America, I miss you.

by Rca2000(Jack S.)


  1. At first, I thought that said "bad poetry". I think that fits.

  2. that was truly awful....

  3. I love the way "SUE" is the only word in all caps as if that is the most awful thing of all the awful things mentioned in this truly awful POEM.

  4. I hope somebody complemented Rca2000 on his efforts. I may be an old softie, but I feel bad for people who go to so much trouble and then are ignored or ridiculed.

  5. Freeper Paranoia is alive and well on the yahoo group:
    "This is the latest evidence that we need a fully privatized Internet. What is
    the likelihood that this outage is "just a hardware problem", you think? We'vebeen hearing about how the Red Chinese are infiltrating our systems -- and Iguarantee the Current Occupant of the White House is in cahoots with them.
    Anybody really think FR is not on their hit list? Jim, I suggest you check the
    server logs for evidence of interlopers from China and/or Washington, D.C."
    -Snif- I miss FR...

    1. Yeah, until he realizes that a fully privatized internet would be subject to boycotts and FR would probably be near the top of some hit lists.

    2. The outage is because "Jim Robinson" is grifting his dumb subscribers for a ton of money while running a website that looks like 1999. Nobody, including the Chinese communists or Obama, wants to shut down FR, if only because it is too unintentionally funny. The site SHOULD be called "Free Entertainment."