Monday, February 18, 2013

Ten Minutes of Hate against S.E. Cupp

Republican spokesperson and attractive young lass S.E. Cupp said that Republicans must be willing to denounce Rush Limbaugh if he says something crazy. She didn't even specify actual crazy things Rush has said. Well, Freepers won't stand for that kind of blasphemy, and pile on.

Of course, as she is a young woman, their choice of insults is particularly loathsome:

MasterGunner01 wonders if she was always liberal, or has converted:
Has S.E. Cupp been seduced by the Dark Forces at MSNBC or is she really showing off her CINO roots? She's beginning to sound like Ann Coulter after her Bill Maher/Log Cabin Republican/Chris Christie conversion.

Getting back to Cupp: she's articulate but there's always something that just doesn't feel “right” about her sincerity. Maybe her Atheism pulled her over to the Dark Forces (or, maybe it was a fat Lib paycheck)?
Mozilla thinks she works for the evil Rove-Ron Paul axis:
I think Cupp has spent too much time with libertarians, progressives and atheists. I have turned on her. She sucks. She is a Karl Rove and a Ron Paul plant.
Mozilla follows up with some primo paranoia:
We are also doomed because people who claim to be conservatives, but are really not conservatives are infiltrating the grassroots, tea party and the republican party claiming to be one of us and lying and then twisting conservatism. Plants. It is a mix of democrats, libertarians and rinos. And that is the reason we eat each other up because they want to divide us and that is their mission. But also we become unable to trust anybody because they might backstabb.
Fake bitch got bought off by MSNBC. She’s dead to me.
ozzymandus ain't done!
If SE Cupp has any fans here, they’re in the wrong place.
MaxMax - liberals are soo shallow:
She can juggle her boobs on "that" station so the little minds

there will fawn to get into her pants.
Ann Archy treats her like any liberal woman:
I thought she was a lesbian.
equaviator objectively evaluates her assets:
Face- not too horrible but still kinda mediocre.

Body- not too outstanding but still nice to look at.

Bottom line- 6.5 out of 10
Vendome claims his penis is partisan:
Her hot factor just dropped to zero....below freezing zero...

If I ever see her on tv again, I’m going to turn the sound off.

Can’t stand the sound of harpies...
Vendome can't stop:
She is an atheist but, I’d still hit her pitiful azz.

She has now declared and demonstrated she is for sale, like so much cattle or any of the various women of the red light district ....

Hang it up babe. You were so much hotness, with a smart sassiness.

Now you are mere bat wench ....
...bat wench?


  1. I think Vendome meant to say "bar wench".

    It's amazing how Freepers seem to think Democrats have all this money laying around to convert conservatives into being liberals and it never occurred to conservatives to just bid higher.

    1. I thought he meant bat winch, which is, of course, what Bruce Wayne uses to pull the bat cycle out when it's stuck in the mud.


    Freepers comment on an article ridiculing some liberal for having to pay for food. Apparently patriots just use coupons all the time and never have to pay for anything.

  3. Goddamn those freepers are catty.

  4. But if she WASN'T hot to Freepers in the first place, then those cave trolls would be complaining about that, too. Let's face it, they hate women whether they're hot or not hot, conservative or not. Freerepublic is one big sausage fest, with a few simpering submissive conservative women chiming in every once in a while for approval.

  5. please cancel this show on HLN