Thursday, February 21, 2013

Constitution as Bible

Freepers try to figure out why liberals totally hate the Constitution. When you start with a strawman, you know the conclusion is going to be pretty sweet!

In this case, it seems the problem is that liberals are heretics, in the old-style sense of the word:

LS explains how the Constitution is what made England Great. Wait, what?
the answer is American Exceptionalism, which consists of Christian religion, common lae, private property with titles and deeds, and a free market. These are all contained in the Constitution, and in 1789 only one other country, Britain, had these elements-—but not written in a code or Constitution. But Britain has all but lost common law, mostly lost the Christian religion, and is losing its free market
LibLieSlayer keeps it pithy:
Ultimately it comes from satan.
knarf knows that all True Christians know exactly what the Constitution requires:
In The Garden, Satan tempted Eve with a crucial tactic, still used today ...

"Yea, HATH God said .. ?" (emphasis mine)

It was common in my hippy days to "question authority" and there doesn't appear to be a reason to change that attitude, but Satan still uses it as a tactic to justify his hustle.

The Constitution declares all the basic rules for a decent and proper operation of government, and it is sufficient for men or morality and conscience to legislate and operate without guilt nor regret.

The enemy continues the same tactic of foisting on the unlearned, "Yea, HATH the Costitution said .. "

So the hatred of or for The Constitution is based in the hatred for the decency, morality and maturity of a people that is Bible based.

hatred for the Constitution is hatred for the Bible which is hatred for God which is Satanic.
muir_redwoods thinks the issue is that liberals are far too pro-freedom.
The Constitution is about limits. It limits government and the government is where the left finds its natural home. People without morals or ethics hate limits.
Truth2012 lays out how all non-Christians have evil hearts that hate God:
The human heart is a stone and prone to jealousy which is hatred, anger, greed and lust. The reborn heart gives glory to God and thanksgiving, and can accept that what we have, we have from the hand of God. No need to worry about my neighbor has, because I have my Father’s love- and that is all I need.

A human heart, that doesn’t know the Spirit and character of God, can not live that way, and does not want to be reminded that anyone else can live that way- so they seek to destroy what God has made.

God is the author of freedom and free will and choice. They seek to take our choice away and free will away, so that we have to worship their god of jealousy.
HomeAtLast thinsk the problem is that conservatives continue to not be hermits:
Conservatives are even now feathering their nests instead of rolling up their sleeves. And they’re still sending their kids to public schools. And they’re still paying their taxes, the life blood of the government they claim to loathe.
Theodore R. thinks the Constitution requires hard labor:
This hatred of constitutionalism comes from the uninformed or “low-information” voters who equate the Constitution with hard work. “We the People” are not looking for hard work but life on easy street in so many instances.
Eye of Unk brings the pure, uncut paranoia:
Islam and its Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into American politics.

Nobody really wants to admit America has been invaded and we are all political prisoners.

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  1. Freepers are indeed a pack of inane reactionary idiots, but we did inherit our common law system from England.