Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Survey: majority of Americans Pro Choice

Abortion isn't an issue for Freepers. Maybe it's what brought them into the fold, but these days it's more a Truth that allows unthinking hatred of them baby killing liberals.

Nothing makes this more clear than the Freeper reactions to a survey where it appears that abortion is becoming less of an anathema, despite all the strident lobbying.

JimRed is ready to burn him some heretics!
So, seven out of ten of my neighbors agree with murder of innocents? Tattoo a scarlet A on their foreheads, please!
That's not what the scarlet "A"...oh, never mind.

greene66 just sits around hating America these days.
America is a pathetic shadow of what it once was.

Morally bankrupt. The culture is an open-sewer. And the government/media complex has turned the country into a one-party statist entity, ruling a population of dependent serfs. Everything that used to be defined as good and virtuous are now deemed evil, and everything that used to be defined as evil is now praised and celebrated.

It’s quite a thing to behold. Especially for those of us that have memories and knowledge of the greatness that was this country.
Maybe he should call up Reverend Wright and commiserate.

LifeComesFirst knows all true Christians should be bitter:
This country isn’t worth patriotism anymore. What am I supposed to be proud of?

Work ethic? It’s non-existent in my generation.

Faith? Again, it’s dying in this country.

Rampant abortion? Rampant illegitimacy? Rampant welfare? Rampant ignorance? Asset forfeiture? Needless wars? Our movies? Our tv shows?

All of our best is in the past.

But as a Christian, I believe this is how I *should* feel, a stranger in a strange land. My country is God’s kingdom. It’s time for the flag-waving, military-loving conservatives here to ask if they have the right priorities.
Westbrook knows if you don't love it, you can always leave it...
It’s still illegal in Brazil.

The warm weather is beginning to appeal to me more.

It’s run by Marxists, but they’re not stupid Marxists like ours. Brazilian Marxists have no problem with drilling for oil anywhere they find it.
Mouton is just waiting for America to be nuked, until they put 1960s westerns back on the air:
“The Republican Party is dead, it’s time for a new party.”

Actually it is time for a new country.

I used to worry about the commies landing here or the Ruskies blowing us off the map. Now I don’t worry one bit because we have gotten to the point where we are morally at least as bad as they are or perhaps in some cases even worse.

I was watching The Rifleman on old rerun TV the other evening....pointed out to my wife, could you imagine a show with as moralistic a message as that show had that it would even be allowed into production today! Just trying to find a lead actor who could pull off that role would be a chore.
concerned about politics is also looking forwards to God's vengance:
The wheat is being separated from the chaff.

If a major natural disaster hits, or even an economic collapse, the people in the blue states will reap what they've sewn. IF there ever is a pole shift as Einstein predicted, it is the blue states that will be lost to the ocean. It'll be the time of "The Great Cleansing."

People are being separated for a reason - a harvest. Up until now, the weeds and the wheat were allowed to grow up together, for fear the wheat would be harmed. When it's time for the "judgment", the two must be separated, so the wheat will be safe.

It's all coming together now, isn't it?.
Longbow1969's hatred of liberals is greater than any principles he may have:
Conservatives don’t abort their children. Liberals do. Why should we stop them?

For those who truly believe we are in a war with the left - a real war that will cost many lives, there is horrible truth to your point.
kabar knows this poll is crap:
The timing of the release of this poll is not mere happenstance. The 40th anniversary of Roe vs Wade and the annual March for Life in Washington on January 25th will be large and enthusiastic. The MSM propaganda in the form of a poll is intended to marginalize those who believe life begins at conception and should be protected.
a fool in paradise focuses on distorting Obama's position:
Including baby outside of the womb, gasping for air, left to die in a closet for HOURS?

SHeaahhh right, lying commies. No one else stands where President Obama stands on this issue except Mengele.
LucianOfSamasota blames abortion for the rise in out of wedlock births:
So we’ve finally trained our young ladies to be B’s and hoe’s.

Hard to believe we’ve gone from a 4% illegitimate birth rate to over 40% in my lifetime. And the 4% was BEFORE RoeWade, when abortions were not commonly available. So abortion has not solved unplanned pregnancy. Rather the new secular morality which espouses both abortion and sexual ‘liberation’ has led to a society where nearly half of all children are born out of wedlock, raised by a single mother on government support.
flowergirl learned nothing from the unskewed poll disaster:
this poll is bull sh** They are trying to push policy with polls. I don’t trust any media anymore.
Antoninus prefers the ultra-scientific facebook debate metric:
This is 100% contrary to everything I see in dealing with ordinary people. When debating in a neutral forum on Facebook--and even in some places hostile to the pro-life side--the pro-abort side is hopelessly outnumbered, out-matched and out-classed. Support for the pro-life position comes from some truly unexpected places.

In short, I don't believe this BS poll even for a nano-second.
ICE-FLYER also has his own facts:
I neither believe or come anywhere near trusting this poll. The prevelance of people who stand AGAINST abortion has done nothing but grow over the last decade. I seriously believe this is fabrication.

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