Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Potpourri

Wurlitzer allows that there are equal rights, but maintains his racism:
we were lied to when we were told we are all equal.

No way anyone in my family or friends acts like these sub-species (no way they are part of the human race).

We may have equal rights but that is where it ends. This is the scum that Public Enemy #1 wants to send our redistributed wealth.

When they have completed their destruction of the 2nd Amendment what will we have to use to defend ourselves from this debris?
stanne knows Kerry bought his way into Secretary of State.
Kerry was a shoe-in. Duh.

He has more money than . . . well, anyone. The position was purchased. We don’t have to like this but it’s what we have. Kerry is a disgrace, no doubt.
gusty mixes up crazy with intelligent:
The reason Ted Cruz scares the liberals, unlike some of our more recent champions, is that he is extremely intelligent. He is the quintessential smartest guy in the room. He has the facts and figures at his fingertips, and can articulate them in a clear and persuasive manner. He hasn't been in the Senate a month and he has already made his mark.
combat_boots has a ghoulish Soros fabrication:
Has anyone ever asked where Soros got his riches

Originally, from the gold teeth, stuff in suitcases and things left behind by those Jews (read rich or dissident) taken to the death camps.

He wants an encore, showing the Left in the US how it’s done.
mosesdapoet derps a poem:
Democrats and RINOS
All LibsRJerks's problems are caused by the hordes of illegals living near him:
11 million? Ha. At least half of that number are here living in N. Virginia.

What will we get for 11 million? More dirty diapers heaved into the shopping mall lots. Insurance rates skyrocking. Americans being killed, raped, stolen from. Garbage in the streets. Jobs stolen. Lines at the ER. Traffic clogged. More taxes because we’re “broke” ...broke because we keep handing money over to these illiterate peasants coming from all directions.

Our country is not only broke, it’s beyond MAD. Why are we just sitting here letting the Democrats destroy us in this manner?? These people don’t deserve to come here and receive all these benefits! Are we NUTS??
Georgia Girl 2 makes some assumption about who physically strong women like to sleep with:
You are probably right. Normal women are not going to be able to make it through that kind of training. I hate to say it but its probably going to be more like GI Dyke.
ripley on liberal hatred:
There are no words to describe the cosmic hatred that these people feel for anyone not in agreement with them.

They’re absolutely unhinged in their hatred and willingness to dishonor the memory of someone in the camp of opposite ideas to theirs.

To describe them as visceral animals is inadequate; psychotic, soul-less creatures also falls short.

Somewhere, sometime in the past, their seeds were formed and are now beginning to grow into the revolutionaries who are trampling on their enemies, among whom is The Reason for Christianity to exist.
ConradofMontferrat always wins his imaginary arguments:
Their talking point: "Why would you NEED a weapon that shoots that many bullets?"


After I use this, then I just shut up and stare at them. They gargle and spit all over themselves. They go speechless. Funny as hell to see.

Then I get the condescending "Oh Be Serious." That's when I list off Egypt, Syria, Libya, China and on and on.

Next comes the "Well,That Can't Happen Here."

That's when I bestow the "coup de grass":

"Of course it can't, because our citizens have assault rifles."

At this point they start throwing things at me.
Vinnie has a new name for Obama!
I haven't been a proponent of the Antichrist thesis.
But I'm opening up to the possibility.
What is turning me is Zer0 and flies. They seem to like him, unusual phenomenon. And statements such as yours concerning you family. Again, apparently not unusual
It has led me to drop calling him Zer0 and adopt Beezlebub or beezle for short.
Count of Monte Fisto is still smarting from the election:
Puleeze, spare us this tired, worn out refrain that we hear every four years that we must support RINO moderates or those mean ol' Democrats are gonna get us.

You insinuate that Obama won because of conservative bickering. I say you are full of it.

Obama won because his pal Romney, a pro gay military, pro homo adoption, pro assault weapons ban, pro socialist health care Taxachusetts liberal took a dive. A GOTV drive that was so inept that its failure could have been intentional. Not as single word about blatant, widespread organized election rigging. Yes Romney deliberately lost so Obama could win.

A real conservative can bet any Democrat any day of the week. The GOP's job is to make sure no conservative gets the nomination.
What liberals is Darksheare listening to?
They also telegraoph what their plans are by accusing their opponent of doing it.
How many times have we heard the Dems accuse Republicans of wanting to build re-education camps?
Quite a few times.
And without any basis.
So we know from that what the Dems want to do.
right way right plans to kill the Republicans first.
Will the Republicans and congress sweep this under the rug too?

They are literally scared to death.
They should be offed first.
A worthless opposition party is our hugest obstacle.
So yes, they should be afraid.
The war will be on them. They are pushing it that way.

A biased state media its also a problem.
CodeToad takes on the sacred cows of race. Most of them deal with the events of over a century ago:
1. Don’t being up that MLK was a Republian.

2. Don’t bring up that Lincoln, whom blacks credit with ending slavery, was a Republican.

3. Don’t bring up that just about every black man I know married a white woman.

4. Don’t being up that every black person tries to call each other “brother” and acknowledge them in public as though they really do think they know each other.

5. Don’t bring up that white people are not born with silver spoons and leave home with bothing and make it just as much as any black person that tries to do the same thing.

6. Don’t bring up that Democrat anti-gun laws after the civil war were meant to keep blacks disarmed.

7. Don’t bring up that Democrats refused to sign the 1964 Civil Rights Act until Republican pressure was applied.

8. Don’t bring up that blacks are still on the Democrat plantation of welfare used to buy their votes.

9. Don’t bring up that blacks just after the Civil War were holding public positions in government and were not all put down and out until only recently.

10. Don’t bring up that blacks are free to leave this land and go whereever they please if they hate this “white nation” so much. Though so. Blacks ain’t leaving the Democrat plantation.
virgil has decided nothing really matters:
I don’t think it matters what Republicans say about any issue. It will just be distorted by the media in order to shape public perceptions that will favor their leftist agenda.
KTM rider is pissed Obama made an allowance for faith-based groups re: birth control insurance.
My high school civics class taught that these legislative matters were decided by the congress, since when did domestic lawmaking become an executive branch task !!!!

throw another impeachable offense onto the growing mountain of unpunished crimes committed by Obama


  1. Ozy, this stuff is hurting my brain.

  2. Did vinnie never listen to " bohemian rhapsody?" It's Be-EL-ze-bub, not BEEZ-le-bub.
    "Beezle for short." Jeebus!

  3. More Freeper fantasies under the question Where Will You Go if America Collapses?. Lots of debate on the merits of Australia along with promises to go down shooting.

  4. I'd guess that CodeToad also never brings up that Republicans were the liberal party in all of those events

    1. Not all of them. Some are just outright total lies.

      MLK was never a Republican, he was a complete independent. Of course, this was before the Southern Strategy, when Republicans attracted all the people MLK hated about Democrats into their party. Make no mistake, MLK would utterly despise everything about the modern Republican party, or even the Republican party of the eighties.

  5. ....That's when I bestow the "coup de grass":

    ROFL! What is the betting he actually says "Coop Dee Grass" out loud?! ConradofMontferrat, you win the "Grand Prix" ;)

  6. I love that Freepers are the brilliant moral gaurdians of America that will save us all from the evil godless sexual deviants, but have no problem with the "Count of Monte Fisto".

    "Monte Fisto" hee hee hee