Monday, February 11, 2013

Another shooter, another Secret Liberal

A former LAPD officer has targeted the families of police officers and is now on the run. Freepers are by now old hands at how to handle this, but they take things pretty far:

GeronL knows the left loves this guy:
He is getting cheered on by some leftists like they cheer Stalin, Mao, Che etc etc
x1stcav agrees:
He’s becoming something of a cult hero for the left and something of a schadenfreude figure for the right.

I think he’s long-gone from the AO. He’s had almost 5 years to plan this.

I heard a young person this morning say ‘Go Dorner!’ at breakfast while the news was on.
mrsmel is really angry about they hypocritical left from her imagination:
The disgusting left-for people who always claim to be so worried about law-abiding gun owning citizens "taking the law into their own hands", it's despicable that they would cheer this lunatic taking it upon himself to render "justice" upon those with whom he disagrees. If it were someone doing the exact same thing who had left a "manifesto" praising the right and supporting the Second Amendment , they would be out for blood, they would be rabid in their denunciations. But since the lunatic holds leftist views, they act like he's the Masked Avenger or something. The brazen hypocrisy of the left is disgusting.
Gene Eric thinks the locals in the story are going to buttfuck the sheriff, I think...
Sowers, 57, wore a flannel shirt and sat with his wife, Barbara, 60, who was wearing a NASCAR jacket...

... And one couldn’t help but notice the weathered corners of a Bible peering out from underneath George Sowers’ gun vest. Neither partner was too quick to offer an opinion, but calm, confident assurance was provided in the rural twang one might recall from a scene taken from Deliverance.

Is there any question why the sheriff is {{{squeal}}} worried?
Norm Lenhart blames the liberal LAPD:
Going to be ‘funny’ (as in really sad) to watch the LAPD explode. But they allowed themselves to be co opted by the libs, so now they can reap the whirlwind.

Not so funny for the disarmed people of Cali when the gangs run riot and Reconquista hits full stride. If they are lucky, they will make it to the AZ border with the clothes on their back and ‘virtue’ intact.
Norm Lenhart also blames the left for creating this killer:
This Dorner idiot ‘had’ to happen. And perhaps a couple more like him before people wake the hell up. I don’t want to see innocents die. But because of what the left has created, AKA guys like Dorner, the rest of society has a choice. Defend themselves as is their God given right, or die like dogs listening to their ‘betters’.
Norm Lenhart worries about accusations of racism:
And if the guy that does is white, then believe that St. Trayvon Part 2 will be the meme of the day.

Evil whitey feared the black man and took the law into his own hands. Same meme, different day.

Not that I am opposed to someone blasting the idiot.
cherry hopes this wakes up Asians to loving guns:
the sheriff should HOPE a good citizen takes the assassin out....a nice, clean shot....

people should look at the picture of the young woman this animal shot for no reason other than her dad worked on the lapd with this creep....

she's asian....maybe someday the asians will wake up in this country...
ASouthernGrl thinks Obama should be involved:
If Obama had an older son....ah nevermind.
Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America knows this is a false flag:
If this guy 'disappears' and we never see him again or he isn't found dead or alive, it'll be time to fit tin foil hat firmly in place. The east got Sandy Hook, now the West has this incident.. By the way, hasn't the media coined a term for this yet, like LAPD DAWG or BLACK-OPS (Get it?) or something like that?
Agamemnon prays the Tea Party takes him out:
Imagine how the whole narrative changes if a gun toting Tea Party guy up there takes him out. He will have bested LA's "finest" and taken down a military trained liberal menace.

It would send a message to LEOs that we 2nd A citizens can take of our own and know how to take down those who threaten it -- gov't and gov't criminal alike.

It would affirm the rationale behind the 2nd A in a way nothing else would be able to do by comparison.

I pray it happens that way.


  1. That is a bucket full of crazy.

  2. Actually, there are some nutty liberals who like the guy, although it's mostly just the stupid brogressives over at Reddit.

  3. I'd say "fuck the police" is more often a liberal sentiment than a conservative one.

    1. That sounds somewhat right, though I might argue that's more of a baby-boomer thing than political.

      Of course, Freepers hate authority enough that they are part of that culture as well:

  4. I'm actually curious, why is this deranged killer associated with the left at all ?

    1. Because, according to his manifesto, his first choice for president was Huntsman. Quid erat freepum demonstratum.

    2. Yeah, dude's manifesto was pro-Gun control and approved of everyone from Piers Morgan to Joe Scarborough.

      Luckily, if there's no Palin, it counts as liberal.

  5. So for anyone into wrestling WWE just debuted Dutch Mantell in a freeper gimmick with the name Zeb Coulter, and it's pretty hilarious.

    (his promo starts at 1:30 in the clip)

    "What is wrong with America? Most Americans have forgotten what is wrong with America. Years ago we laid in Vietnam with bullets whizzing by our head. Why? Because we were patriots, we were real Americans. And now? I look around and I see a country I don't even recognize. I see people with faces not like mine. I see people that I don't even know what they're saying, they can't even talk to me. I look around and I think, where did all these people come from? But most importantly, I think, how do we get rid of em? We the people, real Americans, know the truth. Zeb Coulter knows the truth. Because this is the land of the free and the home of the brave. Not the land of the free and the home to whoever wants to cross our borders. This is a real America, it's our country, it's our land, to protect and defend. Because we are real patriots and real Americans, and remember, We The People."

    And I swear he even kinda looks like JimRob.