Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Obama said he went skeet shooting at camp David. The right scoffed. Obama somehow predicted their skepticism and released a photo, making them seem foolish. Freepers, of course, double down and let slip their photographic sleuthing, guaranteed to find inconsistencies, regardless of the truth of the matter:

Has he ever held a gun before? That high up on the shoulder will leave him with a nasty bruise.
MasterGunner01 has a wholly different suspicion, that makes no sense:
Some shotguns are ported to reduce recoil. However, I’m wondering whether this might be a blank, due to the lack of muzzle rise and “smoke” evident. Personally, I would not trust Barry with a shotgun and live ammunition for obvious safety concerns; his Secret Service bodyguards.
Moonman62 thinks the smoke from the barrel shows Obama's kinda gay:
What is the discharge to his right from the barrel? Are they porting shotguns now to reduce recoil?

That's probably a last minute customization they did for a limp wristed president who never shoots guns, but needed to make a photo in a hurry.
Texas Fossil wonders about a further inconsistency:
The other question, was he actually at Camp David that date? Have heard he hates it there.
hummingbird doesn't even need to manufacture evidence:
Just because they say so doesn't make it true.

In fact, just because they say so, automatically raises the specter of lying their pants off.
McBuff can tell by the pixels
In my humble opinion. . the photo is fake. . .it has been photoshopped. The photo of Obama holding a gun is masked on top of the photo of Camp David and the gun smoke. . which was probably coming from a gun fired in the Camp David photo that now has Obama masked on top. If you zoom in closely. . .you can see pixel noise around the Obama with gun image. . .this would not appear if it were one image. . . .what a fraud.
DoctorBulldog allows it's real, but it shows how lame Obama is:
It just goes to show what an amateur he is. He doesn’t know how to properly stand when shooting a shotgun.

Also, the clay pigeon is on the way down, that’s why his gun is almost parallel with the ground; he tracked its flight and pulled the trigger waaay late. Rookie move.
castlegreyskull thinks this is bad news for Obama:
I just see the big deal about this. If I was a powerful man like obama, seems like this whole photoshoot could be arrange in the matter of an hour. They fly me over to Camp David, give me a 3 minute shooting lesson, and shoot a round, and then publish a picture of it.

I think it shows how thinned he is, when people started making fun of him about skeet shooting. Another reason to think he is very dangerous. Can’t take jokes well.
Hardastarboard sees proof the gun isn't even Obama's! Scandal!
A lot of high end skeet guns are ported. When I see an over and under like the one he has, ported as that one is, you can bet it’s borrowed. Guns like that can run anywhere from $1,000 and up (generally up). If he owned a gun as nice as that, he’d have bragged about it by now (I sure would have).
NoCmpromiz boasts this is just like birthers!
Couple of possible theories on the smoke one of which is that he didn't shoot anything and the smoke was Photoshopped in by clueless minions. Or - using a blank shell would allow unburned gunpowder to exit the muzzle, although modern smokeless powder still wouldn't produce that much smoke. There are a lot of threads discussing this now... And a whole bunch of photos that are at least as true as his multilayered PDF birth cert!
wastedyears is pretty smug about all the Freeper detective work:
With the picture blown up, now none of it looks right. The end of the muzzle is orange, and where the ports are drilled, you don’t see any smoke coming out.

Whoever organized this, it’s such a poor excuse for a photo-op that the person ought to be fired. We’re going to tear this thing apart.
Right Wing Assault wants to see the long form!
Hey, we want a video, not just some crappy picture. I want to see him loading (showing us a close of of the shells coming out of the box, shooting both, reloading, etc.)

C’mon. Where’s our video?

We demand a video. The days of single photos is over, mr. president. This is the video era! Get with it. I thought you were mr. high tech. Wassa matta? Chicken to take the video challenge?

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