Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Potpouri

butterdezillion continues to spin her tales:
It’s not enough that Obama killed our SEALs by refusing to send an armed drone to defend them in Benghazi. Now he’s got to have his people actively kill them on US soil.

America, this is the “flexibility” you gave Obama by keeping the vote close enough that the election could be stolen. It’s not the low-information voter who’s being killed by the regime though. The people who loved America enough to lay down their lives if necessary are being killed for your sins. The innocent dying for the guilty. While the guilty go glibly on their way, blaming the innocent.

Nothing is new under the sun.
MIchaelTArchangel knows Democratic women are all men haw haw"
Before you call Janus “The Two-Faced” Napolitano “a woman”, I want to see proof he-she-it has two X-chromosomes.
Condor51 knows Obama is a girl haw haw!
This fricken SISSY will never get over the fact that he's really a WOMAN.

So dammit 'Barry' get that sex change operation asap and leave us straight men and boys alone!
Doctor 2Brains is not a fan of Chris Christi:
He’s too much of a CSer piece of sub-human filth to be president, that much I know. Just one more doughtnut, you fat, scum-sucking, puddle of monkey vomit! Just one more!!!!! Please!!! And then you’ll get the reward you so richly deserve.
yoe explains all non-Tea Partyiers are anti-Constitution:
Is Mr. Rove anti-U.S.Constitution? Has anyone ever heard him mention protecting it? The Tea Party is far as I know,they are the only ones defending and honoring that document. Who are the Rove Commandos?
sport thinks letting Hagel get confirmed is the best way to stick it to Obama:
As another poster posted, Hagel is probably a red herring, designed to fail. The one obama actually wants for the post is waiting in the wing.
Dallas59 sees bias in the press coverage of French operations in Mali: journalists with the “Islamists” getting their side of the story. No stories about how French bombs have killed innocent babies. When socialists go to war....they get it right apparently..
RummyChick is still on the Sandy Hook-Satanist connection:
Not to mention the fact that area has quite a few witch covens. We know know the explanation for that peculiar triangle. It’s a corn maze.

HOWEVER, it is not unreasonable to question what that was given the things that have gone on in that area..INCLUDING THE FACT THAT THERE ARE KNOWN WITCH COVENS THERE AS WELL AS SATANISTS.
US_MilitaryRules is not a fan of 'these people.'
We have a few restaurants that have closed down because these people have over taken the place. Then the restaurants can’t keep waiter/waitress’s because they are the worlds worst tippers.
elcid1970 hopes for some anti-gay violence.
Maybe Boy Scout culture will result in a few gay scout leaders getting the s*** beat out of them. Blanket parties inside a pup tent are an excellent way of insuring anonymity. Just add several enraged fathers & stir.
Eye of Unk is all ready to Macguyver up a revolution:
One of my first projects would be a massive air tank say from a large propane tank, I have that, the control valves for quick opening pilot assist valve, ditto check there, a pipe organ array of pipes each loaded with various types of defensive material from timed fireworks mortars to balls of mono filament and possibly timed fuze flak rounds.

Compressed air drives everything.

Now I can just imagine drones descending upon a convention of pumpkin chunkers, which for argumentative shits and giggles also happens to be the gathering place of the local 2A militia.

Lets see how long a drone last there!

or some hog hunting geeks make some remote operative quad Browning A5 shotguns, thats been done before, who says it has to be used just for hogs?

I fear not a drone, I fear the idiots who fear the drones, I have respect for the drone, I have loathing and ill thoughts of the drone operators.
Eye of Unk also worries about the approaching invasion of Australia:
Oz needs to make the nation the same as the Swiss, because the Chinese are coming one of these days and nothing will stop them unless there is a gun behind every bush and wallaby.
SaraJohnson knows why so many people hide the real Obama - Satan!
Obama was named a man of peace with a nobel peace prize, as soon he got into office, while expanding the war in Afghanistan.

He has proceeded to weaken the US military and our ties with Isreal and other allies while arming, uniting and empowering the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a radical, brutal organization, committed to the destruction of Israel and the US. He’s moved the conflict in the Middle East to the brink of a third world war that could easily go chemical, biological nuclear. He’s cleansing the military of Christian patriots.

Under Obama the DNC rejected God on their platform at the convention. He’s rejected God in the name of America while reorganizing the nation to an imitation of Sodom. He’s pitted race against race, class against class and sex against sex and nation against nation. He promotes sexual immorality and the idleness of welfare - self destruction - in every way. He is anti human life and anti family. He promotes the end of freedom and the power of a world government. He’s officially classifed Christians as domestic enemies of the State.

The US is weak economically and we have droughts and constant natural disasters. Animalistic wilding has returned to the cities.

He is a supreme liar and deciever. The destruction he has created is systematically hidden by his stranger than strange worishiping minions. Many people around the world worship him. He associates with real Satanists in the entertainment industry and in global political and economic power.
A Navy Vet watched the Superbowl, but only out of hate, and maybe a boner:
I so wanted SF to lose. I've come to despise that socialist/communist city, whereas I used to love it in my youth. Wish it had been more of a disaster as in the first half, but still SF lost. I'm happy.

Guess no one in SF is gay today. Oops, is that homophobic? Don't you just know if the 49ers had won, Queen Pelosi would have a photo-op with them? Too sad...

BTW, I would have "hit" anyone on that stage during half time. Although, I still prefer rock bands than the boring pop stuff Beyonce does. My favorite recent half time was with Aerosmith, but then I'm a dinosaur.

Just happy that smelly collectivist invested cesspool of San Francisco lost.
andy58-in-nh never uses highways:
Our government is good when it secures the borders, kills savages who plot mass destruction, and imprisons criminals and crazies who refuse to respect the lives and property rights of others. Other than that: I don’t want any, thanks.
ArrogantBustard has made a diagnosis:
Whatever set of demons put Ms. Giffords in front of a microphone should be taken out and hanged by the neck until they are dead.

She has the mind of a child (if that), dragging her out like a meat puppet for propaganda purposes is evil.
Zimmerman was back in the news. JAKraig is right back with the martyrdom narrative:
This is all so rotten. The liberals want to make an example of a person who protects himself with a gun, and of course try to get some votes in the black community. Someone needs to do some community activisim down there about the rights of people to protect themselves against thugs who would steal their property and lives.

I hope the heat of Hell never stops for Travon Martin and I hope those prosecuting Zimmerman eventually have the same fate. I hope all of them get mugged and beaten to within an inch of their lives by some Travon Martin wannabe.

I don’t understand what the liberal press has to gain by promoting a lie in this case. Wouldn’t be just as news worthy to present the truth and make a hero out of Zimmerman, which he is by the way. He saved his community from the likes of a thief and thug in one Travon Martin who will never steal again.
Vendome, though, heard Zimmerman supports Obama:
Effing retard.

Now I’m not interested in his pleas.

Funny, i was listening to his attorney begging for money and how Geoerge is near desperate and destitute with only $200 left in his legal defense fund.

Well, I’ll admit he’s pretty resourceful and creative.
Josa is like a petty, petty Stormfront:
My son waits tables. Almost without exception, blacks do NOT leave tips...or they leave an insulting tip of a couple of dollars on a $100 bill. And they work the servers to death. Even the black waiters have gone to the hostess and told her ‘NO MORE BLACKS IN MY SECTION.’ I don’t believe this so called pastor when she says she left money on the table.
spawn44 is not a fan of Obama's Administration, but is a fan of hyperbole!
THE FOREIGNER once again shows he really knows how to pickem. I have never seen a more radical anti american group of commies selected for service of this country in my entire life. And the democratic drones just go along with it as if this is good for the country. You can see why Hitler was so easily able to take over a country that has a large population of complete NITWITS.


  1. Long after we are gone the name Neil Armstrong will be remembered. Should we survive, ten thousand years from now, the name Neil Armstrong will live on. You know why. Everyone does.

    So, it is with great remorse that I have to share this planet now with idiots like this.

    "First America Couldn't give two Damns about Neil Armstrong, now Chris Kyle.
    No wonder we have lost our soul.

    Glad to see Sarah hasn't lost hers."

  2. "Pro-" and "anti-" are some of the most goddamn annoying things to enter political vocabularies. They tie up there on the list of stupidity with every scandal being whatevergate. Pet peeve!