Sunday, February 10, 2013

Another Sekret Muslim

As Free Republic continues to spiral into insanity, Freepers are touting a World Net Daily story that Obama's candidate for CIA head secretly converted to Islam some time ago. Freepers eagerly explain how they no longer need evidence to believe awful things about Obama.

gaijin has actually stood logic on it's head when it comes to Obama:

omega4179 believes anything:
I believe any claims about this crew. Remember when it was get Ambassador Stevens kidnapped for a trade? It turned out to be worse than that.
Does it pass the Obama smell test:

Does it sound TOTALLY NUTS...? Yup....!


Sorry, but I BELIEVE this....
gaijin does the old "cite a previous conspiracy theory to bolster this one."
Same with Amb. Stevens: Muslim convert, albeit gay.
Girlene knows there are no coincidences when it comes to the CIA:
Maybe the CIA will figure out a way to get rid of him like they did with Petraeus.
WhistlingPastTheGraveyard humbly explains that all who disagree with him are warring with Jesus:
Anyone who refers to Jerusalem as “al Quds” is on Team Satan. Whether it’s the Jacobinist/Nietzschean/Marxist-Leninist flank, the Blavatsky/Bailey/Crowley/New Age-Theosophist flank or the Ishmaelite-Mohammedan flank, I don’t give a rip. They’re all at war with the Messiah and intend to slaughter as much of God’s creation as humanly possible before he arrives.

Brennan’s bad... wicked bad. So is everyone else who’s been inflicted upon us on by President Antichrist.
Freedom_Is_Not_Free has given up all hope:
We had one chance to slow the fall of the USA and that was to toss the commie in chief out on his ass. He got re-elected, stole it basically.

Now Obama will finish planting the seeds of our destruction. So this is no surprise. He is installing communists in every level of government and they won’t be ferreted out just because he leaves. Makes sense that he would also install Muslims in every level of government.
livius explains how a Muslim can be such an eager Muslim killer:
If this guy is Muslim, why does he try to kill every Muslim he can. He’s developed a drone program that tries to kill every innocent Muslim it can (Plus U.S. citizens), and almost leaves the bad guys alone. He was ordering illicit paramilitary attacks in Libya behind the CIA directors back. This guy woulds be more at home in the Third Reich then the CIA. If he’s in charge, he’s going to get the U.S. into WWIII, and make us the bad guys, in the process.

Brennan has his own program and his own group of Muslims that he wants to put in charge. Essentially, the Muslims that he’s killing are the ones who are not part of his particular branch or in on his program. That’s why the muslims are always blowing each other up in Iraq nowadays. They each consider their brand of insanity to be the only true one.

As for the conversion story, I’m pretty sure that Brennan was held up after 9/11 as the model of a “ peaceful American Muslim” when we were doing our “religion of peace” nonsense. The only thing that puzzles me is how this got buried over the years and now comes as a revelation. I imagine that it was probably because Brennan decided it was better not to call attention to it and have a greater opportunity to burrow from within.


  1. Was on the Beg-a-thon thread and couldn't believe this post -- Just yesterday this woman was thanking the Lord that she had no back pain or problems for having to remove snow from her property and how she has turned over a new leaf and will be praying for her co-workers to come to the Lord and then she posts this concerning her cats ----------
    To: RedMDer
    Hmmmm. I know when my kitties can see the bottom of their crunchie bowl, they behave like Ethiopians trying to get their 2 oz of rice for the year!

    Perhaps they sense something we do not? My Mary trying to take out my Mimi is WAY beyond normal.
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