Thursday, February 21, 2013

No, I hate Obama the most!!!!!

Glenn Beck vows to fire anyone on his staff that brings up Obama: "“You can allude to him. You can play Joe Biden. But I don’t want to hear the man’s voice. I don’t want to hear him. I don’t want to know about him. You want that information? Go any place else. There’s thousands of outlets, you can have all the information you want. I am not talking about that man.”

Freepers leap to explain how their hatred of Obama has resulted in even more petty and crazy symptoms!

I have not seen Obama on TV since the election or have muted him on every occasion and changed the channel til he has finished.
YukonGreen has the timeing all worked out:
I turn off the TV or switch channels whenever his face is shown, his voice comes on or some fool news commentator starts talking about him. I never turn on local news until it has been on for about 12 minutes then Obama kissing is over.
onyx's husband has laid down the crazy law:
DrO does not permit the Marxist’s voice in our house. He is muted at all times and the channel is changed whenever his ugly face appears on the screen.

It’s been this way for months.
months? annieokie has that beat, plus Going Galt to boot!
No one in my family will say his name, will not look at or listen to what's his name, but this started 4 years ago.

Canceled Cable TV today, canceled land line, down to basics.
Sarah Barracuda takes refuge in nickknames. Laame.
I dont mention the schmuck’s name in my house either..I either refer to him as The Marxist, The Commie big eared freak..or fact, whenever I hear his voice on TV I immediately change the channel..just the sight of him makes me physically ill
momtothree's name calling has corrupted her child.
We eventually had to switch what we normally call him (our six year old picked up quite the salty language).
madison10 can't even hear his name!
I've been calling him "that guy in the white house" for awhile. At home we do not hear his voice, watch him on TV, or call him President, even when a conservative talk show host speaks of "him" the radio goes to OFF. The Vacationer in Chief is persona non gratis here.
Vigilanteman shows off his hate-crazed wife:
Mrs. Vigilanteman has declared that not only the mute button shall be used when BO appears on screen, but the channel shall be changed or the set shall be turned off. She can tolerate the POS even less than me . . . another reason I love her
Old Grumpy goes the gay rout:
I refer to him as the “flaming fairy princess,” “panty-waist,” or “candy-a**.”
beaversmom can't stand living on the same Earth as Obama.
I wish the planet could be an Obama free zone. I don’t want to look at him. I don’t want to hear him. I don’t want to read about him. I want that nightmare to be erased from my memory.


  1. Just wait until they name an airport or a highway after him!

  2. But I thought liberals were supposed to be the ones whose worldviews were based in "feel" and "emotions," as contrasted with the worldly, fact-based conservatives.

  3. This explains why they have to invent empty-chair Obama when it comes to dissecting his words, actions, or policies.

    These are the same kind of people who insist they don't like a particular food despite never trying it.

  4. annieokie...

    Canceled Cable TV today, canceled land line, down to basics.

    You mean the basics like a live internet connection?

  5. Drama queens. If they mute their own TVs or cancel cable because they hate the president, I wonder what else they do to cut off their nose to spite their face. These people are the future public meltdowns.