Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Obama for UN Secretary General

Like Clinton before him, Freepers are freaking out that Obama is going to actually leave the Presidency and rob them of their favorite villain.

And like Clinton, they have engaged their paranoid speculation to figure out a way to keep the hatred running. From cancelling the elections to a SCOTUS position to head of the UN. Thus, a Breitbart story that Netanyahu is our last bastion against Obama taking that position in 2017.

Considering the UN is a staple Freeper villain itself, Freepers are willing to ignore that citizens of Security Council members can't become Secretary General.

Zathras totally called it, because Obama's so lazy!
A number of FR’s including me have predicted that this is his next target.
He loves power and hates work.
Perfect fit as Secretary General at the UN.
silverleaf lays out the duties of the Secretary General:
Sounds logical to me that a supreme narcissist would set this goal

Jetting around in super luxury
Delivering useless speeches to adoring rich liberals
People of all color bowing and scraping to his faux superior intelligence
Not a finger to lift except on worldwide golf courses
Adoring media
ValJar as his personal aide to tuck him in at night
Reggie to carry his gym bag
Little time spent with mooch and her mother
For all that lazing around, BlackFemaleArmyCaptain thinks the position has lots of power, somehow:
If this happens, this will definitely set up the NWO!
IC Ken thinks the UN can make or break...everything:
First he ruins the USA now he wants to ruin the world.
originalbuckeye explains how Obama has ruined everything:
He's pretty much ruined the World already.

His funneling weapons to facilitate the phony ‘Arab Spring’ has allowed Isis to grow and prosper.
At least Egypt had the strength to overthrow Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood lackeys and put in a more reasonable dictator.
Libya is in chaos and Hillary! isn't required to take any responsibility.
Then there is Syria.
And all of this has caused the influx of hundreds of thousands of ‘migrants’, with some lying about terrorist ties, to basically invade European countries who were civilized. Now those previously civilized countries are having to deal with horrendous crimes from the ‘migrants’.

The World is a mess........thanks Bammy!
When someone tells him about the no US citizen requirement, Zathras is unphased:
Law has never stopped Obama/VJ.

Two alternatives:
1) By using Global Warming funds as global bribes, he could easily change UN charter.
2) VJ could be made SecGen and Obama could “work” for her.

The results are the same, Obama controls global politics
Verginius Rufus points out that the rest of the world totally hates Obama:
I have read repeatedly that no one from the five permanent members of the Security Council can be Secretary-General. Perhaps that is just an understanding rather than a formal rule.

A lot of countries would be against Obama after watching him for 8 years. The Secretary-General is supposed to be a conciliator, not someone who specializes in insulting people he disagrees with and pitting one group against another.
Rusty0604 has a different villain to hypothetically elevate:
I saw that Merkel was interested in the job also. We need to kick the UN out and quit financing them.
realcleanguy has yet a third villain, and a conspiracy to go with!
They said the same thing about Clinton as he approached the end of his tenure.

True, hence his “Clinton Global Initiative Fund” where he could wield power and influence outside the UN, and use US funds along with bribery funds to control nations and parts of the US without having any political office. His fund and organization is like a “Gentlemans Mafia Organization” where he operates outside the law, and is sanctioned because of extortion, blackmail, and money.

I think the most telling about this is, they are trying to pay off the DNC debt of millions of dollars to secure Hillary’s DNC nomination. Essentially they are buying the Democrat nomination for president, all while she is under investigation by the FBI for espionage.

We are becoming like a 3rd world country politically. I mean, this stuff only happens in the movies and we would laugh because we’d say “this would never happen here”. But it is happening.
VerySadAmerican knows how Obama would become Secretary General - admit fraud:
A member of the five big dogs can’t be the Sec Gen so Obama moves to the UAB and announces he has learned that he was, in fact, born in Kenya. All Obama has to do is admit he was born in Kenya and that will make him eligible to be Sec Gen of the UN. And the gopE would do nothing but say “Let’s move on.”
Needless to say he's not the only one with that idea on the thread.


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    1. And a non-freep story about Sarah's oldest son Track, that should pop up on FR within minutes with hilarious commentary ...
      Track Palin Held Without Bail On Charges Of Domestic Violence & Possessing Gun While Drunk

    2. He's drunk, smacking a woman with a firearm, interfering with victim's reporting of said crime. Booked without being shot by cops.

      Yeah, I know it's trite...

    3. My personal favorite

      Track Palin spent a lot of time in Iraq. Plenty of time for operative to get to him, and program him. They would have immense motivation to do so. Either to destroy Sarah, or use him to undermine her political influence, as his actions did today. It sounds crazy, until you see the MK Ultra files that were declassified and realize just how often the CIA and others “Jason Bourne’d” hundreds of men.

      213 posted on 1/19/2016, 9:50:32 PM by montag813

  2. My, what a difference a few months makes.

    From "Cruz or Lose"/" Cruz Control" to "Cruz Losers" .

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      Don't be fooled ... Jim Rob is keeping careful track of the Trump-supporter vs. Cruz-supporter donation rates to decide which way he is going to go for the coming purge.

  4. Republican strategist Rick Wilson, who I gather has been carrying on some kind of feud with the weird far-right of Twitter for some time, has gone on TV accusing Donald Trump's base of being not real Republicans but rather "childless single men who masturbate to anime". Can't wait for the Freeper reaction to this!

    1. Saw that last night, scared the wife when I busted out laughing

    2. Oh it got posted, then pulled


  5. "childless single men who masturbate to anime"

    ...so GernonL.