Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday Porpourri pt. III

bobo1 has joined forces with Russia:
Hillary wants to resurrect the Cold War with Russia, but she wants America to be the “communists” this time.
I fear JudyinCanada isn't joking about her mother-in-law being elementally evil:
How come George Soros isn’t dead yet?

He’s not dead yet because evil has unbelievable strength. My mother-in-law is even older.
Isn't God supposed to hate prayers like anton's?
Every night I pray for cancers to besiege Soros.
eyeamok does not like freedom of the press, but will defend his right To Use Title Case To the Death!
Maybe we need to LICENSE COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY of JOURNALISTS, If it is for Profit or Gain you need a License, Pass a Background Check, Undergo Regular Drug Testing, and if found Violating the Law or Making Deliberate False Statements, be PUT IN PRISON and BANNED for Life from Owning Using or Possessing ANY Device capable of High Capacity Transmission of Thought or Ideas.

Just Like Gun Owners
In a new height for racism I never even imagined, bkopto explains that America was supposed to be for white people, damn it!
And they were supposed to be *white*.

This nation was intended to be for European whites. Just like Zimbabwe for the blacks, and Israel for the jews, and China for the Chinese and Japan for the Japanese, etc, etc.

Was not intened to be a “melting pot”
publius911 explains that true Freepers do not care about actual laws or the Constitution when they declare something illegal!
What’s illegal about stomping on the flag or cutting it or putting it on fire ?

If you have to ask, you are clearly in the wrong forum, I don't care what your (phony?) "join date" indicates.

Go away, please, slug...
July signup ConservaTeen - Benghazi...any day now.
Benghazi is Hillary's WATERLOO...

Liberals,Waterloo is not a BRITISH BATHROOM (that's a LOO), but the place Napoleon got defeated...
As Freepers always do, patriot08 knows how Evil Obama secretly feels about the rioting last week:
Obama is watching and smiling. Going just like he wanted.
The always catty ladyjane declares any protesters in Charlotte to be fat and desperate:
The only girls out there are fat liberal ones trying to find a boyfriend. Did you see them? yikes Lots of tats and avoir du pois.
WildHighlander57 is really trying to make Hillary deathly ill:
....”Have you seen any vids where she can look up or down by just moving her eyes, not tipping her head up or down?”....


Maybe whatever she has hasn’t gotten to that stage yet.
But what about taqiyya, rawcatslyentist?
These are the facts.

Islam has open and standing declarations of WAR, GENOCIDE, and ENSLAVEMENT, against all mankind.

It's time to take those declarations seriously, and act appropriately.
Freepers don't usually care about non-American things. I wonder what's driving their Obama-eaque hatred of Merkel, like Eleutheria5's lynch-hope here:
It would be useful, when arresting, trying and hanging Merkel, to not have her be the head of the government any more. Let her resign first.
bushwon - Obama isn't as bad as he expected, but Hillary will be worse!
I believe that if Hillary Clinton wins, she will do what I expected Obama to do, which is try to transfer more and more American sovereignty into international organizations across the range of issues — whether it’s climate change or the conduct of international affairs. I think Obama didn’t do as much as I expected in that vein because he really just doesn’t care about international affairs as much as he cares about ‘fundamentally transforming’ our country.
faucetman is so sure Hillary can't stand, he has a prediction for the debate:
You are hearing it here first, RIGHT NOW, Hillary will fake spraining her ankle before the debate, so she can be in a wheelchair, sitting down for the whole event.

After the debate she will make a miraculous recovery.
PLMerite clearly didn't bother to watch the pretty damning Charlotte video:
I like how the wife automatically goes into “The Narrative” (’he has no weapon.’) but is not in a position to tell one way or another.
T-Bone Texan's family hates him:
I have more in common with you, a Jew, than I do my own family!

My family barely tolerates me also. I have transited from disappointment to pure disdain. My wife comes from a tight family, and just doesn't get it when I say "They are dead to me!" in a Yiddish accent.
Nita Nupress neatly shows how Freepers are so convinced Hillary is a supervillain, they don't actually care what Trump says or does:

Does it rise to the level of murder of colleagues who know too much, treason with China, Iran, etc., lying under oath, racketeering, cattle futures fraud, or all the other crimes the Clintons have forced down our throats?

Get back with me if it does. AFTER the election.

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