Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. II

gaijin analyzes the difference between Freep and 4chan:
He is the symbol of /pol over at

It is a younger, less structured, more photo-centric version of here.

I would say it is pretty chaotic but the left fears it MUCH more than FR.

Very many of the photo memes you see here sometimes are first started over there.
hondact200 - Obama is just another lazy black villain:
Work - equivalent to a four letter swear word for Obama. Let’s face it the other four letter swear words are descriptive of what he has done to the US economy, may need to add an ‘ed’ to some like ‘luck’ turning it into a six letter word. Healthcare is ‘...’. And etc
TomGuy is entirely correct, if you add in Freepers' frenzied reinterpretation of reality:
The way the pneumonia story evolved reminded me of the way the movie that caused the Benghazi attacks evolved.

All of the sudden it seemed to be fashionable that -illery’s Sunday morning collapse was the result of pneumonia — that was discovered Friday. That yarn was bad enough, but it mushroomed.
I wonder if these realignment folks like arthurus will grow or be rendered irrelevant as electoral winds change:
The contest is between Statists of several stripes and Nationalists. The left-right model is smudged.
Drew68 quit smoking to spite the government:
I'm in favor of raising the tax on cigarettes. The iron law of supply and demand says an increase in price will result in a decrease in demand.

ECON 101

ECON 101 also says that when people quit smoking, the money to fund all the cool stuff that tobacco taxes used to pay for will have to be found elsewhere. And rest assured it will.

Anyhow, still glad I'm no longer contributing.
Old Grumpy doesn't seem to remember that Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were really unpopular after their second term. Then it gets conspiratorial...
I cannot recall ANY OTHER sitting president actively campaigning for a candidate. Seems illegal in some sense.

It’s got to be cutting into his tee times on the golf course. However, I have my own idea about why Hussein will stump for the Beast, given that they undoubtably hate each other’s guts. If the Beast loses the election, she, in a fit of pique might turn around and tell all she knows about Hussein’s secrets that the country is not totally aware of . . . After all, if it wasn’t for Hussein, the Beast could have already been the president for the past eight years. He OWES her for that.
djstex doesn't seem to actually have a lot of hope...
Wikileak DNC Email Dump part Deux

I hope this will be the one to end her career of corruption.
Hey I can only hope.
ReaganGeneration2 is trying to joke about Hillary's search terms, but I wonder about his own...
Search terms:
“dead voters”
“rig voting machines”
“body double”
“Webb Hubbell”
“pneumonia hoax”
Celerity seriously argues Hillary is too hated to hire PR people:
A member of a P.R. firm wouldn’t be seen within ONE HUNDRED MILES of Hillary Clinton.

Not now. She’s a loser. To be seen with her is to be seen with a guaranteed loser. P.R. people have zero loyalty.

She can’t fill a room for free - Trump can’t stop from filling entire neighborhoods with people who want to hear from him, who want to see him.

Hillary’s P.R. firm would rather be seen with Trump than with her.

And what kind of P.R. firm names itself Foggy Bottom ? Foggy Bottom is where you go to get mugged and raped.
I live in Foggy Bottom these days. It's a rich as crap university campus right next to the State Department. Now, if you were talking about Capitol Hill...

tgusa has at last found proof Hillary is a lesbian:
“Falvo, like Hillary a Wellesley College grad,”

Translation: “Like Hillary, a lesbian”

There’s a reason they call Wellesley, Smith, etc. the ‘Seven Sisters’.
...does sergeantdave even know what neo-Nazi means?
We need to be concerned about what the neo-Nazi propaganda press says.
Amendment10 believes all media he agrees with:
The National Enquirer is today more reliable a source of facts than are most of the main stream media.

Excellent observation! /not sarc
ri4dc embraces her schadenfreude, though it may send her to hell:
It is Karma in action.

And my enjoyment in watching Karma play out on the Butcher of Benghazi is likely to impact my own Karma. I accept that risk quite willingly. I just hope she is politically destroyed slowly so they don’t try replacing her. 
After she’s no longer a clear and present danger to our nation, I do not personally care enough about her prognosis. But I can easily envision Karma granting her a slow and painful ending. Not as quick as, say, Vince Foster. Best election evah! Go Trump !
With only a faulty understanding of terminology, Grampa Dave has sniffed out evidence of corruption:
The process can be fast tracked and non-competed through a specific grant mechanism.

There it is — ‘non-competed.’ Very damning word.

Just send the money to our off shore account 666666666!
Impy usually has a good head on his shoulders, so I'd guess he's being flippant here:
Some dem d-bag has called Trump fat, fattest since Taft.

I don’t know, Bill Clinton was pretty tubby before the AIDS wasting started.
Texas Fossil - Hillary's doctor must be hated:
He is probably pretty good at his job, he looks like he cares about his patient, appears kind, but he is probably being paid an incredible salary to take care of one patient.

I might even like him if I knew him.

But he is working for the wrong team.
HamiltonJay is another Freeper convinced Hillary is doooooomed:
Short of a massive disruption (IE Hillary being replaced) this race is effectively lost for the D’s...

OH, FL and NC are locked at in... MN District 2 is locked, Another few days and a few more of the Rust Belt states, and NE states will start to show they are going to go Trump... CO may even start to show it as well...

There is no path to 270 for Hillary, never was.. and this was going to happen before her deplorables video or her collapse.... With those two things in the mix... Trumps up over 300 EC votes by the end of the month.
editor-surveyor - Jesus will come back and break all the Unions!
I know for sure that Yeshua won’t have any union contracts in the New Jerusalem!

Its only a short wait now.


  1. Whoever Drew68 is replying to clearly didn't take any econ classes after 101...

  2. No, I don't genuinely think Bill has AIDS. It was just the most disrespectful reason for his weight loss I could think of.