Monday, September 5, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. II

AlanGreenSpam wants Russia to take over Europe and rule with an iron fist:
The EU is totally hosed in the future, so why spend a cent more of our defense budget on them. Instead, given the bleak Euro demographic future, we should just give Europe to the Russians and let Putin strongarm the problem better than we or the EU would do.

Trump understands this and understands that Putin can be an ally in the future. Japan will likely always be our ally.
lodi90 offers a guarantee, straight from his imagination:
The kenyan will have a BIG party at the White Hut on September 11. Guaranteed.
Giant birther Fantasywriter is, of course, a Lochte truther:
Lochte was Brazil’s chance to distract people from the green pool water, raw sewage bay, and crime ridden environs. Of course the media was happy to collude. What’s amazing is how many conservatives are furthering Brazil’s PR narrative. Eye-opening to witness.
DiogenesLamp takes a break from his Lochte truthing to explain how noble he is:
By stating what I believe to be the truth, I don't always make friends, but I can live with myself.
DiogenesLamp also roots for assasination of Merkel:
Angela Merkel Assassination Attempt Thwarted In Prague Amid Protests Over Refugee Quotas

D@mn the bad luck. That would have been a relatively quick solution to the problem she created. Many more will likely die because she didn't.
VRWC For Truth on Hillary's health:
Die, bitch, die! ...
Steven Tyler is sounding a bit desperate:
Actually, you are not voting for Hillary.
You are voting for her State Elector.
That Elector has the right to ignore the popular vote and put forward an alternate name
Guess who Balding_Eagle is replying to?


The only one orchestrating his demise is Rush himself.

He has betrayed America.
Got a Fall of Rush thread coming tomorrow.

Eager to prove how committed to the cause of dehumanization he is, PhiloBedo wants to deport illegal children more than adults:
I hope the Trump administration uses the Elian Gonzales precedent and hunts down everyone of those “death train” kids and sends them back to their parents.
Kaepernick not standing for the national anthem was really bereft of anything original. jonrick46 is an exemplar:
Trump just threw a touchdown pass. If Kaepernick needs to sit down, maybe he needs to go sit on the bench. Maybe it would be better if Kaepernick was canned.
mcmuffin with the ultimate Freeper dis:

The fall of Cruz from savior to an epithet will never stop making me happy.

Sir Napsalot explains that "Make America Great Again" is all about incremental policy improvements:
“Make America Great Again” shows you have tremendous PRIDE in your country, you see what’s not working and want to make it right.
unlearner thinks America has been doing human experiments in Haiti:
The real question is not whether the Cholera epidemic that killed thousands of poor Haitians came from the U.N.’s presence there. That is a fact.

The real question is whether it was PLANNED so that an experimental Cholera vaccine could be tested. Imagine, hundreds of thousands exposed to Cholera with nowhere to turn for help but the U.N., U.S. Government, and the Gates foundation. And instead of clean drinking water, they offer you experimental medicine that can help prevent Cholera in as many as 60% of those who get it for up to 6 months before it mutates. (Cholera is NOT easily transmitted. So the best way to prevent it is to find a source of clean water.)

I seriously doubt that Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, or the celebrities who showed up for photo ops in Haiti would be willing to put an experimental Cholera vaccine into their bodies or drink the local water. And, by the way, the water was not contaminated with Cholera until the U.N. do-gooders, aka “peace keepers”, showed up from a recent trip to Cholera infested Nepal.
You can always spot the best conspiracies because they don't bother to specify a motive for their villains.

IllumiNaughtyByNature knows it's all fixed.
I would expect the Obama Team to insure McCain keeps his seat, just like the did for Ryan.
Paleo Pete points out that only Muslims care about mocking Muslims, but everyone cares about mocking Italians, so stop it!
Charlie Hebdo slammed for 'lasagna' cartoon on Italy earthquake victims

The lampooning of Muslims that precipitated the attack was completely acceptable, the only group who had a problem with it was Muslims.

This one is just tasteless, I think they could have come up with something better. This is the wrong thing to be making fun of.
poconopundit is still on the 'huge rallies is better than polling' train. Sad!
Trump fills stadiums any whereever he goes across the country. While at the very same time Hillary has trouble even getting 300 people to show up to a rally.

Yet the main slime media wants us to believe that Hillary will win by a landslide when they are over sampling Democrats by 12% on average. This is when Republican voting is at an all time high and Democrat voting is near an all time low.

Go drive around and tell me do you see any Hillary for President bumper stickers, shirts, signs, etc... Like you normally would in any other election?
Enlightened analysis. Common sense says Trump wins big.
Be Free is into the 'we hate Hillary for true things. Others hate Trump for false things.'
Hillary’s unfavorable ratings are because of what we know to be 100% true about her. 
Trump’s unfavorable ratings are because of what the media and Dems (and RINO’s) tell us we’re supposed to fear about him - with absolutely no substantiation.
And grania explains that Trump grows on those who hate him, whereas Hillary hatred is forever.
Those who can't stand hillary can't stand her. (some so much so we won't even capitalize her name). They aren't coming back.

With Trump, a lot of those who don't like him, it's more that they "love to hate him". He grows on people when they get used to his sense of humor and his consistent and unwavering love of family and love of country.

Logic says that Trump wins over more people, while hillary alienates more, every day.


  1. "Common sense says Trump wins big."

    "Logic says that Trump wins over more people"

    if logic and common sense means whatever you wanna pull out your ass, then i'm forced to agree.

  2. The pro Russia sentiments on Free Republic are just to much delicious irony.