Monday, September 5, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. IV

DesertRhino puts for a really weak argument that Hitler is gay.
Of course he was. There are a thousand things that point to it, and nothing that points away.

A wide circle of homo friends....check.
Lived in a homo group house situation pre-WWI... check.
A few women proffered as his female interests while never really having anything going on....check.
Housekeeper at eagles nest saying nothing ever happened with Eva....check.
Mass murder of Rohm and his homo crew who knew all about Hitler’s past....check.
Adoration by large numbers of women like Obama....check.
Perverting everything normal in sex lives such as the breeding houses where single women would be offered as breeding stock for SS men.....check.
Infecting the whole German military with homosexuality... check.
Every mass murder of his military included making all the women strip naked and get humiliated before being gassed or shot....check.
Despised his father and idolized his mother... check.
Vegetarian, non-smoker who criticized officers that were into women....check.
Had Goering who wore makeup as a right hand man....check.
Had a WWI reputation with fellow soldiers who thought he was.

I’d like to hear an argument that he WASN’T a homo.
My favorite proof of gayness: "Adoration by large numbers of women like Obama....check."

Brian Griffin settles it. Hillary healthers are the new birthers. If she gets elected, there will be huge Freep threads going back and forth about which diseases she has, analyzing every photograph of her ever taken:
I saw her on ABC News one evening.

She looked sick and was wearing an outfit more suited to a hospital patient than a woman who normally tries to be as well-dressed as possible.

The outfit suggested a gastrointestinal issue.

She might have Crohn’s or IBS.

The intermittent nature suggests an auto-immune or a substance abuse problem.

Even too much coffee and alcohol can be very bad.

There was a picture that showed a tube under her pants - so she almost certainly has a urinary incontinence problem, as a large percentage of women her age do.

She might also have cancer in the lower abdomen - which would account for her not appearing in public - she loves to be liked by her supporters.
TigerClaws found yet another gay!
BREAKING: Tim Kaine Makes Shocking Admission About Hillary Health… Campaign FURIOUS

Ha! Gay boy messed up big.

They want this closet case as POTUS because they’ve got him under their thumb.
While LeoWindhorse has cut off all ties with Jews, GoKnow cannot:
ALL my Jewish friends have ALWAYS had their heads up their asses politically . I have never been able to figure out why they are this way . Some of the nicest , sweetest people , but when it comes to politics : pure Lib . This is why , for all buy one , I have had to disavow and disassociate with them all . I just cannot bring myself to continue to be friends with those that facilitate the fall of America into the chaos of the Leftist realm . They are traitors . Surely they must realize this ? But they don’t seem to .

Just be glad you’re not related to Jewish libs as I am. Trying to negotiate those emotional waters is beyond crazy.
eyeamok has a great debate plan:
Eric, Maybe your Father should hold his OWN DEBATE with Hannity as the Moderator, put an Empty chair up and have the recording of Hillary Barking as her answer to EVERY QUESTION.
Honorary Serb is getting worse:
Africans do NOT belong in the U.S.!!!!

Look at the primitive, tribal Somalis and all the damage they do in Minnesota and Maine!!!!

Of course, the Dims truck them to polling places to commit voter fraud, or as “legitimate” voters to vote straight-ticket Democrat without even understanding written English.

Send them ALL back to Africa!!! And send ALL muslims back to Muzziestan!!!

Enough is enough!!!!
No, Noumenon, you don't use the phrase liberals use to mock your racism as an actual racist slur:
Oogaboogas be oogaboogin’
EQAndyBuzz is willing to believe in climate change if it will hurt the UN:
think it is safe to say that if we took the amount of CO2 the scientists are telling us goes into the atmosphere every year and then figure out the amount of greenery needed to absorb all that CO2 we can then figure out how much it will cost to fix climate change.

I would like to add in, if we built desalination facilities across west Africa and built an infrastructure to support it, we could create new economies, stave off global warming and prevent the earth from flooding.

We can use the money given to the UN every year to fund this project. Then when it is all built up, we can move the UN to Africa.
HotHunt is old:
I have no idea what "butt hurt" means but I can imagine it is just another way for you to mock me and reveals to me that your comments are not that sincere. My butt doesn't hurt.

Regardless, have a nice day. I have to go tend to our cows. We just had a hurricane howl over the farm last night, headed northeast.
goldstategop is feeling blowout:
This is a realignment election like 1896, 1932 and 1980. Realignment elections are never close. This will be a landslide, both for Trump and the Republican Party.

Looks like the stars are falling into place.
JLAGRAYFOX has the inside scoop!
Obama has placed the Clinton POTUS run on hold........while he figures a way to replace her, as the Democrat POTUS candidate. Hence, no Clinton political rallies.
edh with some sick burns for Hillary!
What’s Russki for Armageddon?
They pronounce it ...
Heel-air-ee Kleen-toon.

It also means “bitchy lying seawitch” and “a taste for rake faced or bull dyke women”
GraceG lays out how Hillary is using super lame tradecraft to give info to 'foreign agents'
Step 1. Load cell phone with confidential information

Step 2. Go to fancy restaurant and leave cell phone in booth

Step 3. Foreign agents picks up cell phone after you have left.

Step 4. Wait 24 hours (enough time for agents to copy all data off of it) report it stolen.

Step 5. Wait for the Clinton foundation Donation to roll in from the country the agent is from in step 3 ....
goat granny bathes in the imaginary blood of Muslims:
Kill them all, preferably lined up and machine gun down. Leave them where they lay and bring in the next group...they also get to watch pig inners splashed over the dead... I have never hated anyone like I hate Muslims or Islam. Screw the idea there are moderate Muslim. They kill their own children and set young kids to be suicide bombers...The spawn of Satan deserved no better. Nuke Mecca and Medea
little jeremiah is getting all her news from rt nowadays, I guess:
No mention of the Nazis running amok in the Ukraine government, of course. Now they’re rounding up Roma and taking from villages without even their possessions. Don’t know what’s happening to them, can’t be good. I’ve seen photos. Of course the US media never touches what’s realling going on in Ukraine.
amihow seems to think prejudice is a recent thing:
It is already whispered that people are avoiding affirmative action physicians and other professions as well as Muslims.

How to regress. Vote Progressive.
Freedom_Is_Not_Free on the Trump Mexican triumph that everyone has already forgotten about:
Trump 1
Mexico 0

That makes up for all the Trump supporters bullied and beaten by Mexican illegals outside his rallies.
MIA_eccl1212 has a fantasy for a super duper World Trade Center with soldiers and technology and booya:
I predict Donald Trump will build two nearly identical towers at a slightly different angle and location perhaps further apart and definitely taller.

They will dwarf the current single tower. They will be equipped with anti plane and missile technology. The top floors of each will be military stations: Air Force space operations and a naval air-station. Think iron dome on steroids.

That’s my wish list.
rovenstinez was crying about Trump's Holy Transformation into a black baptist:
Many I talked to did not see this as funny, but a prophetic call that the Black Americans gave to Donald Trump, a mantle that had been prayed over, fasted over, and that they took quite seriously. 
I was weeping, several others I have chatted with said the same sensation they felt that it was a historic moment. He got whacked by the Holy Spirit.
Trump's speeches are like sex for magna carta:
That speech last night was fantastic!

I feel like a newlywed this morning


  1. Fascism is a term that's way overused, but littlejeremiah is a true "authoritarian" as compared to a "conservative".

    Many times she has wished for public canings, public whippings, public executions, for minor offences as well as for social freedoms that she hates others having.

    Now that she has been failed at finding lesbian lovers, and is too dried up to worry about having even more abortions, she hopes for a holy wrath that makes even fundamentalist christians say "Whoa, Wait a minute !!!"

    No wonder she loves Pooty-poot, defending his undemocratic control of Russia as a great thing.

    1. There's been a disturbing shift in Freeper types that, as far as I've seen, has gotten much of any attention.

      That shift is abandoning calling themselves Republicans in favor of nationalists. They'll never attach the word socialist to themselves, but in every other sense they've become Nazis. Thankfully, they're largely old close to the end of their lives and the younger ones tend toward poverty, so there’s no danger of a real Nazi movement.

      I try to avoid Godwinning at all times, but yeesh, do they make it difficult.

    2. NAZI's my BUTT!!! Most of us
      Freepers had fathers who fought the
      damned NAZI's & drove HITLER back to
      Germany to an underground bunker where he & his girlfriend committed

      NAZI's were gun grabbers of the first
      magnitude (like FM'ers). I'm guessing
      that most of you are about as OLD as
      most of us Freepers. Only, you have
      not learned diddly squat! IF you're
      over 40 and a liberal, you got no

      The only danger of a NAZI movement
      I see is from you LIBERALS!!

      Your Queen Hitler-y (the gun grabber)
      had another major coughing spell
      during another of her "rallies" this

      What is wrong with her? She seems
      very infirm.

      President Donald J. Trump
      President of the United States of

      Vice-President Mike Pence

      Twinkie King

    3. The FM'ers who are older are the ones who run corporations, invent new micro-electronic technologies and electric cars, and build this country every day ...

      unlike the older freepers who have done nothing except collect a pay check and done nothing to better themselves, now stuck in retirement sitting in their own poopy moo-moos, shaking their fists at clouds in impotent rage.

      Oh, and FM'ers invest in and use skin care products so are smooth and healthy looking, unlike the pruned up wrinklebags of FR.

      Wrinklebag extrodinaire Phyllis Schlafly just died today, time for all you other wrinklebags to join her on the train to hell ... all aboard WRINKLIE !!

    4. Nationalism. It's what plenty of Freeper types are proudly crowing. I'm not name calling, nor am I saying all Freepers call themselves nationalists. But the ones who do, or call for country I'ver the citizens of thwork country... well, it's unsettling.

      I know you know this is true, because you're not defending nationalism, but, but simply denying that people on FR are saying it, despite literal quotes from users.

      But, you're also trolling, so you do you, that's fine.

      But also, hey Twinks, if you're really the same Twinkie on FP, why don't you have an interest in getting the last word here? I mean, why not, right? You were actually being portrayed as the more reasonable one in that discussion.

    5. PS: damn you autocorrect, and I also suck for not noticing the typos it created.

  2. Hitler wasn't gay, he just had a micropenis. Hell, he probably would have been happier if he'd been a functional closeted guy.

  3. Did someone from Minnesota seriously just give Jim a grand to close out the thon?

    1. So they claim ...
      though a few of the dopes get all excited at the end and fork over their rent money to the grifter-in-chief, I expected JimRob to fake it to the end this weekend regardless.

      For all those donations coming in after two months, where were they back in July ?

      If the $1000 is legit, its from one of the true-believers who have already donated several times this quarter.
      His/her wife/husband is going to be looking at the credit card statements next month going "What the fuck is this shit !!!!"

  4. Freeper women and their Stockholm syndrome mourn the passing of a woman who made a career out of telling women they should never have a career.

    1. Most of whom probably have worked their whole lives, because a single income household became mostly undoable around the 70's (and wasn't a thing outside the weakthy, except during the 50's and 60's).

  5. Phyllis Schlafley was the WASP version of the Sharia law Freepers rail against. Good riddance to bad rubbish.