Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Spotlight: Bobalu

As Freep drowns in repetitive Hillary health and Trump polling posts, lets us take a vacation to another photo-heavy Freeper, though he's no MeshugeMikey. Bobalu posts in a lazier, meme style when he's not stealing stuff from /pol. His memes are usually just shallow shots on Hillary's age and/or weight, which he makes up for by pasting them in high quantities. Speaking of unthinking quantities, his profile has lots, and lots of really boring political photoshops, if that's your thing.

He also posts. Some conspiracies, but mostly hoping for mass killings, of Iraqis, Palestinians, illegal immigrants. He's just really into dehumanizing large groups of people and showing it off by fantasizing about their massacre - a bit much, even for Freep these days.

Is it that the Freeper jester-types are are more horrible, or that the humor gets through to me more so they seem more horrible?

Not racist!
The Cult is deep.
....weren't these guys mostly rapists and lunatics in the original Dirty Dozen?
Posted on 9-11. Classy.
Calling you out as a bigot is basically a death threat.
"I Hillary isn't dumb, why can I photoshop her to look dumb?"
A joke that was old in 1999.

Hillary killed Scalia because it's too convenient:
IMO add Scalia to the kill list.

It’s just sooooo convenient that any vote fraud case will now face a 4:4 tie in scotus and allow the lower court ruling to stand!

I no longer believe in coincidence when the Clintons are involved.
Why no firebomb all of Iraq?
He shoulda took out Saddam and his boys with a massive drone strike.

And let whoever took over know that they were next if they get out of line.

Carry a big stick.

Don't ever rebuild a country you flattened for good cause.

Kick their ass and take their gas.

Make them fear you.

What would Curtis LeMay do?
Sick Megyn Kelly menopause burn:
Soon to be the dowager of FOX News.

No, it's not bleeding from wherever....she's getting too old for that now...
Ted Cruz's secret affair was covered up by the pro-Cruz media:
It’s the high-handed censoring of the Ted Cruz sex scandal.

It has MANY freepers fuming!

And rightly so!

NO Trump scandal articles are censored...

And this story has legs...

I suggest everyone post links and descriptions of the scandal in threads... it’s the only way around the censorship that I can see.

Keeping this story contained is like keeping the ocean from reaching the beach.
Jews are smart, I'll bet Israel has the magic neutron bomb!
Um, it was mainly Jews that invented the whole field of nuclear engineering.

Why would anyone wonder if Israel has nuclear weapons? They very likely have the most sophisticated weapons in the world.

It was a Jew that created the nuclear weapons tech that is most important to Israel, the Neutron bomb. This weapon’s existence means that Israel can defeat any invading army..they can even deploy them on their own soil if need be without harming their own people.

There simply is no defense against neutron bomb technology. It completely negates any numerical advantage an enemy might possess.
Maybe Israel would keep Obama from reelection in 2012:
Israel could easily spring an October surprise on Zero that would sink him.

If Israel comes to the conclusion that their security is threatened by having an enemy in the white house for another 4 years they just might do it too.

Just off-hand I can think of several tricks they could pull out of the hat at the last minute that would be devastating.
Why no Sheriff Arpaio starve illegal immigrants during an armed standoff?
Arpaio should put up a large tent city, armed guards on towers, refuse entry to all federal officials, hold all the detainees there indefinitely. Feed them only what is delivered and paid for by the fed gov.
2011 - Churchill-like Newt TERRIFIES liberals!
They are terrified of Newt.

They would keep their mouth shut or lament that he is their worst nightmare if he was in fact a gift to them as nominee.

He will say things out loud that they do not want to be heard.

He will say them when it can’t be silenced, at debates..etc.

He will call out Obama on scandals no one has been allowed to hear about on MSM and will call attention to the media itself.

He is Churchill and they are the Nazis and it’s the 30’s all over again.
For lots lots more, check out the linked ANTWFOS.
Trump riding bitch, and he doesn't seem super happy about it.
Look how sick I can photoshop Hillary to look!
Next generation of Freepers looking even more pathetic than this one.
Freepers still desperately hoping.
She fat!
Looks like Trump, jr. is in the Judas Seat... 
Anything to get another hit of outrage, even rushing to insist you're the half of Trump supporters that are bigots.


  1. What happened to MeshugeMikey anyway?

    Do you know what he was banned for?

    1. An early casualty of the Trump purge, maybe he will come back when Jim gives a post election amnesty.

      Also Ozzy, only maggot was a rapist in the the dirty dozen. The rest where thieves and various shades of murderers.

    2. That makes Bobalu's post much nicer then, I guess.

  2. He does seem to like that white nationalist frog, Pepe.

  3. I would like the freepers to start up CW-2 someday.

    They'll shoot a few bullets in the air, get arrested, and then it'll be time for Denny's Early-bird special for the rest of them.

  4. Somehow I knew you guys would find that motorcycle pic.

    I asked the poster how in the hell that was supposed to make Trump look good, got no response. Putin lovers post some weirdly homoerotic things, I find it very creepy. Some dude was talking about his "really big pickle" on a thread about Lindsay Lohan being in Russia or something. Ugh.