Thursday, June 16, 2016

And Now This Word From Outer Space

Photoshopping Hillary into alcoholism edition.

Obsessive scouring of the Internet for every photoshop of Hillary as ugly, but can't even bother to pick more than one picture of Trump. Lazy! Brought to you by Bobalu (Government treats you like a milk cow. If things get tough, they will treat you like a beef cow)


  1. That's the only Drumpf photo in which his mega combover is not quite as evident

  2. Ugh...Freepers are already dancing on the grave of Labour MP Jo Cox, and expressing disappointment/suspicion that it appears to be a totally Muslim-free crime.

  3. If the roles were reversed, and the Democratic candidate was an anti-drinker, freepers would be deriding them as a "wimpy milquetoast".

    That being said, Hillary's face on Nick Nolte's head did give me a quick chuckle.

  4. Here's a good one about Trump's statements on Vince Foster:

    The comments are tasty!