Tuesday, June 21, 2016

In a brilliant move, Trump brilliantly fires campaign manager on a Monday morning.

I thought this might be hard to spin for Freepers. Trump publicly surprise-fired his campaign manager yesterday morning, assuring at least a few days of reports of chaos in his campaign, to go with last week's gaffes and sinking polls. I guess Trump isn't even that good at firing people.

Freepers didn't have too much of a problem minimizing this, and a few even streaked to spin this into a positive! But the Freeper lust for anti-Trump blood did seem especially high. Which is why I think they know, in their heart of hearts, that this is not going well...

smoothsailing remains blindly blissful:
More paid media for Trump. Brilliant.
Jim Robinson takes down someone else with less than blind devotion to Trump's genius:
So it seems all the of the polls being “rigged” was just that, talk. The Trump campaign realizes he is hopelessly behind.

I suspected Trump was in big trouble and only mainly because the American people are very stupid. The decision on who to vote for is based solely on Social Media, Reality TV and the media. No campaign strategy can over come that influence.

Brace yourselves for President Hillary....and the final destruction of the nation.

well, bye.
RitaOK, bloodlust unquenched, finds another skeptic of this move:
You sound like someone visiting the halls of one branch of the ARMED SERVICES, hanging around there, and moaning your opinion out loud against their accomplishments, as compared to the proofs of excellence elsewhere, held by the other branches.

Loiter elsewhere. You’re on private property.
RitaOK next blames the victim:
Corey should have *known* that a staff change and expansion of staff was the correct answer. He should have volunteered to resign, in fact. Loyalty demands sacrifice, when things start to go South and you have failed to stem the tide, or stop the bleeding and actually reverse the trend.

Corey is a favorite of mine for the Herculean and miraculous accomplishments offered up to a miraculous candidate, but.. when it isn’t blue sky, you have to look at changes in a hurry and if one of them needs to by you.

It was not a sign of loyalty to dodge the obvious and replace it with something Donald should do— give away his big showpiece move set for the Convention.

A cheap shot just to try to keep your job looks very bad.

The TRUMP’s saw that clear as day in that meeting.

PS: Donald Jr., I read, had finally been convinced that Corey was not advancing the cause any longer, but possibly hurting it. Jr. was able to convince the other siblings, reportedly. TRUMP himself delayed but only until this meeting.
jetson is writing fan fiction:
Maybe he was hitting on Trumps wife.
Speculating further, areukiddingme1 refers to a British operation to feed fake plans to Germany I was into in grade school. Look it up, it's pretty cool:
Maybe Operation Mincemeat — Captain (Acting Major) William ‘Bill’ Martin, Royal Marines.”
Georgia Girl 2 assures us this is nothing, and Trump will be beating Hillary in no time!
Manafort has been running the campaign for several mos. Corey was not happy at second fiddle and they let him go. This stuff happens every campaign cycle. He will likely have another job next week. 
Trump is not in trouble and appears to be gaining on Hillary. I predict that after the convention he will pull into a lead over her.
Nifster laughs that the press cares about firing campaign managers:
A big nothing burger

Lordy the msm is desperate
RoosterRedux can't reconcile his faith in Trump with this move, so he decides Trump's genius is just beyond his ken:
If Trump really had someone escorted out of the building during a presidential campaign, it would be done very discreetly and not for prying eyes.

Trump loves the theatrical and this reeks of it.

I'm just not buying it...he's up to something.
Lest you think following the news has made RoosterRedux at all connected to reality, he explains how Trump's campaign is extra professional:
There's a narrative that's been leaked to the press about how Corey has been acting out more and more in internal meetings. And how he and Hope Hicks had a screaming match on a NYC street corner.

That's not how Trump and his people operate. Professional people in a presidential campaign don't go down to a street corner and yell unless they are trying to create a narrative for public consumption.

Particularly not Trump's people. His people are extremely well behaved. He demands professionalism.

This entire Lewandowski firing is very suspicious.

I have a guess as to what is going on but I think it would be better to keep it to myself.
Trump Girl Kit Cat knows the polls are useless, except for the only one where Trump was almost beating Hillary. That one she three-exclamation points believes!!!
I am with you on poll numbers Sam, people are on summer vacation ect. I also don’t believe these polls the ONLY poll I am paying any attention is OANN poll they are completely unbiased they have Trump behind by 2 points which is within rate of error!!!
FJB seems to have mixed up constant rage with masculinity:
Another stop toward the complete emasculation of the American male. I hope this does not mean that Trump will wimp-out and start acting like the other RINOs.


  1. "when things start to go South and you have failed to stem the tide, or stop the bleeding"

    and which, to be clear, was just the latest masterstroke in a flawless campaign ...

    i'll bet hillary is absolutely furious!

    1. That sneaky Trump!

      I'm surprised they haven't suggested that he's also able to turn water into wine.......yet!

  2. If this was the Clinton campaign they would be crowing about how it was over for her.

    "He should have volunteered to resign, in fact. Loyalty demands sacrifice,"

    So when the companies that outsource jobs, that Trumps voting block tend to loose, do so why don't the former employees respond with praise and adulation for the necessary changes to make the company more profitable?

    After all sacrifices must be made.

    But yeah, clutching at straws big time here.

  3. This seems to be very similar to the approach the Freep is taking regarding the significant handicap Trump has when it comes to campaign funds:

    Trump campaign has only $1.3 million in cash, to Clinton's $42.5 million

  4. When the story becomes your fired campaign manager less than 5 months before the election, you're having serious issues.

    Let's not forget about the fact that his FEC fillings shows $1.3M on-hand. We almost had that in our failed House campaign against a sitting Tea Party incumbent!

    To call this campaign a dumpster fire is putting it mildly.

    1. Let's coin a phrase: Trumpster fire.

    2. Sorry. That's already the name of Chris Hayes' nightly Trump segment on MSNBC.

  5. the American people are very stupid

    As evidenced by the fact that Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee of the Republican party

    1. The vast majority of people aren't stupid. Trump won the nomination because the field was so wide it diluted the votes.

      What Trump trumpeters (aka Freepers) refuse to acknowledge is that 70% of voters don't want him. The push back by elected officials not supporting him kinda shows he's going nowhere.

      PS. This is the strangest election cycle ever.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Wow, Since, according to Freepers, Manafort has been running the campaign for several months, that means the current malaise that the Drumpf campaign is suffering wasn't Lewindowski's fault, but Manaforts fault. I guess Drumpf is fucked no matter who runs his idiotic campaign.

  7. Wow, Since, according to Freepers, Manafort has been running the campaign for several months, that means the current malaise that the Drumpf campaign is suffering wasn't Lewindowski's fault, but Manaforts fault. I guess Drumpf is fucked no matter who runs his idiotic campaign.