Saturday, June 4, 2016

Saturday Pix

This analogy of Trump as sexist biker and Hillary as his put-upon girlfriend does not seem well thought out.
Laptops make Hillary crushingly sad.
How can we hope to defeat Skybama and his army of Giant Muslim Ghosts?
The Disease appears to be too many happy Republicans, so...yeah.
What sort of person looks at this painting and is inspired to Trump it up?
GOP ain't looking too good.
The next generation of Freepers looks more nakedly antisemetic, but just as pathetically whiny.
Roman Emperors are totally pro-freedom.
Obama is actually a nubile young girl is a weird insult.
Yes, argue Trump's strength via his contributions to veterans.
Also: 'I can talk about things other than Benghazi!  Hillary is greedy....Benghazi.' 
So many questions for whoever made this. Why use the pic from taking out Bin Laden? Quotes around 'lazed?' We didn't rescue Benghazi because Obama was...lazy? Hillarys computer says 'Grubby' for some reason?? Blinged out Hillary?! Biden is thinking to Hillary, Garfield-style?!!


  1. Freepers on Muhammad Ali death. Stay classy Freepers.

    1. A black muslim who could (and did) beat the crap out of any WASP opponent was never going to sit well with a significant section of party faithful. Tim Teabag the god bothering quarterback is the only athlete [sic] I've seen them cheering for.

      [sic] because "athletes" compete at ATHLETICS. The clue is in the name. Football doesn't qualify.

    2. Ali lost 5 fights in his whole career with 3 of them in his last 4, and FReetards talk about how he wasn't good?

      He won something like 30 pro bouts before his first loss!

      They're absolutely delusional over there...not as if we didn't already know it though.

  2. And now for something completely racist.

    1. "The negroid faggot in the White House who pretends to be the female in the disgusting spectacle of a relationship called "The Obamas"

      That would be a spot on Stormfront parody ... if it was a parody ... but it isn't.

    2. "Notice that slavery was associated with growing American expansion. Today, no longer having slaves we are on a downward spiral into third world status."

      14 posted on 6/4/2016, 8:37:31 AM by AEMILIUS PAULUS

      Soo we should have slaves.


    3. To be fair, AEMILIUS PAULUS has always been a pretty special poster on race, even for Freep.

    4. Thread got pulled

  3. The Roman emperor one is great. It just shows how they love strong authoritarians more than freedom. Also the Roman aristocracy was incredibly hedonistic.

    The only thing I don't like is that it's from a game series I enjoy (Total War).

    It feels like the freepers have tainted it. Oh, well I enjoyed Attila more than Rome 2.

  4. Why Liberals Are So Obsessed With Racism, Homosexuality and Transsexualism

    Liberals are obsessed? These are the only topics Freepers ever seem to talk about.

    So much self-congratulation here about how "emotional" liberals are and how "rational" conservatives are on these issues. Hahahahaha!

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  6. LOL, wut?:

    Hillary’s machine tries to pull off a pivot to the general.

    The lesbo dominatrix tries to pull bedroom antics on America.

    She will fail.

    psst. Russia. Green LASER time. Carpet for lunch?

    27 posted on 6/3/2016, 6:02:17 PM by Eddie01

  7. not a market economist:

    Extremely Extreme Extremist: "FR should really go to a monthly subscription, which will weed out the FReeploaders and force them to pay their fair share!"

    "force" ... ???

    1. tr: "Seal the echo chamber and set the controls for the heart of the sun!!"

    2. more like "set the controls for the bottom of the cesspool" ...

    3. Will FR have enough people for that circle jerk?

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  9. HarleyLady27: "The reason I like Donald Trump is he is like me, it's like he's my friend, he comes over and has coffee at my house and we talk about the way of the Country, the horrible mess these idiots have put our Country into, the family, the Heroes that are fighting the wars that are away from their families...

    Yes, Donald Trump is one of us, just everyday American Folk, and he understands us and we understand him..."

    unless her house is a five-star resort penthouse and her kids are all supermodels, i'm pretty sure harley's supercrush would never land his gilded jet within 100 miles of her ...

  10. I can't get over the number of comments I've seen today calling Muhammed Ali a filthy draft dodger and praising Donald J. "What unit did he serve in, exactly?" Trump in the same breath.