Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Trump Worker's Party

Anonymous commenter was interested in my take on Trump declaring he was going to remake the GOP as a 'workers party,' echoing Communists and dictators.

This barely registered to Freepers. They've already excused Trump's moderation on gay and transgender rights, on universal health care, and even on Muslim deportations. So giving up some semantics - even semantics that hearken back to their redbating cold warrior hearts - was no biggie.

By now, they're old hands at rationalizing on behalf of Trump, it's as formulaic as their preemptive calling out of mass shooters as black, Muslim, false flags:

jokemoke doesn't seem to notice this issue:
OMG!!! President Trump cannot be soon enough!!!
getitright knows, he just doesn't care:
“The Workers Party” is indeed Marxist. It is equally true that a party which favors the workers would be the epitome of Conservatism.
meadsjn explains that the GOP has changed from the party of corporate America to the party of the American worker:
Blue collar insurgents have completed their takeover of the GOP.

White-collar criminals (the GOP-e) are not numerous enough to win elections. They are too much like the commies of the Democrat party, and the commie voters just vote for the real thing.

Apparently there is a majority of American voters who had no representation from either the commie Democrats or the commie GOP-e. These people are now voting for Trump.
I'm not even sure what ifinnegan is getting at here:
It’s a sign of the times that Trump has to use Marxist rhetoric to appeal to conservative Americans.
Brookhaven is sure this is a clever Trump trick to show how Democrats are really bad Communists:
Leftist rhetoric. What fun.

Trump is using their rhetoric against them.

For decades the left has said it wants to help workers, but what has it really offered them? Communism & jobs shipped overseas. Everyone either works for the government or is on the dole. The definition of shared misery.

Trump is saying he will help workers by bringing jobs back to America by making capitalism work again. A very different worker’s program.

Actually, you could say Trump is offering the American worker a “New Deal” because the old deal—the Democrat’s deal—isn’t working any more.
BlackAdderess will excuse anything Trump says, because she knows what Trump means:
No, he’s fishing for Sanders supporters.
mrsmith is taking the Glorious Worker's Party back for conservatives!
I do admire Trump’s ability to retake our language from the media.
The dead commies can spin in their graves.
pieceofthepuzzle thinks stumbling into Communist terminology is Trump striking another blow against censorship or something:
Trump is reversing many decades of concerted and coordinated effort by the left to label their enemies and to suppress opposition. He’s totally altered the playing field, and this is exactly what we needed. It was almost, but thankfully not quite, too late.
central_va has his agenda, and will wedge it in here as well, even though it be ridiculous:
No, Free Trade and open borders are basic tenents of Marxism.
I liked him better when he was just a Confederate.

Perhaps presaging the future of Freep and GOP, Fast Ed97 is all for entitlements, so long as illegals and other countries don't get any money:
I don’t like scammers- but at least they are American citizens—many of them are scamming because of the lack of economic opportunity or jobs in their areas—particularly rural. Although I do not condone such actions—It doesn’t bother me considering the money spent overseas and on education, health care, prison for illegals and their children.


  1. I can't wait till he walks back on the wall plans, Freepers heads are going to explode.

    1. I think I saw a thread on here where they were already giving him room on that. Something about not having a congress that will work with him on it.

  2. "Nationalist" - check
    "Workers Party" - check

    ...he's getting there, just one more to go ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Well, the comment. It's so FR. When I think of the Soviet Union, folks, all I think about is all the trade going and all the open ahahhahhahahahaha

    2. But, but, but ... CUBA !!! Marxists and liberals want all trade restrictions removed ergo free trade is Marxist. Q.E.D. ;)

  4. What is ya'll's worst problem? - For what are
    ya'll most thankful? TWINKIE KING

    1. My worst problem is chronic illness - mine and my loved ones. If you don't have your health, it's hard to live well. More important than money.

      I'm most thankful for laughter. It's my favorite thing besides sex. FR gives me tons of laughter.

      Thanks for asking, Twinkie. What about you? What's your worst problem / thing you're most thankful for?

  5. i'll say it again (and it won't be the last time):

    oceania has always been at war with eurasia.