Thursday, June 9, 2016

Mitch McConnell tells Trump to try being a little less racist.

No one lets wishes author their reality as much as Freepers do. And since Freepers like their politics petty, racist, and personal, this means they've convinced themselves that the best political tactic is to be a racist asshole. Add in their cult of personality around Trump always being the smartest, and you get a level of displacement from the real world that the unskewing of 2012 can only dream of.

So even as every politician ever tells Trump he's being an idiot about this Curiel thing, even as Trump himself tries to walk things back but can't quite close the circle, Freepers insist that Trump is the best and all the rest are secret Democrats.

It helps if they already thought you were a secret Democrat, like Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell, who has been known to talk to Democrats on occasion, which is how you can spot them.

I wonder why hsmomx3 thinks Trump hasn't mentioned this either?
So he has totally avoided the LaRaza link on purpose. What a wimp!
junta is sure the entire country is as down with Trump as he is:
The establishment and their pet racial theorists are going to get spanked again, Trump will rise even further while these dimwits keep on keeping on the stupid
originalbuckeye takes issue with Mitch noting that everyone has immigrant ancestors:
Hey Mitch....DAR here.....speak for yourself!
Colonists...still immigrants.

BBB333 can also trace his ancestry back like 300 years. Europeans yawn, so he adds a bit of contempt for Native Americans:
My first ancestor sailed with Columbus. Waaaaaaaaay before the US was a country.

At least he knew how to create a wheel, something that the native inhabitants of this ‘land mass’ never learned.
In her own mind, GraceG may be more litigious than Trump:
Trump has standing to sue the little turtle turd mcconnell. He did donate to him when he was in danger of being primaried....
flaglady47 has discovered why McConnell isn't as nativist as she is:
McConnell is married to an Oriental woman, I believe Chinese. He’s very pro immigration.
eyeamok is still into litigating the Judge Curiel La Raza thing:
How Many Federal Judges are affiliated with the KKK ???

How Many Federal Judges give Scholarships to the Aryan Nation??
timestax has been spamming this bit of guilt by association in every thread on the issue, unlinked (link) bits and all.
The attorney group leading the lawsuit against Trump are heavily involved in Democrat politics and have paid Bill and Hillary Clinton $675,000 for “speeches”. (link)

The Judge in the lawsuit is an open borders immigration activist with direct ties to San Diego La Raza, and has openly engaged with them on their political endeavors. (link) and (link) including scholarships for illegal aliens.

The Trump lawsuit relies (in part) on testimony from a former disgruntled employee of the Trump Organization who went to work for notorious #NeverTrump activist Glenn Beck. (link)


  1. McConnell is married to an Oriental woman, I believe Chinese.

    "an Oriental woman." Yeah, Secretary of Labor under George W. Bush, not just some "Oriental woman."

    How Many Federal Judges give Scholarships to the Aryan Nation??

    I don't know that the Aryan Nation has scholarships, but that is a good question. I would like to know!

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  3. Sorry :) Stupid cellphone mucked original post and the correction. What I was meaning to say was:

    "DAR here.....speak for yourself!"

    DAR here too. Doesn't make me anymore legit an immigrant than anyone else. But, I suppose that's how racism works - more ancestors make you more American or whatever. Nevermind ancestors of slaves or even Native Americans of course. That would just be silly. They're not white!

    1. DAR = the same legitimacy a Roman had in Britain about 150 years before they ceased to exist via assimilation into the native population.

    2. Not precisely. A huge chunk of old money families with undeserved power have ties to the DAR. And for the record, I'm simply eligible for the DAR, but not a member. I only know this because my mom's hobby is genealogy.

  4. Five generations back, a Cherokee woman
    married my fifth great grandfather down in
    the Georgia Territory (not a state then).
    His mother (my 6th great grandmother) &
    father lived on a plantation & she had a fit!
    His father gave him his inheritance in gold
    so he & his Cherokee wife could board a
    riverboat & move to where we live now. We're
    still there. - On my mother's side of the
    family, the men were Scottish hunters &
    trappers. A Cherokee woman also married
    another fifth great grandfather & they came
    to Tinassee (Tenn.). I'm not "white" either.
    Have just about all the physical markers of
    the Cherokee. (More people don't know their
    ancestry simply because it was hidden from

    OK. Got work to do. TWINKIE KING

    1. So you're Mestizo, just like most Mexicans. My congratulations to your Grandfather^6.

      His marriage was probably illegal in most of the USA on racial grounds, but he clearly didn't give a damn. If he were alive today he would probably join us in giving Freepers a good kicking, just like he spat in the eye of Freeper antecedents in his own day.

    2. These were TWO of my 5th & 6th great-
      grandfathers on both my mother's &
      father's side of the families.

      Odd, but true. The Scottish hunter
      & trapper blood was strong, as most
      of their male descendants lived that
      kind of life even well into the

      They wouldn't have had time to sit
      around and either "Freep" OR "Freep
      Madness Blog". Too busy hunting,
      hanging pelts, fishing & farming a
      little for any of that nonsense.
      (They called "interior decorating"

      Great-great grandfather was a lights
      keeper on the Tennessee River; kept
      the shore lights filled with fuel.
      Left us the Smith & Wesson revolver
      he carried on the river. - Too many
      rough characters that roamed the
      river who would just as soon murder
      & rob someone as look at them. The
      river lights were classified as
      lighthouses back then. Had to have
      them as the rocks along the shore
      were treacherous - probably still


    3. You are too modest.

      Your Grandfathers essentially told the archaeofreepers to shove their anti-miscegenation laws where the sun don't shine, along with marriage citizenship requirements (your Grandmothers were not US citizens if they were Cherokee).

      Freepers would want to deport your Grandmothers and any children ("anchor baby!") to a walled reservation. After prosecuting them for a fake/illegal marriage of course. Do you think your (heavily armed) Grandfathers would have stood still for that? I suspect not.

    4. Well. My great-great grandfather was
      a Confederate, fought at Shiloh, told
      my grandmother, "Izora, it was just
      AWFUL at Shiloh!" - He didn't have
      slaves, WAS just about a slave
      himself. (She asked him about Shiloh.)

      It was awful. I grew up with my
      parents taking me to Shiloh fairly
      often. I'm almost 70. Back then,
      the Bloody Pond was still a very,
      very dark blood color from where the
      dying & wounded crawled down to wash
      off their wounds. (Wounded from both
      sides of the war.) It has faded a lot
      over the past 50 or 60 years; as has
      the memory of that war.

      My 6th great-grandmother from down in
      Georgia Indian Territory (before it
      became a state) did have sixteen
      slaves. 6th great-grandfather's name
      was Elijah Cotham; but after one of
      their sons married the Cherokee woman
      & they came to Tennessee, we did not
      have slaves. I was raised to do my
      own work & am glad I was. You get
      stoved up enough without sitting on
      your butt all day. We need exercise!
      I feel sorry for my 6th great
      grandmother, never knowing any of us
      because she was SO sophisticated &
      rich as Cresus.

      I also spring from the DENTONS from
      the early colonial days. Samuel
      Denton supplied beef to Washington's
      men at Valley Forge. Samuel was too
      old when the Revolution occurred to
      be able to fight; but he did what he
      could. Also, had Denton forbears at
      Williamsburg (Huguenots) who owned a
      sort of pub & lodging house there.
      The early patriots met at the lodging
      houses & pubs to discuss the
      Revolution. Coming from the Maupin
      French Huguenot heritage, I'm not
      too keen on going Catholic & I can't
      help it! BIL & SIL are Catholics.
      She's also German, which has made for
      a bit of an edge for me. (Daddy was
      a combat veteran of WWII, N. Africa,
      Italy, & Germany during WWII, Army
      88th-351st. Had flashbacks to
      Laiatico just about all the rest of
      his life. (Flashbacks to battles ARE
      just like BEING THERE! It is NOT a
      dream, or an imagination, it IS being

      Well. Life's hard. Then you die.