Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. I

After Ryan, I am very excited about this himno hero Hillary as a secret Muslim meme taking off:
Hillary has been selling America’s ME policy for cash via the Clinton foundation. Its mot American made policy, no.
It’s made by foreigners and islamic converts like hillary.

The “foreigners” is inclusive of BO, what she misses he completes and takes the benefit.
Anything to the demise of the free western world of which America is champ.

The whole works needs to be cleaned out!
VerySadAmerican if going full-on nativist:
a US citizen born to Afghan parents

We know where his loyalties were.

Judge Curiel is a US citizen born to Mexican parents.

Trump is right about both.
ozzymandus takes things literally, and then generalizes:
Let me be clear, though: when I say, "F*** you, pay me," I mean, "F*** YOU. PAY ME." Pay me a check, pay me consistently, provide me safe housing, offer me a job with benefits, run me those Beyonce tickets, finance my clothes and wigs and aesthetics, cultivate accessibility to spaces and provide seats that fit me, see and validate my humanity.

Actually, this is a pretty typical attitude for any black person. My apologies to black people who are not this way.
867V309 buys into the spin:
Like I’ve said before, every Trump “gaffe” comes with his pre-packaged vindication.
Having broken from the real world long ago, WENDLE tries talking to non-Freepers. But does it on Free Republic and STILL assumes no one will believe him
Let me clarify for anyone with a brain not filled with illegal DRUGS. oBAMA IS AN EXPERIMENTAL TOTAL FAILURE.obama failed after the country tried this experiment. He turned out to be a total joke. I know that you don’t believe this but hillary is dumber that that jackja$$. She is a criminal thief and jeopardized the nation with her arrogance. She will be in prison soon!
Sasparilla invokes Taqiyya to just disbelieve all facts he doesn't like:
This gay thing is being added by Obama and the MSM to deflect.
Takyia is a shrewd tactic.
In one of the lamer right-wing memes, DJ Taylor enjoys some sample bias about a clearly ancillary detail:
What do all of these mass shooters have in common?

Ft Hood~~~ Registered Democrat ~ Muslim

Columbine ~~~ Too young to vote; both families were registered Democrats and progressive liberals

Virginia Tech ~~~ Wrote hate mail to President Bush and to his staff ~ Registered Democrat

Colorado Theater ~~~ Registered Democrat; staff worker on the Obama campaign; Occupy Wall Street participant; progressive liberal

Connecticut School Shooter- ~~~ Registered Democrat; hated Christians.

Omar Mateen, Orlando Gay Club shooter~~Muslim~~Registered Democrat

Common thread is that all of these shooters were Democrats.” INTERESTING, isn’t it?
Even when it's not inconvenient to Freeper narratives, there's always a few into paranoia for paranoia's sake. UCANSEE2 is in full false flag mode on the Orlando massacre:
Speaking of ‘coordination’, does no one notice how CONVENIENT this mass killing was ?

Trump was scheduled to make a speech today on Hillary’s criminal acts.

Many of the major news outlets were starting to have an interest in publishing articles about Hillary/Benghazi/Clinton Pay to Play Foundation.

All of this was wiped off the table by Sunday’s horrid event.

Just a COINCIDENCE , ....right....!
Another common theme Freepers are using to comfort themselves after the Orlando massacre had no political utility for them is Buckeye McFrog's assumption that all Muslims are the same and supporting minorities is a zero-sum game:
The Democrat Party has SCROOOOOD the Pooch.
Pledged allegiance to too many divergent interest groups.
It is starting to come apart at all the seams.

Gays vs. Muslims
Blacks vs. Hispanics
Union guys vs. Environuts

Sit back and enjoy the spectacle.
Syncro is trying to figure out who the super Muslim running America is:
I don’t use the term “enemy agent” but I have believed and stated that belief for some yars that Hussein is the Head of the Moslem Brotherhood in America and as such shares and promotes the goals of the Brotherhood.

Interesting observation.

I’ve always believed that position belongs to Valerie Jarrett.

She has “equipment” that doesn’t seem to be a part of Obama’s persona.

I think he is considered expendable by the MB

IMO he is too weak and malleable to be the leader.
Wow, Gen.Blather, it's amazing any Muslims manage to live their entire life without even one massacre!
Islam makes expressing your hate a duty. If you consider yourself a devout Muslim, then the Koran allows you to act as judge, jury and executioner. This is worse than when the king was the law. Because there was just one king and even if he had troops and his own law enforcement, there were comparatively few of them. But there are 1.5 billion Muslims and any of them can decide that you need to be punished for your beliefs or actions, or for just being you.

If we bring them here, they carry that culture with them like a plague.
A goldfish of hate, NEMDF probably says this every time Muslims protest terrorism:
This is the first and only time that I can recall, that the Muslims have come out this way.

I have to believe it is only for some political motive, that they have done so.
faithhopecharity tries to work out why so many minority groups don't go along with Freepers tough love prescriptions of embracing the party of white resentment, and concludes it's because of the hate...minorities have for themselves:
many FRers have noted (in a wide variety of discussions)...
that certain “groups” in society tend to vote against “their”
best interests.... such as many Jews, Catholics, homosexuals, Latinos, and blacks especially...

I sense a common thread...these are “groups” with strong histories of persecution or exclusion or discrimination...

and certainly you see in the black and Jewish communities a certain significant amount of “self-hatred”...or maybe its akin to “stockholm syndrome”...where people learn to hate themselves and... in the more visible and extreme cases, work for their extinction....such as some Jews and blacks who are active supporters of enemy interests

I wonder if the D party control machine has tapped into this sort of ‘self hate’ or ‘Jewish Suicide Syndrome” — in all of the above “groups”....and possibly some additional groups, too? There may be a common (and quite powerful) psychiatric phenomenon going on... one that the D party bosses have, yes, nurtured so that they are now able to quite successfully manipulate large numbers of voting “Groups” to, mostly, vote against their interests (and for D candidates)?

am I even close?
there’s a PhD dissertation in this, if someone can explain it more clearly than I just tried to do... thanks!
Gay outreach! cyclotic proudly boasts of tolerating this one gay coworker he personally knows:
I left Boy Scouts as a leader due to their stance on homosexual issues and joined another boys outdoor group that has a biblical attitude toward moral issues, but I work closely with a gay man at my office. While I abhor his lifestyle choices, we’re friendly on a work basis.

If I hated him, a year or so ago when it was pouring rain and I knew he walked to work I wouldn’t have offered to drive him home. Instead, I would have laughed as he got soaked.

I’m sick and disgusted that this Muslim parasite chose to kill 49 Americans and injure 53 more.
Less bothered by societal pressure than the above, Jagdgewehr is having none of this attempt to make nice to the gays:
If you’re a fag activist I already know you want to destroy American lifestyle and values. So fu.

This "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" business really doesn't get us anywhere...with the possible exception of one vote towards the sensible choice. Provided, of course, this deviant is sincere.
Elsie shows how extreme zealotry around a single cause simplifies the world:
We went to war after almost 3,000 people were murdered on 9/11.

CHOICE killed almost 3,300 future American citizens on 9/11.
CHOICE killed almost 3,300 future American citizens on 9/11.
CHOICE killed almost 3,300 future American citizens on 9/12.
CHOICE killed almost 3,300 future American citizens on 9/13.
CHOICE killed almost 3,300 future American citizens on 9/14.
CHOICE killed almost 3,300 future American citizens on 9/15.

Seeing a TREND yet?
FenwickBabbitt's analysis of Trump banning the Washington Post from his events has got to be satire, right?
Trump is so gutsy. This reminds me of when Nixon banned the WaPo from the White House except for press conferences (in his 1990 book, Surviving at the Top, Trump praised Nixon for his general “toughness”). The newspaper (if you want to call it that) is free to write whatever propagandistic nonsense they want, but they have no inherent right to be in Trump’s presence against his will.
Unsurprisingly, exit82 has zero familiarity with The Screwtape Letters, but loves to name drop:
I can just picture Screwtape high-fiving Wormwood and his friends over the Pulse operation.
Steven Tyler found some martial arts that keep things nice and white:
found out about HEMA, historic europe martial arts.
This group studies all the written records concerning armed combat, before the gun era.
Hand to hand combat, swords, daggers, even stuff like wooden rods, etc
Talking about Huma, wardaddy continues to be the worst person on Freep:
I offer to interrogate her.....and yes I realize I’m the only freeper who in the right light does on occasion find her kinda handsome....

The long legs and silky hair

Plus being with that pencil geek you know she’s starving for a real thorough toss

Then again....could a Fulton Street gal in truth?
Christ, what an asshole.

Simon Foxx thinks Freepers are literally a fictional construct:
Muzzie’s are like the “Borg Collective” from Star Trek. There is no such thing as a “lone wolf” muzzie. They are all operating on the same wavelength with the same programming.


  1. I absolutely detest wardaddy. How in the world is this cretin still married? I really think his wife stays with him out of fear.

    I guess according to FR standards, being a conservative means being as much of a malignant asshole as possible while being 1,000% confident that Jesus will catapult you straight up to heaven because of the aforementioned assholery.

    1. You're right about Freepers generally, but wd stands out even among them. And he has a wife and kids to screw up.


    2. Plenty of people stay married to people they detest. Because vows.

      But hey, maybe his wife thinks the same way. Y'know - doesn't value herself! :D All I hope is that one of their kids sees reality and makes their way in this world with their own viewpoint. Odds are with me. Tough for the kid though.

    3. "Something struck his shoulder. “I’ve been looking all over this hotel for you,” said Mrs. Mitty. “Why do you have to hide in this old chair? How did you expect me to find you?” “Things close in,” said Walter Mitty vaguely. “What?” Mrs. Mitty said. “Did you get the what’s-its-name? The puppy biscuit? What’s in that box?” “Overshoes,” said Mitty. “Couldn’t you have put them on in the store?” “I was thinking,” said Walter Mitty. “Does it ever occur to you that I am sometimes thinking?” She looked at him. “I’m going to take your temperature when I get you home,” she said.

      Walter was in fact all too eager to get back home, not the grim grey prison overseen by Mrs. Mitty, but his real home, for real men, which was only a basement passageway and a mouse-click away -- the clear blue skies of god, guns and country, Free Republic."

    4. Wardaddy is one of the more scary ones to me. His constant references to sexuality tilt toward the obsessive. He's constantly breaking down a women into a sexual number in his mind.

      He was, probably still is, promiscuous and then constantly hates on women for being promiscuous. Hey, genius, women can't be promiscuous if no one is on the other side is as well.

      It's almost like he hates other women having sex unless he's the one they are having it with. Anyway lecherous old man is definitely a creep.

    5. He's a sock puppet account from /pol/

    6. WarDaddy is probably married to an overbearing, control freak wife. His only real outlet is the crap he spews on FR. He fits the mold of the chauvinist asshole who is completely beaten down at home. He's a paper tiger, most likely. And an asshole.

  2. "then the Koran allows you to act as judge, jury and executioner"

    Ha! For all their fear of Sharia Law, you'd think they'd understand that THAT is where you get your awful ruling/punishment. You don't do it on your own as a good Muslim.

    ...typing that made me feel bad even if it's factually correct for certain parts of the world. :(

    Ok, new subject - am I wrong or did Nixon never ban (or whatever equivalent) the Washington Times? I did a quick Google and couldn't find anything.

    Nevermind that Trump denying press passes doesn't stop them from talking about him.

    1. He stopped inviting the Post to parties, I read that in WashPo I think when they were saying that even Nixon didn't revoke press access after they broke Watergate.

    2. He stopped inviting the Post to parties, I read that in WashPo I think when they were saying that even Nixon didn't revoke press access after they broke Watergate.

  3. So, I'm going to assume I'm correct. No parties isn't the same as no rallies.

    *sigh* I want to ask "why don't you Trump supporters see the parallels between this and fascism?" But, of course, without the media behind the idea it won't be covered. And I don't expect a Freeper mindset to understand why that's bad, whatever side it comes from.

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