Thursday, June 23, 2016

Chelsea has her second child. Freepers celebrate by repeating themselves

Hate can be a great muse, if you have talent. Otherwise it can lead you to post even when you have not much to say. And with Freepers it's usually the latter.

So Freepers' post about Chelsea having her second child is about the same as when the child was announced, almost beat for beat. But worth it for the unfiltered petty bile that's become rare in the constant crisis, offense, and dudgeon of the campaign.

Post 2. CivilWarBrewing. Freepers are more gleeful about this conspiracy theory than any other. I wonder what this petty crap has that makes it so special?
When does Webster Hubbell get to see his new grandchild?

gaijin makes the same old accusations of baby as prop.

It’s bloody obvious.

These people are DISGUSTING.

BOTH sets of grandparents are FELONGS, BTW.

Rastus is also suspicious:
The timing is suspicious.
digger48 makes the same old baster joke!
That baster probably gnawed its own bulb off the next morning.
tumblindice manages to be original, by choosing a bizarre insult:
Hatched from an egg.
KevinB goes down the old Chelsea is unfuckable road:
Wonder how many fifths hubby had to drink in order to plant that seed.
clearcarbon makes two old references, and has an old graphic to do it with:
Rosemary’s baby redux.

Chelsea's baby. Flying monkey - the new batch.
Yaelle is the one that managed to tick me off, for it's sheer level of passive aggression at the end:
Blessings for the child; he can’t help to whom he was born. Every baby is a gift. And I do hope the Hubbell genes remain dormant.
beethovenfan with the old 'Chelsea looks like a horse' joke:
So she dropped another foal just in time!

yarddog hauls out more Chelsea used to be ugly, so plastic surgery wankery:
Chelsea must have had some plastic surgery.

She is still what you would call plain but no longer looks like Howdy Doody.
Reddy has an interesting one, concocting some convoluted test to do with your screen to prove Chelsea is still unattractive:
There is a test. Put your fingers over the face but not covering the eyes. She looks ok. Put you fingers over the face covering the eyes but not the nose or mouth.

Um. Nope.

And that’s with mega-thousand dollar plastic surgery
hadaclueonce wonders where are the Conservative
Rats breed like Rabbits..
Repurposing old hits in a slightly new way, Celerity starts with misanthrope Hillary and moves on to Benghazi:
Hillary does NOT like human beings, much less baby ones.

“Imagine being born into that family. It’s hard to picture Hillary playing “this little piggy”.”

Knowing her, she would turn it into “This little piggy wanted to call for backup. And THIS little piggy wanted supplies from the CIA outpost from across the city... And THIS little piggy wanted air support.. “
So much for pro-Life! Farmer Dean is already preemptively hating the baby:
So,do you think that they're born evil or do they have evil infused into them by their family members?
Bikkuri also shows how for so many Pro-Life is just shallow tribalism, and not an actual ideal.
WE all know it will happen... They are born innocent, but the future is (will be) ingrained into them :/


  1. The hell is a "felong"? Some super clever misspelling of "felon"?

    1. I believe so. I thought at first it was some internet slang I hadn't heard before but then realized it was a typo.

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