Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. III

rodguy911 is pretty excited Trump is kinda almost calling Obama a secret Muslim.
Trump almost spilled the beans that this stuff doesn’t just happen in a vacuum. Its well coordinated from the top of our govt. to isis,both working together.
TruthInThoughtWordAndDeed thinks GPS is a hoax:
It would be impossible to have regional GPS outages if the GPS system were satellite based.

This is evidence that GPS is ground based. It is merely an extension of an earlier technology (WWII) named LORAN.

You can test this by driving south into Mexico from California. You GPS signal will diminish and disappear as you drive south.
JBW1949 thinks Hillary dresses all Communist:
She dresses like Kim Jong Un or Mao Tse-tung....
Unable to reconcile Trump not bringing up the La Raza canard, HangUpNow thinks he was threatened:
My troubling theory:

SOMEONE OR SOMETHING strongly warned [Trump] that educating The People and networks AND the GOPe about "La Raza" is VERBOTEN.

Is there any other rational explanation of a man who prior to this incident went for the jugular?
bryan999 knows it was just another masterstroke
He doesn’t cover the Judge’s racist memberships and ties to a La Raza Lawyers Association...

It'll get out. He's laid the groundwork here.

I think it is strategic!
Ruy Dias de Bivar recalls noble vigilantes like Robin Hood and the Confederacy...wait:
There was a time when people who received no protection from the authorities would band together in secret for such protection.
Won’t mention any dates but you can find it way back in history from the time of Robin Hood (the real one) forward to 1865.
Unfortunately such protective associations have a tendency to fall apart after the worst kind of people begin to join them.
blueunicorn6 has moved on from 'Hillary must get elected to hide Benghazi's truth' to a new conspiracy that is both more lame and more apocalyptic:
I’m not convinced that the Democrats really want the presidency this time.

There are a ton of bills that are coming due.

You have to look at the presidency like the Democrats do.

We look at the presidency as a managerial position. The President runs the Executive Branch.

The Democrats look at the presidency as a financial position. The President’s job is to take money from the public treasuries and give that money to Democrats.

This works fine if they allow a Republican to win the presidency every so often so that the public treasuries can be replenished.

For whatever reason, President Bush II didn’t replenish the public treasuries.

There’s a huge bill coming due and the Democrats might be trying to run from it.
Ignoring that fighting Obama's policies has been the one driving force in the House, headstamp 2 thinks the GOP is really super soft on Obama:
I truly believe these gutless bastards will follow Obama around after he is out of the White House so they can continue to surrender to him.
jbb247 is democrat-voting mad that Senator Kirk un-endorsed Trump:
I’m voting Duckworth. First time ever I have voted democrat for anything. I want Illinois to go down in flames
Mr. M.J.B. explains why assaulting Muslims and pulling off their hijab is okay because they're all collectively guilty for 9-11:
Would he have snatched the wig from the head of an Orthodox Jewish woman? Both are following religious laws to conceal their hair at the behest of a Semitic God.

Unless it breaks your leg or picks your pocket ...

Conflating Orthodox Judaism and the Satanic Cult of Death via a hair covering custom gives you away.

Like the other poster said, we can revisit the situation when Orthodox Jews fly airliners into skycrapers shouting Hashem hu Akbar as part of making the US Dar al Judaism and after 1400 years of slaughter and conquest around the world.
dontreadthis hears Africa and it's immediate racism time!
500 year-old shipwreck loaded with gold found in Namibian desert

Crucial is already resigned to hating President Hillary:
Another Affirmative Action president...
Sacajaweau calls Cruz the SOB. And is still hating him. And loving the Confederacy:
The SOB has fought and fought....lost causes. At least for the time being...while Obama has the pen.

Trump will lead the House and Senate to victory on the issues....particularly Obamacare and moral issues.

But the big thing I hope recognition of the Christian Church and "conscience" against the immoral.....removal of crosses, murder of babies, men in the ladies room....and all the cr** we've had to endure under Obama.

The removal of Confederate flags is an abomination. They were citizens, not traitors...with a different perspective.
"a different perspective" which included owning blacks.

Roccus is a bit bitter about the state of Freep:
I’d be curious to see if any Freeper lawyers can explain the rationale for this.

After all the purges, do we have any left?
stars & stripes forever wants some militia action:
Could the militia guard attendees coming and going from the TRUMP rallies?
Candor7 has some totally objective advice for Sanders:
Bernie needs to go after holds barred.
T-Bone Texan turns his racial generalizing power to hating Samoans:
The Samoans I met in CA were prone to violence and were taught to hate white people.

Many of them teach their children to goad white people and then attack in packs. I have been spit on by a 12 yr old Samoan while delivering pizza, and had my nose broken at 18 by a Samoan coworker.

No, they are not American.


  1. "I’m voting Duckworth."

    every once in awhile, awful people do good things, even if the reasons are awful.

    "After all the purges, do we have any [lawyers] left?"

    freeperville: the cambodia of the internet.

    "had my nose broken at 18 by a Samoan coworker"

    i'm shocked.

    1. Or, the day T-Bone Texan called his coworker a "Filthy Muzzy"

    2. sounds like he deserved it, if that's all t-bone has to say about it; he doesn't even try to dodge blame, as freepers are usually wont to.

  2. Surely voting for a United States Senator will punish Illinois

    1. Kirk is actually a fairly good representation of the republican demographic in his district.

      Of course any republican who doesn't tow the line of a fringe element of the party is clearly a rino in freeper land.

  3. For whatever reason, President Bush II didn’t replenish the public treasuries.

    For "whatever reason"? Was blueunicorn6 in a coma from 2000-2008? Tax cuts? During two wars? Oh, screw it...

    There’s a huge bill coming due and the Democrats might be trying to run from it.

    Yeah, it's funny how people might resent paying a bill that someone else ran up at the restaurant and then did a dine 'n' dash.

  4. "This works fine if they allow a Republican to win the presidency every so often so that the public treasuries can be replenished."
    Is s/he saying that taxes go up under Republican presidents?