Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. II

thoughtomator hates how physics is based on the sorcery that is math:
Mathematicians took over physics, made it into a trainwreck of mysticism, and this is what we have left over.
RitaOK may not realize Hillary is spending time raising money:
Hillary is AOL. Haven’t seen her for days, but for waddling into the hospital to see new baby.

What does she DOOOO all day? The media and Bark have taken over her campaign appearances for her, entirely, as you said.

This election is by MEDIA WARFARE. They must be answered by us!

TRUMP has done his part, continues with the winning strategy, but the GENERAL ELECTION calls for a Party to back him. They are not.

Our Party is for Hillary. WE have to answer the media, using electronic media.
RitaOK  next smugly notes that dissenting voices on Free Republic have dwindled:
I wonder where all the concern trolls have gone around here?

All that “concern” for TRUMP this, and TRUMP that, and TRUMP dropped Corey, and here is the big Kahuna fallen off her light socket, at last.

Shouldn’t the trolls be equally concerned for the Democrat Party future? I mean, without Debbie Does Dumb remaining in complete charge?

Oh! What about the Jewish vote? ....concern, concern.... concern.

Oh! What about FLORIDA! Without Debbie.. concern..concern.

HarleyLady27 thinks Trump has been sent be God. I'll have to check on her, WENDLE, and nopardons whichever way November goes. Any others I should add to the list?
I have something to say on Trump, and some of you will like it, and some of you won't, but it doesn't matter to me:

Trump has been picked by God for this mission of running for POTUS, and he will be see this is God's plan, not ours, this is God's decision, not ours...

For to long, satan has ruled this Nation, he took God out of our Country, he has pushed people's sins, gay marriage, taking God's name in vain, has completely entered our children's lives as satan has entered some of our lives...that is going to stop now, this is an election of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ and God is going to win...
Meanwhile, those who are slightly less crazy like equaviator are increasingly hoping for a Trump secret weapon:
Trump would not even be in the game if he didn’t have an ace in the hole. He probably wouldn’t even have tossed his hat in the ring without at least one. He needs to maintain speed, altitude and course so that when the time comes he can make his play. Follow that with a victory roll, then be cleared in hot for landing and debriefing. That’s my hope, anyway.
armydawg505 is optimistic, if not syntactic:
Soon be panic time for Hillary.
Some British lunatic made an inept attempt to assassinate Trump. Gateway Pundit has this POS headline about it: FOREIGNER ARRESTED – Tried to KILL DONALD TRUMP at Vegas Rally . onyx realizes it's a Brit, but is still hopeful about the Muslim thing:
Sniveling, Brit bastard.

How about his Moslem London Mayor?

Based on some sketchy speculation, marktwain blames the FBI, Obama, and the media for the Orlando massacre:
And the fbi deliberately threw away the information because bammy told them to go easy on muslims.

So the fbi is responsible for the murders.

They did what the Obama administration told them to do. We could blame those who voted for Obama. Or, we could blame the media who misinformed the voters who voted for Obama.

I suggest that the media cartel is the one most to blame here. Most of us on freerepublic did what we could to inform everyone else, but we were drowned out by political correctness, the media cartel, and the whole progressive alliance.
butlerweave has the latest Free Republic conspiracy:
Wait, the FBI coverup is lame compared to Protect the Bill of Rights's detailed story of CIA and Afghanistan and the shooter's father:
I have no doubt father was CIA asset. No proof, but no doubt.

Speculating further:

His relationship with the CIA began in the early 80’s after the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. We did covertly support the mujaheddin back in the day.

He was an asset of value based on his close relationships to several lawmakers on both sides of the aisle into the 90’s.

I will speculate further and say he was again an asset when we were planning the Afghanistan invasion after 9/11.

When the WH was floating the idea of a treaty with the taliban, he may have been approached for input, which would explain his visits to the State Department and (if reports are confirmed) the WH.

Common sense tells me the above is the only reason his pro-taliban, anti-US rants on his broadcasts were tolerated without any alarm. “Seddique? He's harmless. He's one of us.” or “Omar is Seddique’s son. He is as harmless as his Dad.”

If my speculation is close to reality, I am guessing the feds had an “oh shit!” moment after the attack after realizing Seddique was not as harmless (or stupid) as they thought, and had been plying them all along.
mkjessup is not a fan of Stephen Colbert, and calls him a lady:
Colbert squats to pee.
Oy HarleyLady27 swears on her child's blood. This may explain a lot about her mania. Now I'm sad:
Promise me one thing President Trump, PLEASE bomb the hell out of ISIS, Hussein and his ilk...

Can you imagine, because I lost a son, to have to do something like this in your child’s blood....

This makes me sick!!!
knarf is sure Trump has never strayed from his marriage...marriages.
Trump doesn’t drink nor do drugs, so any allegation utilizing either of those elements would be dismissed and anyone with millions in success never needs nor desires to “take” sex when it is freely given
dware is gonna take a stand by being a dick to gun store owners:
The only way to end this nonsense is to stand up to FFL dealers and let them know we will no longer allow them to rake in the cash by pissing all over the Constitution - all sales, from here on, without background checks. When they come for you to prosecute you based on anti-Constitutional laws, you fight back. Not willing to make the sacrifice? May your chains rest lightly, and may posterity forget you were our countrymen.
heights was sure Brexit was fixed:
No Way will the Elites allow ‘Leave’ to win.
Buckeye McFrog is sure Volkswagen is in big trouble because lying to regulators is super clever:

They proved in a very public way that they were SMARTER than the people who regulate them by an order of magnitude.

They are going to PAY and PAY and PAY for that until the end of time.
RayChuang88 thinks Trump's anti-Hillary speech covered EVERYTHING, except for all these other things...
Trump laid out EVERYTHING that is wrong with Hillary Clinton. And that may be only scratching the surface--the 30,000-plus emails deleted could tie the Clinton Foundation to other very serious acts of international corruption, including the corruption at FIFA, the International Olympic Committee and even possibly the Formula One Group (for FIA Formula 1 racing) under Bernie Ecclestone. And could tell something about her relationship with her closest confidant Huma Abedin, who has relatives linked to some pretty sketchy Muslim advocacy groups in Saudi Arabia.
CivilWarBrewing's Hillary e-mail fan fiction needs more Vince Foster:
Fantasy quote that probably happened:

HUMA ABEDIN: "Hey Hillary, my Muslim Brotherhood friends are having trouble hacking your server and getting the classified information you agreed to give them in exchange for Clinton Foundation donations, can you fix that?"
Hilariously, Kaslin is the Obama nickname police:
Hey I asked you not to refer to that arrogant pos as “bammy” It sound like a term of endearment and it makes me think you are a big fan of that arrogant pos. So please stop it.


  1. Physicists have legit complaints that string theory and competing quantum gravity theories being spun out aren't so far giving rise to variant predictions that are practically testable with current resources, so the complaints of mystical math have some bite

    I mean, it is Freep, so I'm probably giving too much benefit of the doubt here

    1. That very well may be, but I'm guessing that thoughtomator failed an eleventh grade physics class because he couldn't calculate a simple gravity problem because of the "math".

    2. Excuse me, it's spelled "mysticism."

  2. If HarleyLady27 suddenly stops posting on election night after Trump's defeat, I hope some freeper contacts her local sheriff to do a welfare check.

    As for the rest of them, they are secretly hoping for a Trump defeat so they can continue to play boo-hoo victims (and, in JimRob's case, keep the grift rolling in).

    1. I would imagine Jim and a lot of the talking heads on the far right are banking on a Hillery win.

  3. hillary clinton is why lotus can't win a podium.

    1. Bwahaha, waaaay inside joke but I love it.

      Maybe she made the call to Flavio Briatore to have Nelson Piquet Jr crash....

  4. Literally lol at thoughtomator. Physics = mysticism lol!

  5. Freeper are beginning to sound more and more like Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory.Or to keep it a little more hip - Lolly on Orange is the New Black.

    Just waiting for the claims that Hillary amazing has already implanted listening chips in your teeth if you went to the dentist.

    PS. It's the fluoride in the water that keeps them powered.