Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. III

Windflier is  just giving all his money away:
I’m going to send Trump a donation right after I donate to the Freepathon.

I don’t feel that it’s right to let Trump face building a billion dollar war chest alone. He’ giving up a lot for us. We’ve just got to help him help us.
CivilWarBrewing is trying really hard to connect the Hillary e-mails to Benghazi:
..and people wonder why Benghazi was attacked. The bad guys hacked her server and found out Chris Stevens HAD NO SECURITY!!!!

It wasn't a video that triggered Benghazi, IT WAS HILLARY'S UNSECURE PRIVATE EMAIL SERVER!!! But we'll NEVER see those deleted emails.
Paladin2 argues all data is fraudulent:
BLS = White collar welfare.
So crazy he's wrapped around to pro-Democrat, Dick Bachert is arguing Trump is the second coming of JFK...
If you have time to watch just one under 10 minute video today, please watch the video at the link below.

In it, you’ll see a reference to John F. Kennedy. What possible connection could there be between Democrat JFK and Republican Trump?

JFK was one of the last Democrats who, while he leaned somewhat to the left, LOVED AMERICA — THE IDEA. (Yes, he and Bobby screwed up the immigration laws and several other things, but ALL these folks are mixed bags!) That love caused him to do two things that angered the oligarchs whose ideological progeny are today opposing Trump: He signed an Executive Order authorizing the issue of United States Notes, a currency bypassing the Federal Reserve Notes the Fed creates from thin air and for which it charges us INTEREST for the privilege. And, as a war veteran himself, Kennedy was preparing to pull us out of the quagmire called Vietnam, angering the Military-Industrial Complex that 5 STAR GENERAL and PRESIDENT Eisenhower warned us in his Farewell Address!

I may be wrong, but all the indicators I’ve seen so far inform me that Trump “GETS IT” (understands the goal of the New World Order oligarchs) and he LOVES AMERICA — THE IDEA. He wants our kids and grand kids to have the same opportunities we have enjoyed in a sovereign and independent America and a unique economic system that, warts and all, has provided more people more liberty and wealth than any other in the history of the world.

Cutting to the chase: Trump has pissed off the same folks whose ancestors took out not only JFK but only God knows how many others who dared challenged the Utopian oligarchs who do not lightly tolerate such insolence!

Trump is literally betting his life that he can beat the bastards! Join me in praying that he is right!
grania is still on the Cruz bashing, with some kind of Illuminati plot:
Every day, it's looking more like Cruz was part of a grand scheme to get Jeb nominated. If Jeb couldn't win enough states, Cruz and a few others were supposed to win them, then pledge their delegates to Jeb.

Yeah, I really believe that was the scheme. Cruz, Fiorina, Kasich, Lindsey Graham, Scott Walker and maybe some others had planned to coronate the King of the Illuminati.

It isn't conspiracy theory any more. It's a legitimate hypothesis that is the only possible explanation for how Cruz, the Bushes, Kristol, Beck, Romney and some others have reacted to the voters rejecting them.
butlerweave knows what transgender bathrooms lead to:
Obama’s plan to remove women’s rights to make way for Islam
Texas resident Seems to think the Washington Times fearmongering about Muslims from Mexico is new, and means the story going mainstream:
It’s about time this issue has surfaced.

Border patrol agents have been finding stuff that muslims have left behind along the border for years now. Korans, prayer rugs and books in Arabic. What gets me is the US reps from the border areas have been silent all this time. This affects their own families and friends, but I guess if it doesn’t affect them, then it’s ok.
WMarshal is still pissed at Ryan even after he bent knee:
Took the weasel way too long. Lyin’ Ryan needs to go.
Vaquero has a plan for the Mayor of San Jose:
He needs a burlap sack and some 2x4s. Just to get his attention mind you. Like he thinks that woman who was defined needed. POS that he is needs a wake up call.
littleharbour is so racist you have to laugh at his attempt at jokes:
Hood curriculum:

Ghetto math
Rap 1000
Afrocentric geography
Welfare Economics
Liz does her usual call for Freepers to spam the Federal Government with vague paranoia:
Time to open the books of tax-subsidized San Jose law enforcement agencies. What are they requesting tax dollars for? And what are they doing with tax dollars?

Taxpayers demand investigations by the following agencies commence at once:

* FBI — Wire Fraud Division

* IRS-Fraud Unit

* Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General,

* Department of Commerce’s Office of Inspector General.

* DOJ’s Criminal Division— Public Integrity Section

* DOJ Criminal Division—Organized Crime and Gang Section.
Defiant knows what all criticism of Trump means:
Trump seems incoherent.

So you and Hillary do agree on things.
FiddlePig is ready for a roid rage President:
Metrosexual liberal girlyman Thomas Freidman (alleged NYT “columnist”) “endorsed” Trump (IMHO) when he complained Trump was all “balls and testosterone”... like that’s bad? Yep, maybe not the “pure conservative” but what we need! He knows how to fight!
dennisw thinks Jews are going to come out for the nativist:
What I hear from my fellow Jews is they are open to listening to what DJT has to say. They don’t just shout REPUBLICAN!!! and dismiss him. I think Trump will get 35-40% of the Jewish vote versus Hillary.

There are editions of The Jewish Journal in cities/counties where lots of Jews live. From what I have seen the Los Angeles edition is different than editions you find on the East Coast. Editorially they are left wing and pathetic. On local Jewish news they are good.
Biggirl continues her infinite crusade of angry optimism:
I sense the movement to restore America has begun. The left is cracking up.
Yaelle spotted a Spanish speaker and decided illegal, and took it from there.
It is horrible how much free health care illegals have access to. The last time I gave birth I shared a room with a mom who also had multiple kids and didn’t speak ANY English. I bet she was an illegal. I was thinking of how we (even with 80% coverage) would be paying off that c section for months, whereas hers was FOR FREE. How is that fair?
Not my area of expertise, but I believe there is no health care an illegal can get that covers a C-section.

ground_fog continues to devour the GOP's next generation:
Go back to India Haley..

You are a globalist and a fraud
HarleyLady27 really wants Trump to be her boyfriend:
The reason I like Donald Trump is he is like me, it's like he's my friend, he comes over and has coffee at my house and we talk about the way of the Country, the horrible mess these idiots have put our Country into, the family, the Heroes that are fighting the wars that are away from their families...

Yes, Donald Trump is one of us, just everyday American Folk, and he understands us and we understand him...
Timpanagos1 knows only white people can be unbiased:
Would you want to be a Jew on trial in front of an Islamic judge?

Would you want a white cop on trial in front of a black judge who might be a BLM sympathizer?

Trump is right on this one.


  1. "I think Trump will get 35-40% of the Jewish vote versus Hillary."

    ozy, if you aren't already, you should plan at least one post of a collection of these november pronouncements, for posterity.

  2. It is horrible how much free health care illegals have access to.

    Here's an idea -- why don't you pressure your cheapskate tea party representatives to make the illegal workers' employers pay for their benefits and health care? Or would that mean you'd have to temporarily stop worshiping capitalists?

  3. Or a black defendant in front of a white judge ERROR ERROR DOES NOT COMPUTER

  4. Windflier is JimRob's wet dream, a fool with disposable income. Yeah, Trump is giving up soooooo much for America.

  5. "Not my area of expertise, but I believe there is no health care an illegal can get that covers a C-section."

    You would be correct. Assuming this supposed woman was an illegal immigrant (which probably not. Maybe a long term national though) she'd be billed and have to pay like anyone else - assuming she didn't have her own insurance. And I doubt this Freeper would have any access to that knowledge.