Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Spotlight: rarestia

Another relatively young Freeper. This one is 35ish.

I feel like age is a necessity for Freepers' brand of bitterness about modern America, but of course that's not true. But still, it seems strange to see someone who plays online games, and knows modern pop culture also spout off the usual Freeper rage about the gays and the Muslims and whatever other crap that I associate with being unable to keep up with changing times. He wanks over Linux as well, but Freepers and working in IT is an ageless partnership.

And his grandfather's an Obama voter, so I wonder if he's taking some weird rebellion too far. But he feels more like he was taught his conservative wankery - his posts rather drip with melodramatic need to be acknowledged as a badass. However he came across it, this guy is Freep to the max. Lamenting the Civil War will be too late, asking God to take him before America gets worse, the whole nine yards.

Youngest fogey I've ever seen. Florida, of course.

He has no idea what emotions are.
Strawman, strawman, racist, anti-American, bigot, homophobe... notice the Left uses powerful FEELING words.

Meanwhile, true Americans call a spade, a spade: traitor, tyrant, treasonous usurper, liar... those terms fit many of the Democrats and most of the Federal leviathan.
Fancy words for "I'm pullin' this out of my butt"
While I don’t have empirical evidence to support my claim, I don’t believe this to be true.
Disagree with him, and you're retarded:
This idea that people need a “living wage” is retarded. It’s literally the realm of slow thinkers. Expand out any of these ideas to logical conclusions and consider the critical flaws to them, and any thinking person will understand the disingenuous nature of this discussion.
The whitest post I know
As a sailor, I’ve taken to navigation the old fashioned way. Too many of us get used to GPS and rely on it. I’ve seen sailors ground their yachts on sandbars and complain that their GPS-based chartplotter had the area marked as X ft. deep. There’s something to be said about common sense and visual cues.
Linux Luv
I’m using Ubuntu 14 for the OS. The write up gets you going quick, but I recommend you take some time to configure PostFix properly. The MailScanner and SpamAssassin products are locked down out of the box.
Isn't Linux socialist?

Kids these days don't conform like in my day!
I thought about this recently, and I realized something. Once upon a time, kids were chastised and made fun of when they didn’t conform. Nowadays, nonconformity is not only the norm, but conformity is eschewed and seen as a “microaggression.”

It used to be that society set the rules and the templates, and parents raised their children to abide by those rules. Nowadays, kids are left to “find themselves” and become rogues to conformity. Add on top of that this idea that everyone is a special little flower, and we’ve got a world full of weirdos. Problem is... when everyone’s weird, doesn’t that make weirdness the norm? When will our definition of “normal” become “nonconformist” again?
America's only hope
At this point, our only hope is for a military coup, and I’m nearly 100% certain that won’t happen.
Why no coup in 2010?
Why haven’t the Joint Chiefs gotten together and decided to overthrow the President by armed coup for crimes against the country and the Constitution? Does ANYONE take their oath of office seriously anymore?
He's a rugged individualist keeping his powder dry.
There’s no where we go or anything we do that isn’t subject to being monitored by the government. That alone should be sufficient to justify rebellion. I’m tired of being subject to anyone. I’m a self-sufficient, self-disciplined American. I don’t need the government for anything, but they consider that lack of need a marker for concern.

I want the government out of my life, and if that requires that many patriots die at the hands of the overreaching leviathan that DC has become, then I’ll be one of the first to volunteer to die for the cause. It has to stop somewhere.
An active shooter, and straight for the industrial tin-foil, tricorner-style.
Military-grade psyops! There's NO WAY LEOs are going to be in on something like this. If they are, we have a serious, SERIOUS problem at all levels of government in this nation. To the point that an armed rebellion and reinstitution of the basic tenets of the Constitution would be necessary.

This is live-action, real-deal theater being orchestrated by Obama and his minions. I really cannot wait for it all to come to a head. I want to either get the shooting started or die at the hands of Obama's stormtroopers.

Remember when Obama signed the UN small arms treaty, and America became Communist?
Each State Party shall establish and maintain a national control system to regulate the export of parts and components to the extent necessary to ensure that national controls on the export of the conventional arms covered by Paragraph A1 are not circumvented by the export of parts and components of those items.

Nope... sorry... not gonna do it.

If this is ratified and signed by Obama, Communism will be completely wrapped around the throat of America. There's nothing in this treaty that allows for state sovereignty to override it in any way.
Fighting on behalf of our troops against some young woman pretending to yell at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
She typifies the ugly inside-and-out sort of leftist garbage that would be expected to behave this way. I hope she’s fired for this. She’s a piece of human debris with no respect for the men who’ve laid down their life for her “right” to do this.
'I'm not racist, Grandpa, blacks are just all violent and emboldened by Obama"
My 83 year old grandfather, an Obama supporter, told me, “This is what we were taught as children. This was socially acceptable when I was in my 30s.” I was never raised a racist or taught to believe that blacks were inferior to me, but having been bused to a majority black high school in the county’s efforts to “balance” racial quotas, I learned through EXPERIENCE to fear them.

That’s what this is about, it’s about intimidation. Blacks in this country have been emboldened by Obama and a black AG who won’t prosecute blacks for what they deem not to be hate crimes. As such, they’re taking all the liberties they can, because society, specifically the media, is going to kowtow to them out of fear of being called racist.

I’m not afraid to be called racist anymore, because I know I’m not. When a majority of prisons are filled with a specific race, that’s called playing the odds. When a majority of out-of-wedlock births are linked to a specific race, that’s called an unassailable statistics. When a majority of violent crimes and property crimes are committed by a specific race, there’s a reason whites avoid certain areas of a city and choose to settle down in the suburbs. We’re not racists, we’re paying attention. We’re trying to survive just like any other human being, regardless of gender, race, creed, religion, or otherwise.
Some gender analysis that boils down to women don't like him cause he looks too badass:
I’ve found that it depends on the industry. In a male-dominated industry with logical components such as IT, I find that manly men are seen as more intelligent, stable, and capable in their field.

In industries such as education, effeminate men have an advantage. The women who interview them relate to them on a different level than a gruff and tumbled man. I interviewed for jobs as an educator, but as a 6’2”, 350 lb. with a shaved head and goatee, I was generally seen as intimidating and hard than for the soft-hearted person I am. In general, women want to work with men they can manipulate (my wife has stated this on numerous occasions). Male managers, on the other hand, want a guy who can take the ball and run with it with little need for drama or education.
Next those government clowns will say calculus is sexist. What a bunch of clowns:
I’m waiting for the day that a “researcher” says that the “patriarchy” of calculus deliberately made it difficult and more women should work to make calculus studies “more equal.”

My God! This way of thinking makes my head hurt.
You can tell liberal women by how they look:
Isn’t it funny how you just know it’s a liberal woman by how she looks? What is it about liberal women? Although, Jill Stein’s sort of a babe.
You know what the Orlando shooting at the gay Latino club is really about? Obama oppressing white people like rarestia:
This is exactly why I am not grieving or saddened by what happened in Orlando. The writing is on the wall. The administration is handing out citizenship like candy from a Pez dispenser, and they’re bringing in people whose very ethos is based on submission and death. Homosexuals are “soft targets” to them, and they’re not going to stop.

Meanwhile, gays are flocking to Hillary like she’s the second coming while ignoring the fact that she’s taken millions of dollars from countries that support this bullshit. It really doesn’t take anymore than one or two logical connections to understand what’s going on.

I’m not sad, I’m irate about what happened in Orlando. As a Floridian and a Tampa native for 35+ years, it pisses me off that the administration is letting these people walk around without questioning while hard-working, tax-paying, church-going white men like me are being harassed for stupid shit. WE ARE NOT THE PROBLEM!

Where are the balls among our elected politicians?
An opinion usually specific to the oldest Freepers: America was awesome until those Roosevelts screwed it up:
Roosevelt (both of them) dragged us into this mess. If we could turn back the tides, we’d be much better off.
His ideal time in American history? Not 1859, not 1950...
Prior to 1934, Americans took care of themselves and their families by being responsibly armed in public. That was a truly polite society.
Like so many Freepers, he's made some rather...optimistic predictions:
Wouldn’t worry about it. I have a feeling that Benghazi is going to destroy Clinton. There are efforts by several hacking groups to expose Clinton for the liar she is, and I believe they’re going to succeed.
When Romney won Michigan in the 2012 GOP primary:
This is... depressing. I am ashamed to call myself a Floridian. The drums of tyranny are growing louder.
After Obama wins in 2012, he's steely-eyed and ready for the coming revolution.
Listen, it’s understood that an Obama 2nd term is a death sentence for the republic. No one would dispute that.

However, bringing about his second term would mean an immediate uproar from those of us who do care, and it’d be only a matter of time before he does something that turns the country to revolution... armed revolution.

Obama’s “people” aren’t going to take a bullet for him, and when masses of the well-armed populace start sweeping the streets clean of the communists, it’s only a matter of time. I, for one, would stand for America.
Wait, now an appeals court case on concealed carry permits has him recising his prediction of violence to before summer 2017:
So many people on the right are ecstatic that Trump is walloping Hillary, but with this case, a vacant seat, and Obama playing ball on Hillary’s indictment, we’re going to see widespread violence in this country by this time next year.
Keep hope alive, you sad little man.

Totally ready for coming race war, but like badass resigned calm-type ready:
I don’t fear for my life. I fear for my country. My soul is prepared for what is coming, regardless of how it descends upon us. I’ve made my peace with the Lord and am prepared to defend myself, my wife, and my family against anyone or thing that would do us harm, even if that thing is a group of feral blacks.

It’s already happening around us[]. It may not be in your neighborhood, but it’s coming. The MSM isn’t reporting on the spate of black mob crime across this nation, but it’s happening. Innocent white people are already dying at the hands of feral black mobs. They’ll start reporting when those victims start fighting back. It will happen soon, I fear.
With grim resolve, calls for a Crusade:
I’m comfortable calling for a resurgence of the Crusades across America, Europe, and southeast Asia. I know a majority of Americans and most of our Indian friends would be on board.
Author had an abortion, says it was a good thing. False Flag!
I'm gonna call BS on this author. My bet is that she's using this as an unverifiable truth to further an agenda. I bet no one ever knocked her up nor did she ever get pregnant. If she can produce proof, I might listen, but she'll never get any of my sympathy. You don't want a baby? Keep your legs closed or join a convent!
If the Catholic Church doesn't act as an arm of the GOP, Pelosi will poop on the Pope
We need a Pope with the balls to start using excommunication again! VERY PUBLIC EXCOMMUNICATION!

There is absolutely ZERO excuse for Pelousy’s behavior. She’s done nothing more than stooped over the Pope’s pointy hat and took a frosty, Botox-laden deuce in it.
Lord, take me soon, says the 30-year-old
Lord, please take me quickly and do not prolong my suffering for the sins of my countrymen.


  1. As someone who only gets their FR from here, where does FR stand on Britain leaving the EU? I'd imagine almost no one (on this side of the pond) cares but a few must have some interesting thoughts

    1. I'll probably have something next week, but they're over the moon, since Trump's for it...

    2. Yeah, I forgot Trump had a course out there. They'll all bring out the predictable same old taeks

    3. The fact that Trump's golf courses are in Scotland, and may well end up out of Great Britain, and back in the EU is delicious irony.

  2. but as a 6’2”, 350 lb. with a shaved head and goatee, I was generally seen as intimidating and hard

    6'2" and 350 doesn't sound very hard to me!

    1. I believe those measurements indicate a BMI of 40 which is "morbidly obese".

    2. as imagined:

    3. Hey, now. Guys with that body type can be -really- powerful in a grappling match.

      For about 30 seconds.

    4. 6'2" and 350 lbs ...
      yeah I caught that too.

      Yes I'm sure he's a real go-getter in that manly rough and tumble world of IT!
      I'm guessing it takes him an hour just to get under a desk to plug in an ethernet cable, and another hour to get out.

  3. GREAT BRITAIN!!!!!!!!!!! Made HERSELF
    GREAT again!!!!! - Aunt Hannie

    1. Meh, maybe not "great" again, but it'll work out either way.

      The EU has set itself up to have a very difficult go anyway, with special exceptions and rules for each member.

      For all the righties who think this means a new muslim-free all-white Britain, prepare to be disappointed.

    2. depicted: actual images of EU departure referendum from inside American nativists' brains

    3. Unless the Parliament in the UK finds a way to back out of the referendum, the EU will make the terms of the Brexit very painful for the UK, so no, they didn't make themselves great again, they fucked over their children and grandchildren

  4. 'Tis better to light a candle than to curse
    the darkness. - A journey of a thousand miles
    begins with one step. - "All White" is
    irrelevant. People in general being taught
    not to act like heathens IS relevant.
    - Aunt Hannie

    1. You can be any color you like, as long as you are a member of the Church of England

      The inquisition will root out the Presbyters

    2. Hitler-y's panties are in a WAD
      (pronounced to rhyme with GLAD).
      Liberals are throwing hissy FITS
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      Democrats in Congress are doing
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      GOD'S WILL BE DONE!! Aunt Hannie

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  5. What Brexit-induced economic collapse? Things are looking awesome!;page=1

  6. what rarestia doesn't mention is that his mad IT skillz belong to his unseparated twin ...

    but his arms can reach the keyboard so it's not like he doesn't deserve some credit.

  7. It would be funny of it weren't so sad that neither of those Freepers (and I'm guessing plenty of other people) don't realize that Monopoly was created during the Great Depression to illustrate how f'ed up the world can get under unregulated capitalism. The fact that that guy doesn't understand how it happens that one player bankrupts everyone else in that came tells me he doesn't understand how economics work.

    Which doesn't surprise me in the least.

    1. He believes that stagnation is caused only by everyone being "equal" and ignores the stagnation occurring right under his nose when all the Monopoly winners have bought all the property and acquired all the cash. Game is over. No one has any money left to play. You can't have a consumer-driven economy with no consumers.