Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

Once again proving satire is impossible, Engedi wonders if Hillary is a secret Muslim:
You know, she might have converted to Islam in secret. Explains donations, the stir up in Lybia and other Middle East countries, the loss of an Ambassador, loss of seal team 6.

Her closest confident and aide, Huma, is a Muslim.

Our very own CIA Director, John Brennan, became a Muslim.

Just because the news didn’t break any news about it, doesn’t mean, she couldn’t have converted in secret.

Now wouldn’t that be something- she gets elected President of US and after she is sworn in, she announces she is a Muslim.
a fool in paradise hilariously attempts to integrate disparate conspiracies about Hillary:
The theory is that Hillary is a cold butch dyke who went full hetero for webb Hubbel and Vince Foster and who knows who else.
Grampa Dave does not like secular Jews at all!
JINO + AINO = evil bastards!
And his tagline is "Bill Kristallnacht wants to burn down the conservative movement & elect crooked/lying Clinton!"

VitacoreVision...something something International Jewery.
Sergey Brin, Google Co-Founder, is a Soviet Jew. FYI.
Even Jewbacca is getting in on the Jewish mafia bit:
I went to an assigned doctor for my FAA flight physical.

His name was something like “Abraham Israel Silverstein.”

I assumed he was Jewish. He was Methodist and claims to have nary a Jewish person in the woodpile. He said people have always thought he was Jewish.

I asked if he considered changing his name.

He replied: “Not a chance. It’s good for business.”
RoseofTexas is getting frantic:
Screw that trump outta make him his VP!! Hell, anyone BUT the hillybutch!!! I’d vote for that ticket... Our nation is at risk!!! Whatever it takes to defeat those nasty evil Family monsters and the nightmare that’s facing us square in the face come November!
Family monsters!

Safetgiver starts out sane but quickly veers:
Just because a judge has ruled against Trump does not mean that he “hates” him.....Doesn’t mean he doesn’t hate him either. For the Race, everything. For the others, nothing.
enumerated enjoys speculating about counterfactuals to prove Trump has again created the best of all possible masterstrokes:
Whenever it seems like Trump can’t quite articulate something, I ask myself “what if he had?”.

If he had used the PC approach of accusing the judge of a conflict of interest because of his La Raza Lawyers membership, it would have been dismissed as a politically motivated nothing burger and forgotten.

As it is, Trump has dozens of pundits repeatedly making his point for him on prime time TV. One by one, they invite him on their shows, and condescendingly council him on how he should have articulated his perfectly valid point about the judge’s conflict of interest.

Trump doubles down and acts like he is too dense or stubborn to be PC, which forces the pundit to keep trying to explain how his valid argument should have been stated.

The whole time Trump is saying “please Brer Fox! Don’t throw me in that briar patch!”

The briar patch is exactly where he wants to be thrown. He’s used this tactic a hundred times and they still have no idea they are being used like pawns.

After the dust settles, all anyone will remember is that everyone agrees the Judge should recuse himself.
Helicondelta is reading the Bernie boards!
More lies from the Wash Post.

Superdelegates haven’t voted.

Bernie hasn’t left the race.
kiryandil thinks Republicans are all Democrats, and also Muslims judges for some reason:
The Uniparty Republicans never tried to "exact a political price" nationwide from Democrat officials and candidates when the Democrat Party went after Sarah Palin and Scott Walker...

That leads me to believe that most Republicans are actually Democrats.


There can be NO Muslim judges - because Muslim beliefs are incompatible with the Constitution.
urbanpovertylawcenter is trying out nicknames for Judge Gonzalo Curiel:
Impeach Gonzo The Racist LaRazah!
riri doesn't want to live in a country where Hispanics are thought of as objective professionals:
If Trump gets ruined by outing a La Raza judge, so be it. Then there is nothing worth saving and we are well past the tipping point anyway.

And if that does come to pass, see you in the whites squatter camps!
fr_freak thinks gays run everything from governments to the Church, because we haven't been stoning them like God wanted.
I think homos run most of the state and federal governments. If you look at any organization where leftists/homos get a good foothold, they then work to exclude anyone who is not at least pro-homosexual, if not homosexual themselves. Oh, and that includes the Catholic priesthood, thanks to Vatican II.

The Old Testament proscribes some fairly harsh treatment for homosexuals, which I always thought was a little severe for a God of love, but now I understand what the consequences are of this sort of thing left unchecked in society - total corruption of everything: all values, all institutions, all relationships, all families, all children, and, yes, all souls.
Poor Husker24 loves America so much he hates it:
Good God, I wish I had enough money to leave this stinking country.
kaehurowing accidentally analogized Hillary to the hottest woman of all time:
Trump is coming for Hillary of Troy.
going hot thinks Trump is media superman:
Trump is a one man volleyball team. He stops the spike of the opposing team, then he sets up the delivery, then he spikes it over the net and onto the ground on the other side. He has studied the media, and is using their ball to win the game.

Every time.
longfellow wants to open the bloodgates:
rarestia sounds super hot:
Isn’t it funny how you just know it’s a liberal woman by how she looks? What is it about liberal women? Although, Jill Stein’s sort of a babe.
The Toll is sure liberals have forced white nationalism to come at last!
The left is forcing White people to Identify as White. In the long run, this will not work out for them. Carry on children, carry on.
Right-wing Librarian knows nationalist parties always go super well:
This is the beginning of the shift FROM Right vs Left TO NATIONALIST vs. GLOBALIST.

Steely Tom is waiting for Hillary to start killing people like Hillary does:
Yeah, here's how we'll know that the fickle finger of fate is fingering a little too close to Hillary's comfort zone:
People will start turning up dead.


  1. "The theory is that Hillary is a cold butch dyke who went full hetero for webb Hubbel and Vince Foster and who knows who else."

    I've seen these disparate theories so many times and it always makes me wonder: have they never heard of bisexuals? But I've never seen that thrown around.

    1. Speaking of Webb Hubbell -- What's really funny to me is how many of them, in their petty way, claim to have never heard of even the most famous actors or musicians (Sean Penn who? David Bowie who? Prince who?), but everybody knows WEBB HUBBELL!

  2. Why do Freepers so often misspell Libya as "Lybia"? Also, it's in Africa, not the Middle East. You'd think for a bunch who consider themselves such expert analysts on Benghazi, they'd know where it is and how to spell it.