Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

Viking2002 wants to blow up Obama's butt:
I'll consider the dynamite if I can pack it up between his cheeks with a SHARP STICK!
Roman_War_Criminal  found proof God's a Freeper!
Ecclesiastes 10:2

The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.
CelesteChristi has unskewed Obama's popularity
It freezes the cackles of my heart that this creep’s popularity is at an all time high.

No worries. It’s a lie.
SaraJohnson. Posted only for the use of social banshees:
Libertarians will melt down over the ideology of globalization. They are social progressives, anti-Christian to the max.

Christian libertarians are like infidels in the party. They have to pretend they have no Western morals or ethics in American life and policy. Which makes them non-Christians at the governing level. They dare not question the social banshees of destruction within the party. They must pretend to be atheists.
MadMax, the Grinning Reaper uses Yiddish so you know he doesn't mean shyster antisemetically!
Some of us Jews know a Goniff (thief)/Shister (crooked) lawyer when we see one, and Hillary be thy name. Throw in her past ties to Organized Crime/donations and Communist Party people, and you have a much fuller view of who she is, and we ain’t buying it.
Political Junkie Too thinks the free market demands we outlaw newspapers...?
The First Amendment guarantees the right of a free press TO THE PEOPLE; it does NOT guarantee the right of the New York Times or the Washington Post to exist in perpetuity.

If those "press" outlets fail to provide an appealing product, a new press will emerge to replace them. "They" are not protected, the right of a free press is.
Buckeye McFrog goes a long way to say Democrats don't think for themselves:
The Democrat Base would vote for:

Al Capone
Benito Mussolini
Jack the Ripper
Jeffrey Dahmer
Alfred E. Neuman
Gomer Pyle
Adolf Hitler
Tony Soprano
Flo from Progressive
A German Shepherd
A Cinder Block
A Ham Sandwich
A Boll Wevil
One of the Dead Kennedys

....just so long as they promised to keep the FREE SH*t a-flowin’
Of course if a Ham Sandwich promised to deport all the illegals...

Another shooting. struggle does the Freep dance:
Shooting at engineering building

Probably a muslim angry about his grade.
exnavy has a very Freep response to an article about how America taxes overseas income:
Time for the tree of liberty to be watered.

AEMILIUS PAULUS continues to have the most outlandish bigotry of any Freeper, which is saying something.
Look what is currently the President. As long as the crook promises Freebies to the alien invaders the crook will be elected. Electing crooks is what the aliens are used to in their home country "Diversity" merely brings homeland vices to the U.S.
Pelham laments that Silicon Valley is all foreigners now:
A friend of mine, now retired, started his career when Silicon Valley was 100% American engineers. He said I wouldn’t believe how few Americans were left by the time he retired. If the place got nuked it would kill a million, 100 or so casualties being American.
fieldmarshaldj explains that Vermont is about to turn Muslim:
Democrats destroyed Detroit and Atlanta? How about blacks destroyed Detroit and Atlanta? Democrats run Vermont but it hasn’t been destroyed yet as far as I can tell. Maybe they’ll import millions of blacks to destroy that too.

They’re importing in Syrian Mohammadans to Vermont (Rutland, to be specific). Hope the White libs enjoy their new lil friends and all the joy they’ll bring.
onehipdad is not giving a lot of thought to Zika, but I expect them to blame dirty illegals any day now:
The mother, who is 31 but whose name was not disclosed, contracted the Zika virus while in Honduras and was admitted to the emergency room at Hackensack on Friday while vacationing in the United States. 
Anchor Baby... 
batterycommander  knows Zika is a great chance to make a sick burn on Obama!
Zika baby Soetero looks like he just couldn’t get started.
frnewsjunkie explains how Obama's the most illegal person:
obama has never been legit or legal to me. He’s turned into the most illegal and most destructive person we’ve ever had.. and he’s dangerous through and through. That name is not American and he is not American.. both and the same. He is not a fan or our country.. he’s tried to change it from inside out. No other President has done that. He has tried to change it like the muslims try to change every country they live in, to theirs. They do not assimilate.. they dominate.
kiltie65 is pretty excited about daddy Trump militarizing America:
I suspect when Trump gets in he’ll re-initiate the draft. It will provide “jobs” of a sort for all the unemployed youth, build up our forces, and maybe teach youth a trade they can use in the process, and a lot of transgender youths will have to get back “in the closet” pronto.
To show why Hillary is bad, HarleyLady27 lists a bunch of bad things in the world, very few of which are true:
Hydrogen Bomb Nuclear arming of Iran Islamic terrorists

Hydrogen Bomb Nuclear arming of North Korean Marxism

Mrs. Clinton calling for the shooting down of Russian jets in Syria

Placing US troops on Russian borders to threaten Mr. Putin.

Nuclear submarines from Russia on the American east coast

Nuclear sumbarines from China on the American west coast.

Importing several hundred thousand Muslim and Latin terrorists to America.

The murder of LaVoy Finicum in Oregon for the Clinton Foundation donors.

Libya a terror state.

Iraq a terror state.

Religicide of Christians across the globe.

Afghanistan a Taliban terror state again.

Yemen a terror state.

Muslim rape across Europe.

Muslim terror across America.

South America in complete meltdown causing a Latin invasion of the United States.

Africa in complete meltdown causing a 30 million Negroid invasion of Europe.

The world now poised for nuclear, biologicial, chemical and robotic World War IV.

Hillary Rodham Clinton can give speeches, in the history of her 3 AM call, her Russian rest button, and if we reach back to her Co Presidency with Bill Clinton which placed a Muslim terror state in Kosovo in Europe, almost started a world war in Kosovo with Russia, brought the Muslim militants from Afghanistan into the West, and caused 9 11, about how dangerous President Elect Donald Trump is in advocating:

America First

Allies pay for their own defense

Not starting a war with Vladimir Putin

Not starting a war with China

Securing American borders to stop terrorism and civil war

But compared to the murderous reality of Hillary Clinton in her foreign policy leadership for over a dozen years, it is the reality that she is the threat, as hundreds of thousands of people have been murdered due to Clinton and Obama policy, which now has the world poised from Ronald Reagan nuclear stand down, to Obama Clinton nuclear arming of the world.

Under Hillary Clinton, America was not put into a Cold War of one front, but an Earth Tundra of absolute Nuclear Permafrost of North Korea, China, Russia, Iran and terrorists now deploying nuclear weapons against America.

Hillary Clinton’s real name is Eve of Destruction and her foreign policy is The Walking Dead.
LeoWindhorse wants death, as always:
pray that Hillary passes away in her sleep
Guenevere is pretty into this Trump Hispanic judges are biased thing:
I do believe Trump will own this judge when this is over....
....Trump has the mic and he let it be known this ‘judge’ was not up to snuff
MeganC wants the judge doxxed:
Post Gonzalo Curiel’s home address on social media. That often helps these freaks realize that their black robes don’t make them all that special.


  1. Freepers' sadistic fantasies regarding torturing and slaughtering their imagined enemies is indicative of deep mental problems.

    I'm guess that quite a few neighborhood cats and frogs met violent ends where Viking2002 grew up.

  2. Authorization for conscription requires congress as well, not just the president.

    Now that women can serve in all positions in the armed forces if a draft was instituted you'd probably see a push to draft women as well from some. I'd suspect that would be contested like crazy though. I wonder where the freepers would fall on that.

    As always nice to see the people of "freedom and liberty" desiring Authoritarianism and state glory with what I and others consider temporary slavery with the possibility of death/dismemberment.

    1. Irrelevant. This is a crusade to "Make America Grate" again. People moaning about "individual rights" are essentially saying "it's all about ME!". Typical, leftist special snowflakes.

      Vot maters iz ze glory ov ze VATERLAND! Viz Fuhrer Dumpf ZE DREM VIL FINALI COM TRU!

    2. In Trumplandia, wimminfolk will be put back in their biblical place, being subservient to their husbands, fetching beers and pumping out quiverfuls of little trumpeters. They won't be allowed to vote, let alone serve in the military.

  3. Geez. HarleyLady27 lives in one hell I'vs bad ass movie trailer. I wonder how she Pleasantvilled herself into our universe?