Tuesday, June 21, 2016

DoJ underestimates bigots' paranoia.

The DoJ released the transcript of a 9-11 call the Orlando shooter made, but they got rid of any talk of ISIS or jihad so ISIS couldn't use it for propaganda. A decent idea; it's not like anyone in America hasn't heard about the shooter's Islamic connections by now. Plus they announced what they were doing so there would be no suspicion of a coverup.

It's like their PR guys don't know what country we live in. The entire right wing immediately cranked up the paranoia and conspiracies, and Freepers were not far behind, trying to one-up each other in the paranoia and hatred they can cram into their endless speculation about secret Muslim plots:

Makes me feel foolish for seeing Trump taking over the GOP sooner.

Not a lot of evidence, but onyx is super sure at this point that Obama's DoJ is never independent of Obama:
Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

THIS White House and THIS Dept. of Justice are tied together like Siamese twins!
JBW1949 knows this wasn't the DoJ - it was all OBAMA!
Uhhhh...Yeah....Sure they did it all on their own....
JBW1949 follows up to let everyone know Obama's a Muslim:
Atta girl, Loretta...Taking one for the imam in the White Mosque...
Protect the Bill of Rights does Freep's duty to always make this joke whenever the current AG's name comes up:
Lotetta B Lynched

(Diversity camp, here I come!)
SERKIT stuffs a bunch of sick burn nicknames into his coverup scenario:
Did the Mufti in the White Crib tell a subservient female to toe the line in defense of Mohammedans? Didn’t she already say that she is personally protecting the Muslim community? I thought so. Lynch is Rice x2.
There's always one in every Obama hate-fest. V K Lee goes all hipster and pointing out the REAL President is Valerie Jarrett.
The White House = ValJar
The decision was hers and hers alone.

BO’B would know nothing, absolutely nothing about the situation.
StAnDeliver has a whole story laid out:
Obama throwing Lynch under the bus?! More likely all of them playing game of don’t hear, don’t see, and don’t say anything.

No, this one's on Val and Bobo, initially telling Loretty to eat glass, then seeing all the primary Beltway/NYC communitard journolists signing off on the FOIA, then getting the angry/panicked/ohshit phone call from Cankles. And Lynch is the one person not going to get ultra-rich off any of this schizz. Val dun goofed.
PJ-Comix points a related issue that Freepers made a bunch of frantic threads about:
Will the transcript still replace “Allah” with “God?”
You'd think the DoJ would be cynical enough by now. Or maybe they don't care at this point.

JudyinCanada wants to jump straight from the nationalist campaign to the purges:
Trump needs to jump on this. The powers-that-be cannot be trusted.

Make America Great Again, but first Make America Safe Again.
Billthedrill is sure this is some well thought out propaganda:
They went full Orwell.

Never go full Orwell.
Increasingly unhinged WENDLE thinks this is more proof Trump will win all the states:
There’s no doubt in my mind she will not indict Hillary no matter what’s in the FBI report.

It will cause a huge political earth quake never before seen in this country Trump wins all 50 states if she does that.
tumblindice brings the dog whistle:
President Dintdonuffin.
cyclotic is thrilled the Administration's coverup was so quickly stymied:
FOX is reporting that an unredacted version has just been released. GOTCHA ya Morons.
Enchante agrees - Obama's evil plain has been foiled by an alert public!
ha for once the leftist morons have to retreat.... full transcript released!


  1. freeperville's devotion to immaculate dear leader must be making kim jong-un insanely jealous ...

    knarf: "Trump doesn’t drink nor do drugs, so any allegation utilizing either of those elements would be dismissed and anyone with millions in success never needs nor desires to “take” sex when it is freely given"

    1. Also, he never poops.

    2. Sex me, of my own free will

  2. AND I hear he has a toupee named Rosebud.