Thursday, June 2, 2016

Obama's Hiroshima Apology

They said it wasn't going to be an apology. Then it wasn't an apology. But the right decided to make hay with Obama's visit to Japan for his visit to the Hiroshima memorial in Japan, so they told their troops it was an apology, just don't look too hard. And analysis of Obama's actual words (as opposed to his eyes, childhood photographs, condiment choices, etc.) has never been something Freepers are overburdened by.

So they decided Obama saying "Death fell from the sky and the world was changed" was actually apologizing to Japan. And to spice things up, they do their best to reignite the nationalist hatred for Japan that the WWII generation had.

mrs. a is one of many, many Freepers to imply that that nuclear bomb did nothing to change the world, while Pearl Harbor was truly groundbreaking:
Death fell from the sky and the world was changed,

Pearl Harbor?
Mark was here knows every time is a good time to assume Obama's contempt for whitey:
Those at Pearl Harbor deserved it as to their white privilege, according to Obama and his communist / BLM / SJW friends.

The Orientals were just fighting imperialistic oppressors.

This is exactly why Obama is crying at a site that led to the defeat of the Orientals, and victory for the imperialists.

Don’t ask me, I don’t get it. There is a reason no other President would go there.

Mark was here is so sure there's an apology there:
Next Obama is going to apologize for the sinking of Japanese ships at the battle of Midway.
silverleaf doesn't think Obama gets to talk about World War II since his reletives didn't fight enough:
Yeah dumbo

The world changed

Japan accepted surrender and an estimated one million American soldiers did not have to be sent to die to occupy a Japan where millions of Japanese men women and children would have been ordered to fight to the death or commit suicide

Not that any of his useless genetic material donors ever were called on to make the ultimate sacrifice

Maybe he should go honor his grandpa the supply clerk buried in Punch Bowl cemetery and hear the silent cries of some of the hundred thousand Americans who died in Japan’s offensive onslaught acoss the Pacific
sport just reflexively takes offense:
Once again, with a special thanks to the Obama voters and worshipers, obama pisses on the United States of America.
Netz tries for clever:
1945 - Death fell from the sky on that fateful day and the world was forever changed. The ushering in of the Nuclear Age.

2016 -Darth Vader Hussein fell from the sky on that fateful day and the USA was forever changed. The ushering in of the Age of Obama.
Is it just me, or is Diogenesis getting crazier?
Such comments from the “man” (undocumented pRres_ _ent)
who brought Ebola, incurable TB, Zika, and more
death to America (increasing this weekend)
and started ISIS with it cruicifixions and slavery.

Obama is a stinking Islamist slaver who thinks
Pearl Harbor was a workplace accident like
911, and the bastard cheers both.
bobby.223 is super stoked about killing so many evil Japs:
The first Bomb did not convince the sneaky Japs to give up. Right after that first one went BOOM, Harry Truman gave his “If they do not accept our terms of surrender they can expect a rain of ruin from the air the likes never seen before on Earth” speech. (A ‘Rain of Ruin’....Hehehe, I love that line!!) They still would not quit so Harry fed ‘em another one! BOOM again! That did the trick!
I've heard more and more that despite Truman's protestations, the bombs had more to do with flexing to the USSR than the war in the Pacific. But even if you believe all that death and destruction was necessary, celebrating the deaths is pretty unseemly. And par for the Freeper course.

rfreedom4u wishes Obama had showed up and just ragged on World War 2 Japan:
It’s sad that he didn’t mention the Rape of Nanking, the Bataan Death March or even Unit 731.
exit82 adds to the list of Japan's sins:
Death fell from the skies via kamikaze planes too, and killed thousands of our men.

No_More_Harkin reaches back to pre-WW2 to really get the hate for Japan going:
This president is a train wreck/nightmare/scumbag/enemy of the state.
“wahhh we’re so sorry about what we did 70 years ago”
but nevermind the Japs wiped out 1.5 million Chinese in Sino-Jap war II.
Chode has enthusiastically taken to calling Obama 'boy'
feh... may the boy die from azz cancer
Fuzz hilariously shuts down yet another Freeper ranting about Japan's evil:
I DEMAND an apology for the Bataan Death March...and about a thousand other things the Japanese did in World War II..

They have.

Here’s a list.
Fresh Wind's sense of humor always leaves him angry:
The order for dropping the bomb came from a DemocRat.

BuffaloJack rewrites history:
Does Obama even know that Japan tested their own nuke in February 1945, months before we tested one?

The only reason Japan didn’t nuke us first was lack of enough uranium to make a second bomb.
I did a bit of googling, and Japan managed to enrich a little bit of Uranium on Feb. 1945, but we bombed that facility shortly thereafter.

TTFlyer seems to think kids these days don't know what World War 2 is:
Millennials don’t know who the combatants were in WWII or even who won. Obama’s Apology Tour II falls on ignorant ears and is a waste of time.

America’s “education” system and teacher’s unions have accomplished what the Axis powers couldn’t.
ThunderSleeps ignores Obama's statements on Memorial and Veterans Day, and after mass shootings and natural disasters:
Has that bas***d ever lamented lost American lives? Ever paid tribute to US?? No, that punk doesn't even put his hand over his heart and pay attention during the National Anthem. FUBO
angcat is not a very good Christian:
Lets finish off with Honorary Serb, who always delivers with enthusiastic outrage and mangled history:
The UNSPEAKABLE HYPOCRITE Barack Hussein obama—and his henchwomen Crooked Hillary clinton, Samantha World Power, and Victoria Nuland Noodlehead—STARTED and continue to prosecute destructive wars!!!!

These wars have unleashed a second running of National Socialism in Ukraine, and waves of barbarian hordes that are destroying civilization, especially in Europe!!!! And the muslim savage obama seeks to compel us Americans to accept thousands of the barbarians of the Hijra on our soil as well!!!!

The American President who did most to move toward a nuclear-free world was Ronald Reagan!!!! All obama can do is continue his apology tour in Hiroshima, and to bash a much greater President than he—Harry Truman—for the events that ended the brutal Pacific War!!!!

PHOOEY to obama!!!! PHOOEY to the “international community” and the “human rights” movement!!!!


  1. Typical Freeptards. Pearl Harbor killed about 2500. Compared to the 180000+ killed by A-Bombs that's a rounding error.

    1. The Rape of Nanjing made the A-bombs look downright wimpy. If you do the math the right way, it could even overshadow the nukes AND the Firebombing of Tokyo.

      That being said, he didn't apologize and they are all morons.

  2. Not one of the freeper fat-and-stupids has ever seen any real combat ... like their hero fatty Trump.

    1. YOU, of course, have seen REAL combat?
      I lived with a man who was a WWII
      combat veteran of N. Africa, Italy,
      & Germany. Shell-shocked all to hell.
      My father.

      IF WWII had continued, the Japs would
      have met him at their shoreline, Jap
      women & children included with any
      weapon at hand before they would have
      "lost face".

      Perhaps I AM a MORON; but that's not
      your judgment call to make. Scripture
      warns against saying to any man, "THOU
      FOOL!" - lest thou be in danger of the
      hellfire & the judgment.

      Each day that passes, the countdown
      to the EXIT of Barack Hussein Obama
      ticks down, down, down &, God willing,
      he will soon be gone, along with that
      wife & spoiled kids of his.

      First BLACK President, my ASS!


    2. Hahahahaha!!

      A Freeper invoking "Judge not lest ye be judged"?!?! ... WHAT ???

      Kudos twinkles. That's some quality irony trolling right there.

    3. It's these types of Freepers that piss me off most because my grandpa was on a ship stationed at Iwo Jima. He saw what came of the fighting.

      He also manned a gun to fight off a couple planes bombing themselves into his his. He shot one down. One crashed into the side of his ship and they had to limp into port, not making it in until the war was officially over.

      Did he hold any grudges against "Japs"? No. But these people give folks of his generation a bad name. Except that was over 70 years ago so most of these Freepers were never there. They're racist baby boomers.

      Try watching the "This Is Your Life" episode from the 50's with survivors from the atomic bombs. Things have gotten so much more viscerally agressive with hardcore conservatives... I can't say much more. But, the video is on youtube and it's heartwarming. Our country did try to make amends at the time for innocents we hurt and it's dumb as hell for a bunch of people who have little to no memory of the events to try and paint atomic bombs as anything but a necessary evil. And that's giving it the most apologetic viewpoint possible.

      PS. Not trying to whitewash my grandpa as a saint, but the worst racist thing I've heard him say is that Mexicans work really hard (while assuming they all still work fields and stuff) and that's why he's cool with them.