Thursday, June 2, 2016

Refugees Will Build Drones

The Daily Caller, which seems to be the most enthusiastic larger conservative blog to have jumped on Trump's nationalist bandwagon, reports on a federal program to give 400 refugees part-time jobs, lessons in English, and a project where they build their own drone.

The latter is pretty standard STEM outreach stuff these days, but Freepers do not seem up on the latest educational policy trends. They hear 'drone,' and 'refugee,' and let their paranoia do the rest. It's a homegrown Freep conspiracy - you won't find it anywhere else (yet).
Of course, at this point, a majority of Freepers are rooting for a terrorist attack in America to teach us a lesson about how bad tolerance is:

WMarshal draws some conclusions:
Why would you teach potential terrorists how to build drones that can carry bombs by remote control?

Our own government is teaching Muslim scum how to kill us, super pissed!
WVNan knows to keep the peace, you need to keep populations alienated and idle!
Teaching young muslims how to build drones and speak English? What could possibly go wrong?
MadMax, the Grinning Reaper has this whole scenario figured out:
Oh this is gonna be fun. Just wait till one of the students attaches some explosives or deadly chemicals to a drone and flies it into a church, school or military/police facility.

Just part of Obama’s “Train and Employ a Future Terrorist” training program.
Lera has a different specific story:
Oh great they are going to teach them to build drones so they can terrorize Americans with flying pressure cooker bombs .
eyeamok knows what Mosques do:
$2 million to teach young refugees how to build drones

And their local Mosques will teach them how to ARM THEM.

This is a SUICIDE ATTACK on the US by this Administration.
Jimmy Valentine has yet a third attack plan:
Try it this way: Muslim refugees building drones to fly into commercial airplanes to kill fellow Americans.
moovova takes a different angle, piggybacking on previous paranoia about illegal immigrants:

How many kilos of coke will these drones be able to carry across the border.
wildbill seems to think the students will be building military drones:
Somebody ought to think about another angle to this. This program will be asking refugees who are most likely Muslim to build drones that will be used to target and bomb fellow Muslims and perhaps even family members back in their homelands.

Does anyone see any possibility here that some of these refugees might be radicalized by working on these drones and might either sabotage them or be inspired to act out in violence?
Helvan will never bow before our drone building overlords!
Future Hillaryjugend?
Ignatz knows the key is to never acknowledge the refugee's humanity:
Drones building drones.
The worker’s paradise has arrived.
stockpirate realizes the kids are all ISIS spies:
People are missing the big picture here.

This is how Obama will transfer the knowledge to design and build drones to middle east terrorist groups.

Obama is NOT on our side.
ripnbang is more right than he knows:
I sometimes feel like I’m living in an alternate universe....
easternsky must get sick a lot:
This Story made me Physically ill.
arthurus has upgraded Obama from Muslim Brotherhood to ISIS:
Courtesy if ISIS’s man in the White House. How much can ISIS accomplish with that before January?
bluejean needs to brush up on his Dante:
Hope there is a special place for the Traitor-in-Chief in the seventh level of hell. This screw America crap is so out of control, it boggles the mind.
LeoWindhorse, as usual, calls on other people to kill Obama:
are they insane?

Come on SS , do America a huge favor
RitaOK has an interesting term for this:
TREASON, by charity.
JudgemAll knows what comes next:
Next step: giving jihadis internships in ICBM maintenance.

Obama wanted them at NASA. Now we know why.
Nifster adds another to the list:
I consider this an impeachable offense
Diogenesis makes even less sense than usual:
The imported Islamic terrorists have a NEED for drones.
The DO”J”, DH”S”, and the White Mosque are furnishing
them with weapons, bombs, guns (SSDD) and maps,
as they are Quartered with their infectious diseases
like incurable TB, in every city’s elementary
and high schools.
The imported Islamic terrorists truly
need drones to deliver these weapons more effectively.

Obama thinks: Teach a terrorist to make a bomb and
deliver it, and America will die faster.

The “US” Congress, as complicit as ever, agrees.
Obama has given the terrorists everything and they're super dangerous. But also they need drones. Also Congress rawr!!

unread laments our lack of lynchings:
If we had just HALF the stones of our ancestors a large portion of congress would already be hanging from the light posts in DC.....

Disambiguator must be glad the government is really bad at getting what it wants:
If it isn't obvious to you by now that your government wants you dead, you're not paying attention.


  1. Heh. "Drone" is the new "radiation". Mention the word and idiots likē Freepers are terrified of light bulbs.

    My Dad used to fly home built model aircraft 50 years ago with a 3 kilo payload capacity, 27MHz RC and nitro engines. Way more credible as a weapon ... they just didn't call them "drones".

    1. That's what I was thinking.

      My brother-in-law has a drone he spent way too much money it's likely going to be one of the better ones out there (I imagine).

      It's flimsy and highly unlikely to carry anything heavier than a few ounces.

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  3. DRONES are like anything else. They can be
    used for either good or for evil. TK

  4. speaking of light posts, Grampa Dave gleefully tallies up the running number of heads on pikes this season ...

    1. But the strange thing is that he doesn't link the post they were zotted for- just their profile that says banned.

      That's weird.

    2. I'm even a little gleeful there were that many people on FR who were actually bright enough not to fall for Trump's self-serving run for president. (Of course, falling for Cruz's self-serving run wouldn't be much of an improvement...)

    3. For as much as this site (and some others) make fun of freepers, most of the freeper hate comes from other freepers.

    4. Hey Romney Guy - I'm pretty sure those posts get pulled, so you can link them unless you took a screenshot.