Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

LambSlave recommends acting like a lunatic to ward off negro trickery:
Bumming a smoke is a common ploy of the “knockout game” attacks.

It is more than that, it is a sign of dominance, and often a precursor to robbery/assault. The proper response to this in the hood if you are not from there is either to make firm direct eye contact and say, "I don't smoke, filthy habit" while bringing up your hands or let loose a string of profanity and racial slurs while threatening or executing violence. Any thing less, and they will brand you a "punk" and likely target you. There is a 50/50 chance of violence anyway, but at least you will have a psychological edge. [Based on my total of six years living in ghetto while attending college/grad school]
ColdOne got pretty emotional about Scalia's death:
Court died on Feb 13th 2016. We all did as a nation. It was official on that sad day. Cried for days.
HomerBohn doesn't get why more Americans didn't just condemn Obama based on his name:
Just stop and think for a minute.

With a name like Barack Hussein Obama, how could any American pull the lever for him?

He is anathema to Jews and Christians....including those types who munch tacos.

This insidious Muslim should have been dragged out of the disgraced White House years ago, yet the complicit one party system Congress has done absolutely nothing except accommodate the lop-earned nation hater.
Reading too much bad military fiction, pgkdan is sure America is gonna EMP itself:
The government is doing nothing to mitigate the damage from an EMP because that’s the card they’re holding to play against us at the appropriate time. You can bet that every military base and command center, that every under ground bunker that the government built to guarantee COG is hardened against an EMP. When they hit us with one, only the people will suffer the consequences. We’ll be easier to herd that way...
Guenevere is against prayer in non-theocracies:
This week I was in Orlando..........and there is a huge sign that simply says


Pray to whom?.....God?........
.....the one God who can actually hear our prayers!

The same God our nation has tried to erase from history!
Don Corleone has gone full McCarthyist, but with Muslims:
Our government will tell any lie to protect Muslim terrorists.

The entire White House staff and most of the federal appointees are MUSLIMS. Check it out!
Similarly, Jumper has in his hands a list...
Obama personally appointed a member of the Muslim Brotherhood (remember Egypt) or other terrorist linked individual to every Cabinet in every department of government. Trump will kick them all out; only then will America be able to discuss remedies to Terrorism without the Terrorists being told what we are planning....
His hate for Cruz finding no other outlet, BigEdLB really wants some violence at the convention:
I picture the loyal Trump delegates literally tearing traitorous delegates apart. If it gets to that point Trump folks will have nothing to lose. Prince Reeferous better let these putrid Cruzites get the word.
Maybe not knowing the history of fascism, Paulie unironically endorses Third Way policies:
he still needs to make the accounting work to ensure that his Third Way platform is feasible.

Oh, the accounting will work. The problem will be the media and RINO Republicans will claim “Voodoo Economics”.

Fortunately Mr. Trump knows how to avoid letting the media get the best of him.
After the latest iffy Muslim outrage story, Celerity plaintively asks if he can start shooting them yet:
Is it time to start engagement ?

Will I be prosecuted when I’m picked up on one of zillions surveillance cameras ?

Will I be imprisoned for standing up against obvious evil ?

Well then. It appears that things will have to get worse before they can get better. The righteous have been cut off at the knees. Evil will only get worse.
blackdog mixes a bunch of conspiracies up into one uber-conspiracy. Expectedly a Clinton-biased sample:
I think Ruby Ridge, Waco, Vince Foster, TWA 800, and Benghazi are indistinguishable as far as how government conducts itself regarding it's own actions or inactions.

I see those as the defining teachable moments in time. We've only gone down as a society as each "lie at all costs for a central control good" comes along. If the twin towers 9/11 event took place at night instead of on a clear sunny day at 9:00AM EDT, they would have claimed a meteor shower damaged the planes, sending them out of control into the Trade Center Towers.
HamiltonJay is pretty smug that there will be a rash of Trump-electing terrorism:
Trump takes this huge... Hillary best case is 15 states and about 180 EC votes... That’s her absolute best case.

The summer is here, no one is paying attention to politics, other than the die hards, and the only time they will will be when something like Orlando happens... and Trump is on the right side of world events.. Every event will boost him in the polls.

The events will occur, Trump will come out with a generally reasonable stand that puts america first and doesn’t pander to PC.. and Hillary and Obama will come out and try to argue shades of grey and how their traitorous stands are actually patrioitic....

Hillary stands no shot in November.. By October the Dems will be in full on panic mode just trying to hold onto states that none of the pundits would ever dream would be in play.

Every time the Establishment GOP gnashes their teeth about something Trump does.. and the MSM reports it as a bad thing... Trump will gain several points in the polls... The more they try to convince the people he’s wrong, the stronger he will get.

Folks need to relax and understand this. The MSM and the Political class are so out of touch with the electorate, that for the most part, the electorate wants the things that they get their panties all in a bunch over.
If history is any teacher, Don Corleone there are always bloodcalling doomsayers in every era:
The open border, one world, global elitists will not give up their march to Marxism easily. It has taken them over 100 years to get to this point. If history is any teacher, blood must flow.
Top-ten Freeper lunatic from some Maine lunatic religious community The_Republic_Of_Maine is sure McCain is a secret spy for Vietnam:
Arizona Republicans, never forget this, No country erects a monument to the enemy, only to their heroes. 
Monument in N Vietnam to honor John, the traitor, McCain.
poconopundit - Trump's not broke, he's frugal!
Yes, he's frugal and can run circles around the MSM as he has already proven.

And Trump is signaling he will be diligent about curbing curbing waste, fraud and abuse.

I predict massive cuts to the bureaucracy in a Trump presidency. Long overdue!

HarleyLady27 knows Trump is secretly rich, in fervent supporters:
Does anyone realize just how big Trump support is? If you don't then you need to find out...

If each of Trump Supporters would put into his account one hundred dollars, by the end of the day there would be over a BILLION dollars...

And this pissy ant media twit writing this ‘news’ article says he's worried about money? ROFLMAO!!! You have got to be on drugs, insane or have your head up someone else’s behind!!!
Arguging against a fellow Freeper, AppyPappy may be a titch sexist:
You sound like a woman. Pure emotion and no facts


  1. Shouting racial slurs at an African American is a sure way of avoiding a confrontation. Good job LambSlave

    1. He seems to be advocating Coach McGuirk's prison advice

      "Overreact to something"

    2. I was curious about the name "LambSlave," too. Is that some kind of handle for Jesus freak submission?

  2. "Negroes are naturally violent thugs, so make sure to always violently assault any negro near you. That way, you can protect yourself from their aggression!"

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  4. Per HarleyLady27's math, Trump has somewhere around 10 million supporters. Certainly not enough to win an election.

  5. Clinton with 180 EC votes. Haha! My guess right now is she gets 347 to trump's 191.

  6. That is some terrible advice, LambSlave.

  7. Venezuela. Be there or be square.