Thursday, June 30, 2016

There will be justice after the apocalypse

Prepped threads are generally pretty useless. You get half-brained survival tips along with the occasional yearning for the collapse that you can find on any other Freeper thread. But Anonymous found a great little pocket of distilled crazy that must be shared.

In the weekly Prepper thread, Freeper roadcat wonders about whether he gets to shoot his troublesome neighbor come the apocalpyse:

I and my neighbors get along great. However, there is one jerk and his jerk family, who no one likes. If the SHTF, what are the recommendations on dealing with a family like that? Do we:

A) Chase them out of their home and the neighborhood,
B) Hang them,
C) Restrict their movements and starve them,
D) Make slaves out of them.

Other alternatives welcomed.

Slavery aside (*ahem*), this is one of Freepers' greatest fantasies - to be the ones dispensing the true justice that their virtue unerringly sees!

Squantos has an odd one:
Pickle em ....
After kinda dancing around summary trial and execution, Pollster1 mentions he also has a troublesome neighbor. Shocking!
Neighbors who pose a threat are a serious issue. Whether they cheat, steal, vandalize, or in other ways cause problems, you have to handle it right. The Internet is not the place to post my general thoughts, and in any case I don’t have enough information to give the right answer to your situation.

Read up on how government worked in various eras, back when it worked, and try to use some form of due process, even if the final answer is final.

BTW, I have one neighbor who is a serious concern. I will keep an eagle eye on that neighbor if we reach the point where government can no longer be counted on even to the limited extent that it works today.
Chickensoup advises an early sci-fi book with no white supremacy at all. There's even an interracial marriage!!
I recommend the book: The Earth Abides by George Stewart.
Simple Celerity reckons there are good guys and bad guys, and if you keep your powder dry the bad guys will soon be bad.
Keep a close eye on them. They will make the first mistake. They’ll go after someone - even you. Don’t turn your back on them. Don’t invite them to dinner. Don’t share with them.

Because they WILL make a mistake. They WILL attack you. They will attack fast too - within 96 hours of the event.

All of your neighbors, my neighbors and everyone’s neighbors are much different than the neighbors you’ll have in 6 months. Get to be friends with THOSE neighbors - the 6 month ones. Right now, no neighbor is safe.
Man, the real world with it's complicated morality must be pretty frustrating for Celerity!

B4Ranch advises constant paranoia:
If you don’t seriously outnumber them do not allow them free access to your supplies. They may decide they want everything and kill you to get it.


  1. Basements full of powdered milk and dried beans, what a happy bunch of idiots these preppers are. Like the gun industry, and their advertising arm, the NRA, prepper supply companies make a killing off of scared, pathetic freepers

  2. It absolutely kills me how much of this prepper crap is sold by InfoWars from their own branded e-storefront. And not just the water filtration systems, rice, and beans that do have legit use when you're backpacking like a normal human being, but also the serious snake oil like colloidal silver and nascent iodine "supplements".

    Alex Jones is a bastard genius.

    1. I'd be careful about that "colloidal
      silver". People have turned an ashen
      silver color from that stuff.

      Now, the "iodine" tablets are NOT for
      use as "supplements". Only for use in
      a nuclear accident or nuclear attack.
      People living close to nuclear power
      plants might want to keep a supply on
      hand. (Fang & I have some in our
      supply cabinet; but for normal needs,
      you generally get enough iodine in
      your salt. I take KELP capsules for
      a natural source of iodine since we
      use "Celtic Sea Salt" which contains
      no iodine. Of course, we eat at the
      seafood place every now and then and
      get iodized salt on that food; also on
      our Burger King drive-thru stuff.

      Ya'll need to listen to TWINKIE or else ya'll will find yourselves OUT
      IN THE COLD with nothing but an old
      cold 'tater to eat and suffering
      from a goiter from not enough iodine.

      Don't doubt me!!


    2. My favorite are the "rapture survival" meal kits that the fundies sell.

    3. "Rapture survival" -- what to eat when God leaves you behind.

    4. You'uns will have more to worry about
      than your hungry bellies if CHRIST
      leaves ye butts behind!!

      World is already in a bad enough
      shape; when you'uns are shed of ALL
      those derned Christians, the damned
      hooligans can have a "Hooligans
      Holiday" & be shed of that horrible,
      hated CHRISTMAS once & for all!!!

      Then, what a day, glorious day THAT
      will be!!

      AUNT HANNIE - Still alive & kicking
      at 96 in spite of TWINKIE!!

    5. I assume those Rapture Survival Kits are recieved each Christmas by the heathen liberals that have to misfortune to be related to those nutters.

  3. "The Internet is not the place to post my general thoughts"

    Nope. Those go on leaflets handed our 1960's style. Against commies and coloreds... y'know any c-words.