Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Birthin' up Judge Curiel’s background

This is still happening. Not a good sign. After an article (by Chuck Johnson - look him up for a laugh) breathlessly noting that they found no proof Curiel's parents were citizens, Freepers bring their signature outcome-oriented paranoia-based Internet-fueled sleuthing. In this case, they mix in their increasingly ridiculous birther views of the Fourteenth Amendment, we're well off anything that's useful for anything other than the far right convincing each other Trump is correct and should double down.

WENDLE never bothers to think hard, and today's not different:
radyLS read only the headline, and already her ambitions outstrip her abilities:
I wish I knew how to post internet memes. Because I would post one of Austin Powers with the words:

rockinqsranch is still chewing on the La Raza distinction. To be fair, it's a delicious strawman.
The point to me is this guy belongs to Latino supremacist backed organization. An organization that advocates literally taking from the U.S. the entire of the geographical southwest we either won in war, or paid Mexico for. They are wrong, and the U.S. is right, and their treacherous activities waving the Mexican flag are an act of war. Their army of traitors, and infiltrators must meet with serious demise.

Trump is absolutely correct, but I wish he’d have addressed initially the La Raza support of the judge’s Hispanic lawyers group rather than the generality of “Mexican”. I think that would have been a better charge. Less controversial.
It's almost as if Trump didn't know or care about this La Raza red herring at all, and just reflexively mashed the racism button that's been treating him so well thus far!

Hardens Hollow explains that you can't prove a negative - so you should assume it!
This is total speculation without a single shred of evidence to support the allegations. It is certainly not breaking news, and you should be ashamed of yourself for posting it as such.

it’s harder to prove some one is an alien - you’d have to eliminate all other possibilities .
Hardens Hollow next goes in for that detailed yet evidenceless speculation that Freepers crave:
Visas don’t last for 20 years. One source of illegals is those who have overstayed their visas. if he only got 2 visas, 20 years apart and didn’t leave the country, he was here illegally.

Where he became a citizen afterward is irrelevant. I never said anything about it. you just assumed.
T-Bone Texan has decided where all evidence points, and then consults his personal version of the Fourteenth Amendment.
... there’s no actual evidence that his parents were not citizens....

Oh gosh, I am going to disagree with that right there.

All evidence produced at this point regarding his parents implies that they were 100% illegal aliens when their little SJW was born. One never became a citizen. The other did, but after the SJW was born.

According to the 14th Amendment, he is not a citizen.
All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

Weird how citizenship of parents isn't even mentioned!

T-Bone Texan continues to make an angry fool of himself, ending with a great Capitalized Flourish:
As per the 14th amendment the judge is not even an American citizen.

He should be deported after serving his prison sentence, along with the millions like him.

That such a racist, biased dooshbag could serve on the bench makes a laughingstock of our system. He openly admits he serves his Razas before he serves the interests of America.

If he was a citizen he’d be termed a traitor. However, as a filthy foreigner who is the product of a violent and primitive foreign culture, he is more accurately deemed an Enemy Alien.
I feel a spotlight in this yahoo's future.

fhayek realizes that by not recusing himself Curiel has proven he should recuse himself:
if Cruiel is truly non partisan (LOL) against Trump, to prove that he isn't, he should recuse himself for the sake of eliminating any doubt.

I think that after all this, he has no other choice but to recuse himself. (That is, if he is a man of honor.)
PraiseTheLord is sure that this proves Trump was a genius all along!
Does Donald Trump play it JUST RIGHT ! Once AGAIN !
parisa posts a 'this is a crisis we need to be as savage as the liberals in my head raaah' that could have gone in any thread. It doesn't even mention Trump or Curiel!
This is a war for the very survival of this country. Get in gear everyone. Attack on all fronts, attack consistently and persistently, and never back down anywhere, EVER.

We must take a page for the uber leftist enemies themselves. They never let up. They never back down, They never pathetically apologize even when all can see how obviously wrong they are.

Remember their attacks against the Tea Party, calling them violent thugs and racist attackers for their peaceful demonstrations? Now look at their violent fascist attacks against peaceful Trump supporters, justifying their very real fascist violence against Trump supporters as being instigated by bigots and inciters of violence!!!

It’s leftists twisted minds, but you understand, if we play by their rules, created ONLY FOR US, we’ll never win. We must play by their methods. We shall NEVER EVER be cowed by these mafiosofascists trying to take over the country.
Electric Graffiti is another Fourteenth Amendment failure:
The point here is that children born to foreign nationals in the United States, whether here legally or illegally, are not United States citizens.
Electric Graffiti calls the judge an enemy combatant. Can terrorist be far behind?
Prison sentence? For what?

For being an illegal enemy combatant.
Someone sets Electric Graffiti straight about birthright citizenship, and he gets very sad and angry
Staggers the imagination that citizenship can be given to children of foreign nationals without an actual law passed by Congress. Since Congress is given plenary(sole) authority over naturalization by the Constitution.

This is how far this Country has fallen.
Since 1862? I can see how some would feel that way...


  1. Man. The stench of scared, hyper-aggro powerlessness is just pouring off of these quotes.

  2. I saw an article- on Breitbart no less- that the 1964 death certificate of Curiel's father had the father's nationality as Mexican. Freepers ran with it.

    I'm sorry, I can't seriously trust the minutiae of governmental recordkeeping like this until about the 80s. Especially since my birthday was clearly 5/30 and the SSA still thinks it was 5/31...and, at some point, I need to get a judge to intervene and clear the matter up once and for all.

    I'm sure were I ever to run for office the Freepers would have their fun at my expense too.

  3. Fitting. FReepers are so old that having an accident isn't unusual, and Chuck Johnson is a serial floor pooper.

  4. Fitting. FReepers are so old that having an accident isn't unusual, and Chuck Johnson is a serial floor pooper.

    1. "Freeper Madness" people are SO
      whatever that DOUBLE POSTING accidents
      aren't unusual, and packman jon is a
      serial double poster! - Anonymous

  5. oh, i wish i knew how to quit you ...

    lacrew: "I’m trying to not fall into the ‘the polls are skewed’ trap this year...but, its hard."

    1. Lol... "I don't like how reality looks... must seek out safe place."

  6. What's not stated is that Curiel went out of his way to be non-partisan against Trump by sealing the records of the Trump University case so long as Trump was running for office.

    But when Trump started to talk shit about how the judge handled the case, no wonder why he unsealed the files so as to show his lack of bias in the case!

    So basically Trump created this shitstorm so he could attack a judge that had been very gracious to him...until he showed his ass and the judge wondered why he even bothered in the first place!!

    1. What happened was Trump's legal team knows that Trump U is boned, and they can't win.

      So, to keep their jobs, they told Trump that they were being discriminated against, and dummy-donald just buys it.

    2. Trump U is schlonged, even.

  7. Uh-oh....trouble in freeper paradise! Trump opens the door to a gun ban for people on the terrorist watch list!

    1. Pretty much everything you need to know about free republic.

      To: SoFloFreeper
      Be a lot better to just ban the muslims from America.They’re totally incompatible with the Constitution.

      8 posted on 6/15/2016, 2:56:01 PM by Jim Robinson (Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God!)

    2. So in love with the Second Amendment. So oblivious to the First. I guess they're too clueless to know that First comes before Second.