Wednesday, June 29, 2016

SCOTUS Strikes Down Texas anti-Abortion Laws

It's nice to enjoy some Freeper misery in a break from staring at Freepers' election year general lunacy.

The Supreme Court was not amused by Texas' pretextual attempt to regulate of abortion clinics out of business 'for womens' health.'

The usual suspects dissented, with Thomas giving an particularly odd complaint that different rights are analyzed under different standards.

Freepers have a great time with their loud angry lamentations; Trump triumphalism is great and all, but disgust with America is like their second favorite thing after blaming illegals for everything!

All the great hits from before the election are back. Nullification, seccession, praying for Armageddon, hating Republicans, hating America, the endless cycles of Freeper purges and's all there to enjoy!

Biggirl's angry optimism (revolt is coming) only extends so far!
Not surprised.
Altura Ct. laments that the revolt will never happen:
Just another push on the right. The right growls but inevitably acquiesces to the left.
Adder is threatening to....not fish?
Hitlery wins and my retirement is gonna be spent not fishing.

Cuz it’ll be over: I will NEVER acknowledge anything they say as law anymore.

It won’t be pretty but freedom is worth it.
DungeonMaster has trouble controlling his own lust for death:
I'm pro life but I feel a bit hypocritical when I consider my feelings about having more godless liberals or muslims around.
Justice Skywise wants only the rights he likes and none of the ones he doesn't
Not surprised but there is not one ounce of rational sense to this judgement other than blind, stupid kowtowing to political ideologies.

It’s ok for a government to regulate coal companies to the point of bankruptcy because the government has that right.

It’s perfectly ok for the government to force people to buy health insurance just because they’re alive because it’s like a tax and it’s not the role of the Supreme Court to correct bad legislation.

It’s perfectly fine for the government to restrict the 2nd amendment rights because it’s an outdated law.

But forcing abortion doctors and clinics to have admitting permissions at hospitals when performing abortion SURGERY (and that’s what it is) is a HORRIBLE injustice and taking of civil liberties.
Bloody Sam Roberts takes amusing exception to Yahoo accurately describing the current state of the law:
Constitutional right, you say?
Yeah, Yahoo seems to revel in living out on the lunatic fringe.
The only non-lunatics are Freepers!

mothball does the usual impotent Freeper refuge in God:
Satan and all his baby killers everywhere are rejoicing.

Their time is limited.
It was a Texas law, so Freepers go full Texas bullshit.
Trump Girl Kit Cat is a thinker:
With Gregg Abbott as governor I would say he says SCREW YOU SCOTUS!!!!
Clearly non-lawyer Jim 0216 starts out extolling pre-1930 jurisprudence, and then goes onto pre-1819 jurisprudence:
FIRST: Texas is well within it constitutional rights to NULLIFY AND REJECT federal acts and court decisions that are unconstitutional (confirmed by the Ninth and Tenth Amendments). The fact is the federal government has NO constitutional power to interfere with a state's abortion laws. The flawed and counterfeit Incorporation Doctrine is no shelter for this travesty

SECOND: the scope of this decision is LIMITED to the parties of the case. The Constitution does NOT give the judicial branch legislative power to create national law. The constitutional power of the judicial branch is LIMITED TO INDIVIDUAL CASES AND CONTROVERSIES (Art III, Sec 2).
WKUHilltopper is the first to address what's been a slogan whose popularity I hope continues to grow:
thecodont loves rumors about how it's gonna get worse:
You know, some people are pushing for home abortion kits.
With some careful stat-choosing, Zenjitsuman shows Texas is the economic engine of America:
Texit, there goes the engine that produced the only job growth during the Obama years. If they Texit it is over.
Lest you think it's not actually all about female sexuality, Paulie:
A sad day for babies.

Well, yeah least Mom can still have fun!
Maybe not clear on how many legal gun owners there are in America, apillar thinks owning a gun should be about like getting an abortion:
Maybe some state should pass a law saying any women who has been convicted of a crime involving reckless conduct is bared from having an abortion.... The court kind of painted themselves into a box saying an individual can lose one constitutional right (gun ownership) just for a conviction on a minor offense but can't lose another (abortion - even though that isn't really a constitutional right, but that's another argument).
firebrand is one of the few to stick to the 'health of the mother' canard:
Pro-lifers have told me that it is reasonable to believe that illegal abortions are safer than legal ones, because the people breaking the law don’t want to be caught.

Unfortunately, statistics on deaths and other calamities from legal abortion are impossible to obtain. How convenient.
The only other one is Sgt_Schultze's urge to double down, which stays kinda on message, but takes the concern trolling to extreme levels:
Texas should take this opportunity to strengthen protections for women seeking abortions. They should amend laws regarding damages at medical facilities without admitting privileges at local hospitals. 
The threshold for demonstrating injury should be virtually eliminated for any patient injured at any medical facility without hospital admitting privileges. The burden of proof should shift to the unpermitted surgery center to demonstrate their actions did not contribute to the injury.
All the other 250+ posts are pure anti-abortion.

Ancesthntr urges Freepers to vote single-issue SCOTUS:
Hey, #NeverTrump and #RepublicansforHillary, did you like that decision? Would you like more like that, FOREVER? If so, DON’T vote for Trump, and DO vote for Hillary, whatever you do.
Looks like JimRob had some amnesty on the anti-Trumpers! ObozoMustGo2012 has to deal with a naysayer!
Trump, who thought his pro-abort sister would make a great justice.

Trump, who doesn’t throw his family under the bu when asked an off the wall question.
Buckeye McFrog knows Zombie Bork woulda straightened this right out!
5-3. Kennedy did it.

Ol' Teddy sure as hell knew what he was doing when he decided to bork Bork.
EternalVigilance, as usual, is more rhetoric than substance:
The Supreme Court, and the State of Texas, and the lawyers for the State of Texas, and the Texas Legislature, ALL completely avoided the real issue, which is the God-given, unalienable right to life of EVERY individual child, and the U.S. Constitution’s explicit, imperative requirement that EVERY person, in EVERY state, be protected in that supreme right.

“No person shall be deprived of life without due process of law.”

— The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution

“No State shall deprive any person of life without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

— The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution
Love Carl Vehse. He's consistent as always!
Traitors! The SCOTUS majority are nothing but traitors.

And still Congress does...................................................... nothing.
RoseofTexas wants Apocalypse:
All that means is More baby parts on the auction table...I sometimes wish God would just come and destroy this evil world! There is just no stopping evil! Abortion is pure evil!
In his eagerness to keep the narrative, haircutter conveniently elides Ginsberg's two children:
None of the THREE woman on this Court has ever had a baby..they do not know the joy of having a look at them they more than likely never enjoyed the companionship and love of a MAN either...

America of today is not the America we were raised in..and if Hillary Clinton is returned to the White House, this Nation will not survive..
Darth Gill Greene66's it.
I’ve reached the point where i’m THIS close to hating this country. If there was any sort of transport to a “New World” somewhere I would making plans to get the hell out of here.

I DO hate this country. I hope God judges it harshly.
ilovesarah2012 also:
This country is nothing like the America I grew up in. Not much left to save.
ealgeone is too Christian to be a patriot:
If you are a believer in Christ our citizenship is not on this planet.
VTenigma doesn't hate America, just the politicians and a little over half the voters:
I passed that point a while ago, not the country just the oligarchs that run it, and of course the useful idiot sheep who keep them in power.
ducttape45 explains that it's not just America that's evil - it's the World!
we both know there is no more unclaimed lands to flee to. America was the last bastion against the evil in the world, but now America has become the very evil it once fought against.
TribalPrincess2U convinces herself tribal rage is good politics:

So much they’ll want to ban the words ‘baby killers’.

Remember..... how they went on about the ‘children’ getting killed by Israel, how they go on about the ‘children’ getting killed in schools, how about Waco’s children?


  1. "Satan and all his baby killers everywhere are rejoicing."

    'coz who doesn't love babies?

    apparently, god doesn't.

  2. "...The fact is the federal government has NO constitutional power to interfere with a state's abortion laws. The flawed and counterfeit Incorporation Doctrine is no shelter for this travesty..."

    He's absolutely right! Which is why SCOTUS overturned Whole Woman's Health vs. Hellerstedt: Texas was using the Incorporation Doctrine to force abortion providers to become specialized medical clinics outside the range of their service provision.

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  4. Any woman convicted of a crime should be barred from having an abortion...? Yeah, that makes sense. Let's force only felons to rear children.

  5. "Don't know the joy of having a child" except that Ruth Bader Ginsburg has 2 kids.

    Well, they're not children anymore, so I suppose he's right in the sense of she doesn't have the pitter patter of little feet in her house anymore.

    I didn't know that fact until that Freeper inspired me look it up. Which took all of 5 seconds. Good to know this idiot can't waste even that much time. I'm sure he's very important.

    So important that he can just make up bullshit on Free Republic for truthiness of it.

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