Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Latinos cannot judge Trump

This Curiel thing is the sort of thing everyone has been expecting from Trump for ages. I'd half convinced myself it was never actually going to happen.
But come the general, and Trump's always be attacking has lead to a quagmire of racism about personal issues.

The judge dealing with the Trump U case has been pretty professional, ruling both for and against Trump as the case may be. He's even moved the case until after the election. Of course, this didn't stop Trump from attacking him for bias, speculating that it was because he was Mexican. Then it was because he had Mexican heritage. Then it was the judge treating him badly plus having Mexican heritage.

But that's as far as he was able to back down. Because this isn't about policy, it's a personal attack, and Trump has no nuance to hide behind here, unlike his Muslim ban, transgenders, Syria, etc. He's acting confused, giving mixed signals, telling his surrogates to call the Democrats the real racists when they ask about this...tactics only Freepers would think are effective.

And the Freeper Trump cultists are right behind him, though you can tell they're mighty concerned. The current spin seems to be that the judge is part of La Raza. It's not that La Raza, but Freepers are pretty desperate to ignore that part.

SoFloFreeper pays no attention to everyone who says Trump's argument is bogus:
First Hispanic AG says Trump has a case!
Alberto Gonzalez. I didn't know I could find you even more of a tool than I already did.

hoosiermama explains that Trump's playing chess here:
He is going after LaRaza through the judge.
Trumpinator thinks that by creating scandals now, Trump will be scandalproof come November.
By talking about it it deflates the issue down the road - there can be no October Surprises with Trump. While Clinton refuses to discuss any scandal Trump takes it on full frontal.
If past scandals immunize you in November, guess what y'all Freepers did for Hillary...

HiTech RedNeck heard that it wasn't that La Raza, but he wants to believe:
From the article: "NCLR is unaffiliated with La Raza Lawyers of San Diego. ... Curiel is not a member of NCLR."

I have seen conflicting reports on this. Some say that this attorney’s association in turn touts a connection to the more infamous La Raza.

To keep the context in mind, it would be like an Anglo-Saxon judge talking about a Whiteboys Attorney Association. He’d get some curious looks if not absolutely panned for it.
HiTech RedNeck also joins the chorus of Freepers each explaining a completely different way this is a Trump masterstroke.
And yet there is still method in his madness.

Everybody and their cat and dog will know about the Trump Wall when this is through, and it will be the screaming of the screaming liberals that will have propelled him to such high visibility. He’s living rent-free in their news.
SoFloFreeper is just sure that Trump cannot be this stupid. This is a demonstration of what liberals always do! Yeah, that's the ticket!!
I think there is more at play here. Trump really isn’t stupid. He is smart.

He is playing the same game among the general population that the elites have played for years—point at a particular aspect and history of someone who is (from his POV) hindering him.

By doing so, he is showing Joe and Jill Sixpack that when the left attacks him for any given aspect, Joe and Jill Sixpack will be able to say to each other, “Well, wait, isn’t that what Trump says about _______?” The attack from the left then tends to fall flat.
GilGil crows that Trump just used his national notoriety to win the lawsuit
Trump has shown the judge is corrupt. 100% corrupt. That is all that matters.

Judges hate this kind of exposure.

I mean give me a break. He makes all the Trump U documents available to the public and in 24 hours he says that he goofed and reseals them but not before inflicting maximum damage on Trump.

The case is now so tainted that Trump will win handily.

He is no fool!
Godebert is not a fan of those who think this was a misstep:
You are an apologist for LA RAZA racists.
Will88 finds voter registration drives to be mighty suspicious...
Your link in #91 also lists voter registration as an activity of the La Raza Lawyers of SD. Who believes that is restricted to registration of US citizens?
Based on his handle, TexasCruzin epitomizes the saying 'there's no zealot like the converted'
I think you’d better shut your mouth about Trump and take a hike before Jim does it for you.
Eddie01 tries to argue, but gets offtrack by how much he hates illegals:
If Trump really thinks that being a Mexican, donation to Clinton and being an immigration advocate disqualifies a judge, he is wrong.”

Do you have any idea how retarded you sound?

All illegals should be deported on sight. Cuff ‘em and stuff ‘em. Let them come back legally if they can, but with so many being human filth... f those bitches.
RitaOK suspects. Also La Raza:
The judge is suspect in the leaks of the TRUMP case.

TRUMP has cause to change judges, and the Mexican LA RAZA nudge already should have refused himself. This is a set up.
Facts are confusing. SatinDoll goes full on La Raza:
No. You obviously are ignorant of the following fact: this Judge is a member of the La Raza group. They are racists.

This Judge should never have been assigned to this case. He is biased.

If a Judge was a member of the KKK, you bet there would be charges of racism by a black litigant.
Mariner has faith Trump is too awesome to be guilty of shady dealings:
I've heard a great deal about this suit lately.

But I'd sure like to see one of the contracts...and a fair assessment of whether the contractual commitments were met, as I suspect they were.

But that fair assessment is not what the Democrats and their Race Thugs want.

You can tell hoosiermama is concerned, because she turns the speculation all the way up to delusional:
Something else is in the works

He has his PI working on it. Just a hunch that hit last night. 
LaRasa wants to claim US Territory as part of Mexico. Did you see all the sign at the San Jose riots? After listening to Newt and a couple of others,
Am betting that he has or suspects more than we are privy to. Something is up!
No one has mentioned if his parents were legal. Indiana has illegal immigrants too
Ending with wondering if he was maybe an anchor baby is pretty sweet.

dsc has decided the judge is sabotaging America:
Of course this bigot is not going to recuse himself. Why should he, when he has such a clear chance to harm the US? As for being removed, well, that could happen. Actually, if he fails to recuse himself that could lead to his being removed from the bench.
dsc is ready to stab him a Messican:
LaRasa wants to claim USTerritory as part of Mexico.

Fix bayonets.
trebb knows anyone voicing any concerns about Trump at all is appeasing America's oppressive government:
Those who think Trump is overreaching are those who think we ought to wait just a little bit longer to see if they really do want to rule us with an iron fist - just be quiet and don't make waves..... 
If we had a lot more Donald Trumps (the man, not the billionaire) in this nation, the government would not have been stepping on the necks of the People like they do today.


  1. I like how the Freepers completely over look the fact that for all his bluster, Trump hasn't directed his lawyers to request the judge recuse himself or get the trial moved.

  2. Interestingly enough, former AG Gonzales is also a member of the same La Raza Lawyers Group as Curiel.

    He even has his email address posted as a contact on their website.

    1. Haha, that's rich. Not that it will matter to Freepers, even if that information somehow gets into their bubble.

  3. Some pretty fascinating doublethink on how Trump endorsee Ellers is a RINO, yet it was a brilliant strategy on his part to support her:

  4. "GOP establishment will work hard to sink Trump and elect Hillary.
    The opening shots from Ryan, McConnell and Flake show where its headed.
    Trump is a loose cannon for them. With Hillary, they can cut deals."

  5. "Do you have any idea how retarded you sound?"

    Can I petituon yiu Ozy to make this the unofficial tagline for Freeper Madness ;)

    1. No. Ya'll oughtn't to make jokes about
      retarded people. - Fang & Twinkie had
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      ago & back then the kids made jokes
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      one grows old & puts up with more;
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      Our first child has a genius IQ; was
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      I'll close out & hope ya'll have a
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      Love, TWINKIE KING

    2. Now you're getting PC? My suggestion was a joke, quoting a Freeper (yes, you can see that it's real if you just click the link on their name).

      Retarded is an offensive term. But just because I'm a libbly lib doesn't mean I can't quote people.

  6. I'll sign that petition.