Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday Pix

The FBI needs to stop concentrating on individuals and start with the blood libel already!
The Constitution is better than your strawman theocracy. Shocking truth!
As with all their villains, Freepers hope the GOP takes off their mask and gets violent already.
Action movie villains for Trump!
Beardgate continues!
Wait, so Obama is Emperor JimRob's right hand man? Makes a lot of sense...
Victim Trump's so innocent and uninteresting...
The right's been hitting the Hillary will sell out to the Saudis pretty hard lately.
They do love to hate Hillary's voice.


  1. This week on freeper prepping; should I hang or enslave that troublesome neighbor?

    1. Too funny ...
      in 99% of all cases, if the "S" does "HTF", the freeper is going to be the weirdo that the rest of the neighborhood is keeping an eye on.

  2. You know, if they put the Bill of Rights next to their vaunted Ten Commandments, they'd get the same results. The first four commandments wouldn't pass a constitutional test.

    As for "Seize land, houses, wealth of non-Muslims," I'm surprised they'd even invite that comparison with Christianity. Same results there, too, for hundreds of years. Manifest destiny, missionaries, colonization . . . .

  3. Do unto others as YOU would have them do unto
    you. - The Golden Rule of Christ
    Aunt Hannie

    1. Good. Now run back to Free Republic and teach that to them. Their motto is "Do unto others before they get a chance to do it to you."

    2. Do unto others before THEY do unto
      you. - The Golden Rule of Freepers
      Aunt Fanny

  4. i guess the actual sequence of our sacred us constitution isn't quite sacred enough ...

  5. Dunno much about current Sharia, but that doesn't jibe with Sharia Law from the golden age of Islam, and that doesn't strike me as something that changes a lot...

  6. He spelled "RYNO" wrong in "UniRyno." He had one job...

    1. I suspect they were trying to combine "Ryan" and "RINO".

  7. You'un's are too warped or maybe entirely
    too YOUNG and FAST to think straight. AUNT
    HANNIE is OLD & RICH with good enough
    insurance on her big old gaudy Cadillac
    to bash ya'll's little old sports cars to
    smiddling smash! - I suspect ya'll are over
    FORTY and past all critical thinking.
    However . . Hitler-y DID STAND BY HER MAN
    and tried to DESTROY his mistresses - you
    gotta give her that at least!! Aunt Hannie

    1. "I suspect ya'll are over
      FORTY and past all critical thinking."

      If you're old and rich, doesn't that make you even more past all critical thinking? You didn't think through that burn too well, did you.

  8. Aunt Hyannis seems to be old and bitter, not old and rich. And an '87 Cadillac Cimmaron ain't something to brag about.

    1. You'un's just spout off any old name
      like it does not matter. Well. It does
      matter! It ain't Aunt "Hyannis"!
      That's like where the Kennedys live
      & where they play "touch football"
      (sissy football). This is the sound
      of Aunt Hannie backing up & crashing
      into ya'll's little sports cars that
      just stole MY parking space . . . .
      Oh. . and use punctuation marks please. Use question marks and
      exclamation marks when they are
      supposed to be used.
      Ya'll are a bunch of smarty pants!
      Smarty pants fuzz butts!! - and
      quit throwing off on my Cadillac
      Cinnamon AMJ. It's an '88, so that
      LYING is a SIN. Go eat you some
      protein so you won't be so ill
      tempered and prone to LYING!! That
      vegetarian lifestyle is a deadend
      street to nowhere. Me, Fang & our
      kid are killing ya'll's votes for
      Hitler-y! And I am unanimous in
      that!! Aunt HANNIE the Harelipped

    2. The "fuzz butt" comment is quite telling, obviously a projection on your part ...


    3. And filled with cream like a TWINKIE.

    4. You'uns need to quit that cussing &
      ugly talk! TWINKIE refuses to talk
      to ya'll any more. Ya'll rejected
      her & made her mad! - She has,
      however, agreed that she, along with
      ME, FANG & the KID will be voting
      for President Donald J. Trump &
      killing another one of ya'll's votes
      for HITLER-Y!

      FANG'S brother, WING, & his wife
      NUREENA will both be voting AGAINST
      killing most of ya'll's votes for
      the HARRIDAN & the HOOLIGAN!

      OOOOOHHHH! With every passing day,
      the WIZARD OF UH's Reign of Speeches
      is running out - much like a bad case
      of diarrhea of the mouth. YAY!

      It is the white half of him that I
      like the least! The rest of him is
      actually Arab Muslim with maybe a
      teeny sprinkling of "black" that
      propelled his quota butt into the
      semen stained chair that Bubba
      Clintoon occupied (with an intern
      servicing him while he yakked on
      the phone)! Pshew!! Another reason
      to vote TRUMP!

      Trump MAY do a lousy job; but we're
      used to that by now aren't we?

      At least, maybe he won't invite
      BLACKMAIL by a foreign power because
      he's getting serviced with puerile
      sex by interns! (Look up "puerile"!)

      You do NOT know for sure Bubba
      wasn't BLACKMAILED, DO YOU? NO!
      Too many foreign "dignitaries"
      touring nuclear facilities back
      during CLINTON'S escapades.

      HITLER-Y is as old as TWINKIE &
      she can tell you that HITLER-Y
      has one foot in the grave & the
      other one on a banana peel.
      Aunt Hannie also understands facts;
      and ya'll need to face them, too,
      and DO NOT inflict the CLINTOONS on
      us for another round of the ARKANSAS

      Have mercy! It's Sunday!

  9. Obama ID Fraud Investigation Isn’t Over By A Long Shot

    I never get tired of these birther threads. In this one, "windminded" tries to point out how stupid this consiracy theory is and the faithful pile on him.

    1. The "birther theory" may well be as
      right as rain; but I've always thought
      giving it any time was a waste of time.

      No one was going to get anywhere with
      the "first" black President. Any
      attempt to remove him would be sunk;
      the clicking time clock of Hussein's
      time left in office & pray he isn't
      going to cut a rusty in order to not
      have to leave that posh position he
      and Michelle & the girls have rooted

      Tick Tock.

  10. My dad was a WWII combat veteran of N. Africa, Italy & Germany. No one detested
    draft dodgers worse than he did; but Bill
    Clinton charmed his way into my dad's good
    graces. Today, Bill looks like he has one
    foot in the grave & the other one on a
    banana peel. Some radio guy used to say
    they bet Hillary would have Bill offed for
    the sympathy vote. Surely not; but I guess
    stranger things have happened with people
    whose life's blood is politics

    What ya'll think? Time is short if she's
    gonna act.


    1. I think she should save him for her 2020 re-election. After all, Bush waited until 2004 to have Reagan offed for the sympathy vote. And Reagan was much older and looked much worse in 2000 than Clinton now.

    2. President Reagan was well into his
      90's when he died peacefully with
      Nancy having suffered the ravages of
      Old Timers' Disease. Ya'll are either
      joking or are delusional!

      I wish I could remember the radio
      guy who advanced the theory that
      Hitler-y will have Billious offed
      for the sympathy vote. Reagan
      looked "much worse" than Billious?!!

      G. Gordon Liddy was the radio guy
      who theorized that Hitler-y would
      have Billious offed so she could
      insure the sympathy vote if things
      weren't looking good for "her"

      Oh, and RONALDUS MAGNUS looks better
      than EITHER of the Clinton Clowns
      even at this stage!

      HITLER-Y has a snowball's chance in
      Hell of being elected without massive
      voter fraud!

      President Edmund Hitler-y Clintoon -
      Nope. Don't sound quite right.

      First Laddie Billious Jefferson
      Clinton tee shirts won't sell.

      FAIL!!! - Hannie

    3. Reagan looked like death warmed over, even while he was in office. Still, he would be alive today if Bush wasn't scared of losing the election. Speaking of Hitler, I'm sure Reagan and Hitler are getting along very well together where they are now, even if it is a little warm.

    4. Ronaldus Magnus would be OVER a
      hundred years old IF he were still
      alive today. PROVE your accusations
      of MURDER against "Bush" or else
      SHUT UP!

      The CLINTONS' Days of Reckoning are
      closer now than they were. TICK TOCK!

      YOU don't predict who goes to HELL.
      Hannie doesn't either. I still allow
      that judgment goes to the Lord, Maker
      of Heaven & Earth.

      HITLER-Y & LIAWATHA were prancing
      around like fat little ponies today
      at their "gayfestivities".

      Ya'll ain't never had ya'll's balls
      busted quite like those two
      Ball Busters can do it.

      Oh, I forgot. Ya'll LIKE it! What
      a tragedy!


    5. PROVE your accusations
      of MURDER against "Bush" or else
      SHUT UP!

      erm, didn't you call Hillary a murderer?

      Props for not speaking for God, you're ahead of a lot of Freepers!

      Finally Warren is many things, but fat she is not.

    6. When did I say anyone went to hell? You simply inferred that from what I wrote. Can you prove Bush didn't have Reagan killed? Like most Freeper conspiracies, all you have to do is notice that Reagan died during an election year, claim it's too big of a coincidence and then cherry pick little nuggets of information until you convince yourself that it must be true.

      I wouldn't be voting for Hillary if she wasn't a ball buster. If she were a man, people would be calling it "leadership".

  11. No. I quoted G. Gordon Liddy the radio guy
    who said he thought Hitler-y would have
    Blubberbutt offed for the sympathy vote.
    It was just a thought; but Liddy's, not mine.
    Of course, I found it interesting.

    Well. Anyway, Fang & We are killing ya'll's
    votes. So, don't bother yourselves voting.
    It'll be an exercise in futility.

    Plus, you'll get a tingle of guilty
    conscience voting for that lying ball
    buster anyway.

    DHIMMICRATS start wars & then surrender.
    Look it up.

    Ya'll go & feed ya'll's pets. Dhimmicrats
    are known for cruelty to poor little
    animals AND their mammies wear combat
    boots, too!

    OK. I'm outta here. Ya'll have done gone
    and jumped the shark. I knew it was coming
    to this.

    I'll tell Twinkie ya'll said goodbye &
    good riddance. Fang says kiss his butt.
    Yuk! Dub says kiss her butt. Boo-Boo says
    kiss her grits.

    Andy Griffith is on tv right now. He went
    over to the dark side before he passed on.

    OK, Goodbye!! Aunt Hannie the Harelipped


  12. No guilt for voting for Hillary here. I just can't wait to see FR after she wins. The crying will match or exceed 2012 when Obama was reelected. I also can't wait to see FR when she's reelected. You might have had a chance to beat her if you had run a normal candidate, so you have our gratitude for nominating Trump.

    1. You need to go to bed at a decent hour, Euphgeek, and get some sleep so
      your mind won't be fogged up with
      Clintoon miasma fog.

      Also, get yourself some Shungite
      stones to absorb some of those EMP's
      that are absorbing into your brain
      from sitting in front of the puter

      Also, eat yourself some breakfast so
      the brainfog can clear out. Eggs,
      bacon, whole grain bread with BUTTER,
      local honey & coffee & eat a whole
      orange instead of guzzling ten oz. of
      orange juice! A doctor told me that
      years ago.

      I had no more to do with Trump being
      in that position than you did with the
      Clintoon grifters catapulting to the
      positions they have grasped in their
      hot little hands.

      Hitler-y won't even be able to do the
      job the first go around, assuming she
      gets a first go around - which is no
      more a real given than Trump getting
      a shot at the job.

      Secret is this: NO human being, split
      tail or not, is capable of "running"
      things. That is why the Creator of all
      this will soon close the curtain of a
      failed human attempt to "run things".

      Aunt Hannie

    2. I had no more to do with Trump being
      in that position than you did with the
      Clintoon grifters catapulting to the
      positions they have grasped in their
      hot little hands.

      Really? Because I personally was responsible for getting the Clintons to where they are today. I made sure Bill was elected governor of Arkansas, told him to run in 1992 and convinced her to drop out in June 2008 so she could run in 2016. And I did it all on the condition that she never acknowledge my support and deny even knowing who I am.

      I'll also let you in on a little secret: the Creator will not "close the curtain" any time soon. Well, maybe for you, but the rest of us will keep going.

    3. Life is uncertain. Death is sure.
      For me. For YOU. For ALL. - The
      young. The old.

      With the Creator; a thousand years
      is like one day with Him.

      Look around you. This UTOPIA that
      Hussein Obama has "created" these
      past 8 yrs. is a most horrible
      "Land of the Lost" with lie, after
      lie, after lie, after lie.

      He lies when the truth would be
      easier. It's what he does; what he's
      always done; because the TRUTH is
      that he is NOT the second coming,
      NOT the Messiah. He has only
      succeeded in lying like a champ &
      doing his part for his blessed
      "Caliphate". The one that is going
      the way that Winston Churchill
      recommended. Down. And none too


    4. Yes, I'm sure that in your Obama fanfictions he has "lied" and the country is in such bad shape. But here in the real world, Obama is one of the most honest presidents we've ever had, and the country is in pretty good shape.

    5. You live in "Fantasyland". Obama is
      an America hater of the first
      magnitude. - He does love starting
      wars & elevating Jihadists to
      positions of power. Hitler-y, too.
      Two peas in a pod.

      Lie to yourself; it's the only way
      I could keep my dinner down.

      We've had our "black" President &
      he's sucked that old tit dry. There
      were better choices - Herman Cain,
      other black men to name a few. But,
      it's done. If "honesty" is defined by
      being a really good liar, then Hussein is "honest". Yeah. Tell
      yourself that. Too bad. Just as
      the truth about the job that Reagan
      did came out; the truth about Hussein
      will rise like foam on a murky pond.


    6. "Fantasyland"? Is that your name for America in your Obama fanfiction? The same place where Reagan did a good job as president and didn't sell arms to Iran? It sure sounds like a fantasy to me.

    7. HUSSEIN has bequeathed the whole
      shooting match to Iran. The mullahs
      are laughing at him to his face &
      are delirious at their good fortune
      at pulling the wool over Kerry &
      Obama's eyes on their nuclear luck.

      I'm NOT Twinkie. I'm Aunt Hannie.
      Ya'll ran Twinkie off with your
      ceaseless convoluted carping &
      calling her "stupid" or at least
      tantamount to stupid.

      I'm gonna listen to Rush's radio
      program today or at least part of
      it. (That's where I go when I need
      someone to tell me what to think
      don't you know?)

      Ya'll are spitting in my cooking

      Also, ya'll are another day older
      (just like Aunt Hannie) and another
      day closer to HUSSEIN being gone,
      gone, gone & PRESIDENT DONALD J.
      TRUMP being sworn in as POTUS!!

      Aunt Hannie the Harelipped

    8. Yes, I'm sure you really believe that. But let me have no actual proof of anything you're saying. Am I right? Of course I am. That's why I say you're living in a fantasyland and writing Obama fanfiction.

  13. VENEZUELA! Be there or be square. GO!