Friday, June 3, 2016

Spotlight Friday: 353FMG

But what about the Muslims? This Freeper wants to make everything about how bad Muslims are and how the government insists you kiss them and love them. Specifically, he's very fond of talking specifically of how the government forces us all to have our lips 'puckered ready to kiss muzzie ass.'
And of course he eagerly predicts another terrorist attack in America that will end America's silly tolerance. Muslim rants like that are most of what he talks about these days.

But he's been semi-active since 2006, so I can see this is actually sort of new. Before that, he was your usual conspiracy birther guy challenging the secret loyalty of every Democrat in the news with a zeal extreme even for Freepers.

Seems to have something of an interesting background, alluding to being a POW in Indonesia during WWII. It seems to have made him a bit bloodthirsty. Though he's cool about the Vietnamese - they may be Commies, but at least they're not Japs or Muslims!

Nazi, but for Muslims!
Alle Muzzies raus
No moderate Muslims, natch.
Radical Islam is the norm — there is no such thing as peaceful Islam.
All bad things are liberal:
All the slaughters in the 20th century were perpetrated by left-wingers — Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Muslims.
Martin Luther King - dumbass:
MLK was a dreamer of the most naive kind.
Obama mentions 'Polish Death Camps,' causing a minor flap.
The man is a muslim — what do you expect him to say?

BTW muslims were on Hitler’s side.
Of course, he's a Pinochet fan:
He will never be arrested because we have no General Pinochet, and Hussein knows it.
Obama jumping for joy:
The overthrow of Gaddafi and the establishment of an islamic country under sharia law is a personal victory for Obama.

Do you really think that he cares that it might be a disaterous foreign policy for the US? As a muslim he is jumping for joy.
Purge all Muslim sympathizers
How long are we non-believers supposed to put up with this?

As long as you are stupid enough to elect pro-muslim political “leaders”. Any politician with a hint of sympathy for Islam should be yanked off the public stage, whether RAT or Pubbie.
Random bomb threat.
That’s what you can expect when the city and state are flooded with muzzies.
San Bernardino shooter proves Muslims have evil DNA:
Farook was radicalized at the time his parents went through the motions (no pun intended)to have a child. Can you spell DNA? Every muzzie is a walking timebomb unless he/she/denies the Koran. Sheesh, why is it so hard to comprehend the muzzie mindset?
Why do we not make Islam a thought crime?
Muzzie brain is poisoned by koranic teachings.

I don’t think that this country would give 1st Amendment protection to people whose religion is based on Mein Kampf.

Then why protect islam?

Mexicans are basically Muslims, except no one hates Muslims:
They are not here becuase they think here is better than Mexico they are here to take our lands. To claim those lands for themselves.<

Mexicans act like muzzies, but no one is paying attention to the latter.
The law says we gotta kiss Muslim ass:
In our PC society we have to go about with our lips puckered ready to kiss muzzie ass at all times. Anything that has to do with islam has to be given a rosy color. After all, it must forever be known as the ROP.
More 'puckered ready to kiss muzzie ass.'
I doubt it — the country has become accustomed to flag burnings and foreigners claiming to taking over the country. We have become submissive to foreigners in our own country. Notice how the country’s lips are constantly puckered ready to kiss muzzie ass.
More puckering!
The Somali is a muzzie, so we’d better pucker up and kiss his ass as we are expected. It has been the American way ever since the bearded barbarians started polluting our country.
Tired of puckering yet?
Here we go again — puckering up as the muzzie bends forward.
If Tim Tebow were Muslim...
If TT were a muslim they would allow passages from the koran posted all around the stadium during ramadan.

Broncos akhbar!!
The horror of Muslim soldiers:
Would you trust a muslim pilot in charge of a nuclear armed US fighter jet? Yet, the day will come that this will be a reality.

We are concerned about Pocky-stahn and their nukes. What about our nukes in the hands of US Muslims?
The horror of Muslim pilots, citizens, Presidents...
Would any of you board an American airliner after witnessing the pilots banging their heads on the floor in prayer?
If not, then why do we allow these barbarians to come live with us? Even occupy the WH?
Yearning for another attack on America - this one will start the purges for sure!
All that will change after the first Beslan-type of school accident. But the politicians who imported these barbarians will continue their careers and will not be affected. That this flood of muzzies is happening to our country is our own fault — we do not hold our politicians responsible. Whoever of our politicians approved of this madness should be voted out in the next cycle.
More terrorism hoping:
It is unconstitutional to be anti-muzzie
Of course all that will change when the first truck bomb goes off on Times Square and the walls are dripping with blood like they are in Baghdad today.
PTSD violence hoping:
Our troops will return home, and some will get flashbacks when they see the many ragheads walking around in their neighborhood.
2014 - Obama is totes a dictator:
Bambi will fire all nine justices if they dared to circumvent any of his “laws”.

Anyone dare to stand up to him? No one has so far.
Community organizing is Communism!
Equal Opportunity Officer = Commissar = Community Organizer
2008 - Bush postmortem - he knows the Real Obama!
He never tried to defend himself and his silence gave his detractors the impression of guilt. Many of GW’s problems were self-created. I voted for him twice but his only legacy that I can think of is Obama.

His depressive daze may be caused by the knowledge of some deep dark secrets that are about to be unleashed in our country. (Why did he never question Obama’s legitimacy for POTUS? And what about Cheney?))
2016 - Bush was never conservative; why, he said Islam was a Religion of Peace!
Bushes and conservatism? What a laugh. He brought us the expression, ROP.
2010 - maybe the head of DHS is working for the terrorists?
Napolatano is as bad or worse as Janet Reno or Jamie Gorelick before her.

Putting all kidding aside, has anyone ever considered whose side she may be on? She is a RAT, you know, and RATs are not pro-American.
College has gotten so foreign these days:
When I attended college I was taught by American professors.
Today, many students complain that their teachers are foreign graduate students who speak poor English.
African aid worker was child molester? Thanks Obama!
Look at the words HOPE on his T-shirt.

That’s the Obama type of hope that he refers to.
Cured his diabetes by going vegan:
Are you type II?

Yes. Reversed it in 30 days with a vegan diet. No animal products, no oils and only green leaves. Dropped 15% of my body weight and fasting blood sugar is in the 80’s. Thanks be to God.
Why thank God? Abortion means prayer does nothing!
God help us, please.

How can HE do that when we have removed HIM from our society, commit mass murder on babies and wage war on religious freedom.
GOD is not easily mocked.
Japanese Concentration Camp, so he's cool with genocide.
My Mom and I spent a few years in a Japanese concentration camp in Indonesia ( the former Dutch East Indies). When she heard that mysterious “atom bombs” were the reason for Japan’s surrender and our liberation, she incredulously asked: “Why only two”. She was a proponent of carpet-bombing the entire island chain called Nippon. Paul Tibbits is a hero in our family and August 6 is a feast day.
And yes, I do like sushi and sashimi.
Vietnam - at least it's not Islamic!
Vietnam was less treacherous.

That was because we were not dealing with Muslims.

Sheesh, don’t EVER compare Vietnam with what we are going through today.

Look at the thousands of Vietnamese living in this country and then compare them with the muzzies that pollute this nation.

The former are too proud to even ask for a handout, the latter will never assimilate and are not to be trusted.


  1. I love how there's a lot of freepers with ammunition as a user name.

    If he was interned by the Japanese he would have to be at least 75, to remember it he'd be near 80. My great aunts best friend was a Dutch woman interned in the East Indies. Always wondered why her family didn't leave way before the Japanese came south.

    But the Vietnamese/refugee thing is just hilarious. The South Vietnamese we brought over were all on the government dime, or as freepers call the taxpayer teat. Being in a large military family I know of at least one that still is all these years latter.

  2. i always chuckle a bit when i hear someone say:

    "i did A and B and C, which predictably resulted in D -- thanks to god."

    1. The personification of God is always funny.

      As if some dude is sitting up in the clouds with lightning bolts and a scale.

      I imagine we're all a bunch of computer simulations sent to Earth to establish terraforming; therefore, God is just a guy with a strong "radio-type" connection who pushes us to work harder to get our world up to a galactic standard to pay dividends.

    2. Excuse me! What does God need with a computer simulation?

    3. The obsession of this blog for
      Freeper ridicule is PATHETIC.

      I think ya'll are mostly making up
      Freeper names & quotes.

      Find ya'll's selves some hobbies.
      Besides Freeper Ridicule or Twinkie

      Yahweh is so far above any of our
      ability to define Him, there's no way
      to figure the distance. His Son,
      Yeshua HaMaschiach will return with
      His holy angels to rule this earth
      To that, I say "MARANATHA".

      Remembering the pilot who died in the
      plane crash near Nashville yesterday.
      He stayed with the plane & brought it
      down in a large open area - a miracle
      in that area which was densely

      OK. I WILL get off your blog. It's
      clear I'm persona non grata & the
      obsession with Free Republic &
      painting us all as stupid losers is
      alarming anyway.

      Sadly, I'd guess many of them think
      the same about ya'll; they just don't
      make a meal out of it.

      Sincerely, TWINKIE KING

    4. STINKIE QUEEN gets more replies to her posts here than she does on FR, where she is pretty much ignored.

    5. Go back to your "safe space," Twinkie. You're a special snowflake, and only the safe unchallenged embrace of Free Republic will shield you from reality. Go, special one. Be sheltered. May you never be zotted for being burdened with an original thought.

    6. i always chuckle a bit when i hear someone say:

      "Yahweh is so far above any of our ability to define Him"

      and then they proceed to lecture us about what god is, wants and will do ...

    7. See you in a few days twinkie!

    8. "OK. I WILL get off your blog."
      Yeah, you've been saying that for a couple months now. Who cares.

    9. It has been explained before twinkles: this isn't a political debate or Democrat discussion blog.

      Relentlessly ridiculing Freepers is what we're here for. It is the raison d'etre. We're not following National Review or Conservative Treehouse ... not even "Hindenburg" Limbaugh.

      We're here for Chairman Rim, Oinks, Lazmacaine, HardlyALady27, Calgon and their ilk. The fact that they are all right wing deranged thugs is due Rim's ideological eugenics program. The deranged thuggery is what matters.

  3. Twinkie, I wish the best for you and other freepers in your personal lives. The problem I have with Free Republic is the general attitude of hatefulness and selfishness.

    Also, Twinkie, don't believe that there aren't any liberal Christians. It's hard for me to reconcile the Randian and Social Darwinist elements of modern conservatism to Biblical ideas of social justice.

  4. meanwhile, trouble in paradise?

    Jim Robinson: "As a disgruntled former FReeper pointed out today, FR's popularity rating on Alexa has taken a big hit recently, possibly due to the fact that we support Trump over Hillary. The same person claims that this is probably why our fundraisers are taking longer to complete. Well, if this is so, I only have one thing to say.

    I regret that I have but one popular website to give for my country, but I'll continue doing all I possibly can to keep another corrupt Marxist/fascist bitch out of the presidency. Defeating Hillary is much more important to me than any popularity rating.

    Go, Trump, GO!!

    Hillary for prison.

    We need your continuing support now more than ever!

    Thank you all very much.

    God bless."

    1. TL;DR version: I'm willing to poison my well knowing fully it will have zero effect on the election.

    2. doth no one remember those halcyon days of autumn, looking forward to rnc debate stages packed to overflowing with primary hopefuls from near and far, come nobly together to save the nation's very soul from extinction, through brotherly and earnest competition o'er faith and morals, under both queensbury rules and, most importantly, under sainted ronaldus magnus' inviolate eleventh commandment?

    3. Remember when the one brave man named Cruz was going to save the GOP from the Bush family.

    4. Like most petty dictators, Rim has a weak grasp of the concept of "elections". Unpopular position = less traffic = FEWER VOTES. He must think the Charge of the Light Brigade is an example of brilliant tactics and that Custer was a competent commander.

    5. Shorter JimRob: "I will continue driving this train forward, even though it has long ago gone off the rails and is heading for a cliff."