Saturday, June 18, 2016

Saturday Pix

Clear low effort re-purposing of shoddy anti-Obama propaganda. Sad!
Muslims aren't just a different species, they're a different class from us humans.
When you don't know what to say, just strawbama!
...and accuse the other side (strawmen of course) of being the ones who are conflicted!
How is horns a power?
We live an a great age for Freeper madness, but my favorite thing in the cuckoo cornucopia is Muslim Paul Ryan.
So much to love. Tiny-headed Muslims, blinged-out Paul Ryan, random lightning bolt...


  1. Freeper Commandos discuss what they would do in an active shooter situation.

    1. My favorite part of that thread is the guy who points out that if you pull out your gun in that situation you become a target for other people with guns and the police trying to take down the shooter, and another fr casually dismisses him with "That's unlikely."

    2. Well yeah, no upstanding white Christan American ever committed a mass shooting. If you were a police sniper would you shoot the brown guy or the white guy in a Trump hat?

    3. Just went through active shooter training at work. Pulling out a gun is the last thing you want to do. To law enforcement, you become a target. Get out or barricade.

  2. "Scarborough Predicts Trump Loss So Huge, Will Make Goldwater Look ‘Extremely Successful’":

    albie: "This guy is gonna end up in the heap of “foolish predictions of the past” along with Dick Morris."

  3. At a glance I thought Paul Ryan was wearing a Star Trek uniform. Man, that would've put him at 1.5 "good" marks for him in my book.

    0.5 being him telling Republicans to vote their conscience re: Trump.

  4. Replies
    1. "BOTH sets of grandparents are FELONGS, BTW."


      The "pro-life" community is very petty and selective. Much like everyone else in general.