Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. IV

CivilWarBrewing really shows how weird Freeper theories get:
More evidence 0dunga is a faggot and his ‘wife’ has a penis.
from occupied ga knows the key is to never admit being wrong, and Freepers will find some way to spin it:
TRUMP GETS IT. DON'T EVER APOLOGIZE TO THESE BASTARDS If you do you admit you're wrong and they're right. Trump is right.
wku man has a plan for gays.
Who cares? Let's just ridicule them back into the closet. Let them sort their own problems out, or deal with the consequences.

Scouts Out! Cavalry Ho!
I suspect many of his plans involve being an asshole:

T-Bone Texan is really coming out of nowhere and posting up a storm of crazy. Here he thinks Zika is a conspiracy to make people crave government:
Silly Brookhaven, don’t you know that pandemic is part of the elite agenda?

Not so much for reducing the population, although there’s that - It facilitates solidifying control over the levers of power and governance.

The elites benefit from crisis, always. Look for Obama to declare that Rio is safe.
'All things that government is good at are hoaxes. Except the military - all our wars were legit!'

Similarly, asinclair goes off on how government research uses contractors, so if you think about it the government's never innovated anything!
Actually, if you really, really look into who did the ENGINEERING for the components used in the iPhone and other smartphones, you need to look at Bell Labs, a NGO dedicated to providing good telephone service in its first 80 years of life.. Both iOS and Android OS can trace part of their ancestry to Unix, a Bell Labs skunks work project. As for government, the government itself didn't ENGINEER the inventions, private industry did, under contract with DARPA and the four branches of the Armed Forces. Not to mention all the fallout from NASA and its contracting to NGOs for Mercury/Gemini/Apollo and the Space Shuttle.

Basic research? Look to the network of universities and their associated National Laboratories -- more NGOs who moved technology forward.
conservative98 explains away the loss of someone Trump endorsed. Still a winner!
This loss isn’t on Trump. He did one lousy robocall for her.
RitaOK exonerates Trump for sexism by yelling that Hillary has never made money in the private sector. Why bother remembering all the right wing hay made about Hillary working as a lawyer, and her books.
Stunning the differences between Hillary’s yawn producing complaints against TRUMP, and the seriousness of his complaints against her.

TRUMP’s 70’s style manners of speech on women were disgusting, but those too cute by half remarks of his are nearly forty years old now.

Hillary in the 70’s was defending radical black Marxists and getting fired for lies and dishonesty while serving to take down a Republican president.

TRUMP was on the right side of production all of his life.
Hillary was on the government dole all of hers.

US trade is money. Where there is money, Hillary is near by.

TRUMP is used to earning money. Hillary is used to corrupting it.
Corrupting money?

With all the Freeper fanfiction about Hillary, the worst things wayoverontheright can think of about her are kind of lame:

DuncanWaring wants a bloody coup in Germany:
Ceausescu Protocol long overdue.
Electric Graffiti is already getting his blamin' set for Trump losing:
Imagine if instead of the RNC working to undermine Trump they were neutral - or actually HELPED.

There's not a state that crooked b!tch could win.

Sadly, Trump faces opposition from the marxist muslim uniparty, the leftist press, the white hut, and every other whore feeding off Fedzilla and the American taxpayer. Not to mention nation states like Mexico, etc.

This is not going to end well. We need more lampposts.
This PC junk is already backfiring. They are getting desperate.
McBuff explains that teleprompters are totally OK when Trump uses them because he's smart, not like Obama and Hillary:
There is a time and place when one should use a prepared text. The point is that Trump, by all means, has been the most accessible candidate and well-able to speak extemporaneously. It is also important to note that when Trump speaks with a prepared text, he is expressing things that he has talked about in many other venues. . .they are his words and ideas. 
When Obama speaks, it is always canned content obviously written by his handlers. . same with Hildebeast. . .so those two come off very mechanical and insincere whereas the Donald conveys sincerity in any format. . because he is saying exactly what he thinks. . .teleprompter or otherwise.
sergeantdave threatens Romney with ventilation:
These are perilous times for Romney and his moneyed Mormon clan. The last time a Mormon leader suggested sedition, he got seriously ventilated.
Female outreach expert LostInBayport is sure all Americans all hated women just for being vengeful like women can get, right?
Two screeching, hectoring scolds pushing seventy? The Leona Helmsley ticket!

The repulsion rate will run the gamut from men to women, old to young and across races. We have all had to deal with the Hillary or Fauxcahontas type, the angry lecturer devoid of reason and with a penchant for revenge on those who even innocently disagree with them. It may have been a co-worker, a teacher, an ex-wife, a mother-in-law, a boss or a customer.

A very limited range of appeal, in my view.
Haiku Guy uses Affirmative Action to prove that white doctors are the best:
I know that a white male doctor had to jump through every hoop, ace every test, and fight and claw his way through medical school. I don’t want a doctor who was shown the easy path, and got to slide his way through medical school. I am sure there are some great minority or women doctors out there, but with affirmative action, how do you know who is who?
LeoWindhorse is still getting ready for dat coup he wants other people to do for him:
indict her ass TODAY !
If this present regime tries to coverup and stonewall this
and let an election go forward , like they did with Obama and Benghazi , there is going to be a revolution in this country .

Get ready
OldSmaj, in response to Oklahoma civil asset forfeiture, straight-up promises shootings if Hillary wins. I wonder if this time some Freepers will quit keeping their powder dry...naaaaaah.
This pisses me off.

And when folks like me get pissed off...we go to the ballot box.

Since the ballot box has not worked, we must now go to the other box.

Sad, but I can see little relief in this crap.

That f'ng bitch is gonna get fraud and cheating, but she's gonna be elected...mark my words.

Time to remember why we have the 2nd Amendment.

Wake up folks...the camel is in the tent!


  1. If only the government could be over thrown from the comfort of their sofas.

    1. The Fifth Mechanised Jazzy Chair Division, AARP Battalion