Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. II

Jim Robinson typifies Freepers' 'we need to destroy the Constitution in order to save it' attitude:
Be a lot better to just ban the muslims from America.They’re totally incompatible with the Constitution.
equaviator thinks gay and transgender tolerance is just a plot to create more terrorism:
Obama recruits Islamic extremist terrorists by bathing the White House in all of the colors of the LGBT rainbow and by allowing transgendered, etc. “infidels” into whatever public bathroom(s) they feel like using.
djstex loves that old Freep trope of declaring victory because Obama is probably totally mad:
Obama seething and losing all ground. Obama just contradicted himself. Make it harder on these terrorists to get guns. Does he know these so called home grown terrorists as he calls them?
He's now parsing words about what to call the terrorists.

What a complete waste of air time his sucks up. Obama is seething about Trump's words yesterday! One more for TRUMP! Minus Zero for Obama! ;)
TigersEye enjoys some strawman:
Terrorism: “We’re going to do something now.”


MrsEmmaPeel knows it will take a superhero teamup of Putin and Trump to defeat supervillain SOROS:
My theory: yes - the Russians are helping Trump. In return, Trump will provide the GPS coordinates of Soros the moment he is elected President.
rktman is pretty sure the universal condemnation of Trump's anti-Muslim bigotry has got to be a coordinated conspiracy:
Looks like "THE call" came in from up on high. O'gasbag and now g-retchin. Is peter doocey or sean hannity next? How about neal cavuto? First the 2nd then the 1st assclowns.
Secret Agent Man has a great slogan:
You want who the muslims want? Vote Hillary.
Not sure what stars & stripes forever means here, but I don't think he does either:
HILLARY’S cold calculating expression tells me she has gone over to the dark side.
On a website wherein every fart Trump makes is a masterstroke, StormEye laments that the lockstep left will never blame Hillary for things she has no control over:
The point is, it's the leftist ideology that must be supported. It doesn't matter who or how many get killed in the quest to impose it on America and the world. They will support anyone who agrees with it and right now it's Hillary. 
ISIS could nuke liberal San Francisco and it wouldn't matter to them. Hillary, Obama, Bernie would never be blamed. 
Those that support the ideology are never to blamed so the MSM would try to shift the blame to their usual suspects: Christians, white males, Donald Trump, the Tea Party etc. That's why I think Hillary will not lose support over the Orlando incident or any other atrocity committed against Americans.
kevao is really suffering under the vengeance of the majority of American voters who hate America:
I’m thinking it will enflame the America haters into coalescing with a vengeance and a fury.

That happened in 2008, and again in 2012.
Old Yeller - any day now!
The nuclear devices are coming.
How many Muslims does Sarah Barracuda there are in America?
How about MUSLIM CONTROL..that’s something the left doesn’t want to see happen..they need those Muslim Jihadist votes in November
Unclear on a number of concepts, Arlis thinks Apple coming out with a new OS is Communism:
Sounds like communism to me....typical Marxist statement, government position - YOU MUST CHANGE.....

NOTHING wrong with my iPad 2, all I need........
CapitalistCrusader doesn't care about Trump's taxes, because taxes are evil:
I could not care less what Trump's income tax rate is. His, mine and everyone else's should ZERO! The income tax is a moral abomination.

Sacajaweau doesn't care about Trump's taxes because Trump is better than the rest of us:
The disclosure form is what is required. I don't care what Trump pays. He supports the jobs of thousands and thousands of people.
Once again mixing up Americans with Freepers, goldstategop explains that people are bored with attacking Trump:
People are just bored to death hearing all the negative attacks on Trump.

Didn’t hurt him during the primaries. Won’t hurt him in the general election.

There’s no new bombshell disclosure here.
Deo volente thinks the best thing for a country to do is to turn into one giant prepper bunker:
My advice to the British people:

Get out of the EU, kick out your Muslims, arm yourselves, and hunker down. This is a long war.
Now that an Obama did it, Sacajaweau thinks skipping a year before college is bad:
The importance of staying in school....So Malia is deferring for a year to romp around the some real crappy, dangerous places.
Correct me in the comments, but I can find literally zero sources for gaijin's numbers. Then, of course, he runs to the traditional 'fear of being called racist gives blacks infinite power' scenario:
traditionally the first lady has one or maybe two full-time assistants.

Hillary was a statistical flyer with four full-time aides.

Michelle Obama has -and I’m not sure you will believe this- ***26*** full time aides...!

part of the reason is probably because of America’s Legacy:

no white person especially in DC wants to walk up to the first black First Lady in US history and say, “Hey, you have too many staff, and traditionally, you people work for us not the other way around...”

Horrifying, merely to type.

no one wants to do that so this orgy of opulence is permitted to continue and everybody’s too scared to do anything about it.
EQAndyBuzz - post-Orlando gun control is the final battle against the UN:
This is their final push to a one world government. First this, then. The UN will vote on their gun control measures with the US setting precedent. Then there will be a change in the constitution by political fiat. Finally a political takedown of the President, who they assume will be Trump.

Then they will start coming for the guns. Police will fan out and look for areas around the country where potential defense by an armed citizenry will need to be eradicated. Look at some of their exercises over the last couple of years as well at the ranch incident.
since the 1960s rktman - no TV, only Freep:
Can’t really say the last time we watched any tv news of any flavor. Kinda went sour when wally concrete told us we were fini in VN.
RoseofTexas saw too many Mexicans on the TV and assumed conspiracy:
Even TCM had a string of Mexican movies this morning one right after the other..think Turner was trying to make a statement... Do bears chit in the woods?!!.. stinkinscumMEDIAwhores!! HAT’EM!!


  1. Ask and ye shall receive:

    1. Snopes, hah! Facts have a well-known leftist bias.

    2. For those who don't want to click a link (hey, I'm often lazy too) here's a pertinent point:
      "In fact, according to Anita McBride, Laura Bush's former Chief of Staff, Mrs. Bush had between 24 and 26 staffers working for her by the end of her husband's second term in office. It's therefore fair to say that the size of Michelle Obama's staff is not "unprecedented," but rather on a par with her immediate predecessor's."

  2. Why oh why do the poor oppressed white people think that saying "traditionally, you people work for us" might be seen as racist?

  3. rktman's view on Walter Cronkite and Vietnam is interesting. The idea that saying we can't beat a far away enemy on their own soil because they are fighting for their way of life against a foreign presence as false is fascinating.

    The Freeper's would proudly beat their chest and say the British could never have one because we would never allow a foreign oppressor to win on our soil.

    1. Freepers still refuse to understand that Iraq and Afghanistan have gone the way they have because most of their populations were horrified at being invaded and occupied by a foreign power.


  4. "Get out of the EU, kick out your Muslims, arm yourselves, and hunker down. This is a long war."

    Why do I get the feeling Freepers think they're about to be thrust into an episode of "The Walking Dead"?