Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

Dunno what happened, but be prepared for a FOUR part potpourri today!

faucetman is down deep. Trump's a "billionaire common man" who loves all Freepers and will be better than Reagan:
They called Reagan “the great communicator”. He also went over the heads of Congress and the press, directly to the people.

Trump has shown that he will be the GREATEST communicator. The big difference is that Reagan could talk to the people, Trump is one of them.

Trump is unique because he is the billionaire common man. A complete contradiction. He isn’t “pulling it off”, it’s REAL. He loves the people at his rallies. His voters and supporters. He doesn’t identify with them, he is one of them, in his heart.

There is no one else like Trump. That is why, when it comes to Trump, “conventional wisdom” is useless.

That is why Trump will CRUSH Hillary in a landslide.
wku man knows you cannot believe the media or the polls when they say Trump won't win every state:
Bernie against Trump is too close to call.

Quit listening to the media. Trump versus anyone is going to be a landslide like we haven't seen since 1984. The polls have been wrong all along, and will continue to be.

Scouts Out! Cavalry Ho!
Navy Patriot crows that even the craziest right-wing media thinks they're in control, but Trump is in control!
I think The Epoch Times is like all Media, they think they control the narrative and the candidates electability, but Trump controls the Media and when Trump speaks, his frankness controls the narrative.

The Media have screwed themselves and they haven't a clue to that fact, or how to remedy it.
hotsteppa is one of many Freepers to report this quickly banned new Freeper for criticizing Trump's message discipline:
VideoDoctor is correct. Trump should be attacking Hillary. By attacking anyone else he just takes attention away from Hillary. She is a monster who he needs to destroy. Why attack a “Mexican?”

Go away newbie troll.
hotsteppa continues his crusade against newbies who are less than blindly worshipful:
Your concern is noted newbie. If your gonna support Trump you better stiffen your spine. What, you think the media isn't gonna parse every word from him and feed you their meaning? Then your gonna believe their premise and show that your concerned.
LeoWindhorse continues to pathetically call for other people to kill liberals. In this case, he thinks bringing baseball bats to Trump rallies will be a great message to America:
EVERY attendee to Trump rallies should carry a baseball bat . 
Based on what has been happening , they have a perfect right to defend themselves . The confused police cannot possibly arrest everybody . 
It might make them actually do there jobs and start corralling the rioters , before the Trump folks start dealing with the matter themselves .

Baseball bats for Trump ! Open carry . Send a message .
“ We Will Not Be Intimidated “
mkjessup responds to a poster criticizing 'media' for tactics that describes just about only FOX News by coming out against electricity:
When will the viewing public realize that the definition of a TV "pundit" is that he/she is a SELF-APPOINTED AUTHORITY on everything?

All these hordes of TV 30-somethings, bottle-blond-lank haired, machine-gun-mouthed female "pundits" and their emasculated male counterparts are on the tube non-stop 24/7 telling us how to think, live, vote and everything else because they are "authorities" and "expert analysts" on every single thing we stupid, ill-informed suckers need to know to survive in today's society.

We are now living in an Orwellian world, that's for sure.

Kinda makes an EMP burst look like not such a bad thing, eh?
Envisioning knows only Freepers are truly well informed:
FreeRepublic really should be required reading for all public officials.

I would bet the average freeper is much more up to date on current events than most of them.

You would think they get all their news from CNN or they are just blissfully unaware or don't care.

Hopefully Trump is fixing to pull the rug out from under them, again....
No one tell well-informed Freeper pallmallman that Netanyahu rejected Trump's Muslim ban!
Currently, these two..Netanyahu and Putin are my two favorite world leaders.
qaz123 worked security for the State Department while hating the State Department and wanting it privatized:
Having done security for members of the State Dept and USAID, in Iraq for over 4 years, the whole entire department needs to be put out to pasture. I’m sure, long ago there was a need to have a system of embassies around the world, that this country needed. But with communications and air travel being what they are today, they are a huge waste of money. Might be a good idea to have a small one, for the occasional American tourist that gets in trouble or needs some help, but overall they just drain the bank, with a lot of high paid, liberal elitists.

We could contract top level businessmen/women(kind of like a certain presidential candidate has been saying) to do all the trade and economic stuff, without having to pay some clown from Dartmouth, with no real life business experience, to represent this country.

If most people, that actually gave a sh*t, knew what goes on in those embassies and knew of the conduct of the State employees, they’d be pissed and sick to their stomach. If anyone wants to know what really goes on, find a Marine that used to be an MSG or Security Forces at one of them. They’ll tell you stories that will make your eyes bleed.

On top of all that, most, and I mean MOST, hate this country and all that it stands for. They’ll be the first ones talking sh*t about how bad and mean America is(I’ve heard them say it). But, they have no problem living off the taxpayer dime, all around the world. Pretty sickening once you’re exposed to it.
As Trump continues to roil the GOP, Freepers are crowning new head villains at a breakneck pace. Screw Soros or even Romney, Zathras knows who is the real brain behind the hated 'GOP-e' is!
If McCain gets kicked out, the GOP-e will begin to collapse.
McCain has been the keystone since Bush 41.
Part of his power grab was to threaten to leave the GOP unless he got his way.
GeaugaRepublican on the Mexicanness of Judge Curiel:
This may not seem to matter, but Judge Curiel is a Mexican Citizen by birth in addition to his US citizenship. Remember that when people falsely correct Trump with “he is not ‘Mexican’”.

According to the laws of Mexico, he is. His father never naturalized and both of his parents were Mexican citizens when he was born in Indiana.

Curiel could just as easily be serving on a bench in Mexico.
Trump-branded testosterone cream would fly off the shelves.
BenLurkin heard the Hagia Sophia was being used as a mosque. Not sure if he knows it's been like that since 1453.
Maybe Russia will flatten it with a fuel air explosion. Better that it be rubble than be a mosque.
eCSMaster wants to double down on the whites:
Republicans like Newt, Ayotte, Kasich, and the rest, as well as so-called "conservative media" like Brit Hume are nothing but poltroons, cowering at being called racists.

Mexicans are not going to vote for Repubs anyway. Repubs are not going to get Latino votes by condemning Trump.

in fact, they will lose non-Latino support by cowering.
The things Romans Nine doesn't like about Newt more or less describe Trump:
I never have been able to understand all the Newt worship.

He should not be given much attention.

First he is a serial womanizer who was having an affair while chastising BJ “the bent one” Clinton for having an affair.

He thought there was going to be big money in the selling of carbon credits which is why he was so thrilled to jump on the couch with that reprobate Pelosi.

Newt has had what one or two good moments?

Trump would do well to distance himself from Newt.

Sorry but I do not believe for one second Trump talks to Newt “daily”. Who is pushing that anyway? Hummmm........maybe Newt?

Sorry to burst the bubble but Newt is establishment. The couch proved that.


  1. i wouldn't worry too much about faucetman's major mancrush: word has it he's got an intervention scheduled in november.

  2. Poltroons.

    There's a word that will resonate with the kids these days.