Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. III

Fantasywriter strawmans Obama using strawman arguments:
The strawman approach to winning the argument. Frame it yourself, rebut it yourself. Works every time.’

You’re right about it working. Obama’s been doing it for nearly 7.5 years.
GilGil has zero time for the losers who learn from their mistakes and won't unskew Trump polls:
You need to go back and research the posts in the period leading up to Obama’s victory in 2008 and 2012. This forum was full of posters predicting that the “polls” would “tighten” and that the polls “over-represented” democrats. How did that work out?

The problem here is not Trump. It is you. You are playing this to lose. Democrats never play to lose even if they are down. You nave already surrendered.
We will win without you. Stay home. don’t bother! 
rarestia turns the Orlando massacre into white males like him being the real victims:
This is exactly why I am not grieving or saddened by what happened in Orlando. The writing is on the wall. The administration is handing out citizenship like candy from a Pez dispenser, and they’re bringing in people whose very ethos is based on submission and death. Homosexuals are “soft targets” to them, and they’re not going to stop.

Meanwhile, gays are flocking to Hillary like she’s the second coming while ignoring the fact that she’s taken millions of dollars from countries that support this bullshit. It really doesn’t take anymore than one or two logical connections to understand what’s going on.

I’m not sad, I’m irate about what happened in Orlando. As a Floridian and a Tampa native for 35+ years, it pisses me off that the administration is letting these people walk around without questioning while hard-working, tax-paying, church-going white men like me are being harassed for stupid shit. WE ARE NOT THE PROBLEM!
DiogenesLamp shows how far the GOP has come since Bush. Neo-con Armitage supporting Trump:
It seems the Bush administrations were both filled with these Democrat leaning bastards.

This man needs to be assaulted and beaten down for being a traitor. As far as i'm concerned, he's scum.
Diana in Wisconsin does the usual crap when the guy who stabbed the British MP's name doesn't sound Arabic:
‘Tommy Mair.’ Recent convert?
thoughtomator does another Freeper usual thing:
whole thing smells very false-flaggy to me
And now for something completely different. vsEPAwarrior finds the idea of anal tearing hilarious and gay, and would like to dwell on it for a while:
Do they have a scale of anal tearing?

1) Low Anal Tearing (You probably just took a hard crap after eating too much cheese).

2) Medium Anal Tearing (You’ve experimented recently while drunk or you and your wife decided to get kinky one night - still, you’re pretty gay).

3) It’s torn up in there (You are so gay).
Sandy Hook truthers like sagar are always eager to tell everyone about the truth they've discovered:
The Brits found their Adam Lanza.

You mean the actor?
Still loving how many Freepers like Black Agnes think Obama only wins because it's a conspiracy and the GOP candidate takes a fall:
He was playing the part of loser. The elites didn’t realize that selecting Palin as VP might actually allow him to win. Polling for the ticket surged initially. So they had to cut that off at the knees.
Sarah Barracuda thinks the GOP is trying to get destroyed because they all love Democrats so much:
the Republican Party wants to be destroyed and be a one party system, with the Democrats controlling EVERYTHING..that is what they want..I never imagined that before about the GOP but Im seeing it more and more everyday
Sacajaweau thinks profiling solves everything:
Let's just talk about the muzzie attacks and the fact that everyone of them could have been prevented with due diligence and the lifting of the "muslim protection plan" ordered by Obuma.

The courts are wrong....There is nothing wrong with profiling. After all, these supposed "targets" created the profile.
Based on his terminology, Paladin2 comes from Prohibition. Based on his thesis, he's a crazy person in any era:
As Taxation is Theft, Revenuers need to have a credible threat of force behind them.
Always politically savvy, Truth29 wishes Republicans would do more Monday morning quarterbacking about Orlando:
Why oh why doesn’t the GOPe fight back and talk about what Obama has done to the investigative ability of the FBI and the many opportunities that they had to connect the dots, but for the fact that everything useful in determining Islamic terrorism has been erased from the FBI.
Gaffer on Dictator Obama's private army that no one seems to talk about:
What exactly is the Obama administration up to?

He's already said what he's up to. He did it even while he was running for Dictator the first time. "A civilian force as equally well funded, armed and capable as the MIlitary......." [paraphrased, but accurate]

He's picked the absolute WORST of this government's civilian lackey force and armed and authorized them. Ideologically, they are the King's Guards. We called them something different back in WWII era: Gestapo and SS.
hondact200 has the answer for why Obamas so crazy and evil and Hitlerish:
obama is delusional. Syphilis has affected his brain. obama is no better than a mad dog. Remember Hitler had syphilis too. And he went MAD
Fantasywriter seems to thinks that without Trump, people wouldn't know to hate Muslims:
If it weren’t for Trump, all these ‘gun incidents,’ might actually make it easier for Obama to finally get some leftist/GOPe gun control legislation passed. But having Trump in the picture means that the Muslim element, plus Obama’s anti-American immigration/security policies, keep displacing the anti-gun narrative.

It must be driving Obama berserk.
Buckeye McFrog wonders if Putin is secretly solving every problem:
He needs to give Putin a call...

OMG, you know, I hadn’t thought of that.

What if Vlad is cutting a behind-the-scenes deal with Bernie?
JLAGRAYFOX is having trouble switching his hate from Hillary to Obama, so he's decided Obama's the power behind Hillary:
Look.....the nutcase, self-lovng, egomaniac, Obama has moved to dispatch Democrat POTUS nominee, Hillary Clinton to the back bench, her, being told by Obama.....”you do not mutter one word, unless I approve its use”!!!

Bottom linr Clinton has ceased to be the Democrat POTUS nominee. Obama has take that position over....because he is in full panic mode as he watches what little legacy he has, disappear down the toilet drain!!!

Please keep in mind that at his remarks site yesterday in one, no great throngs of LGBT supporters, were there or present to thunderously applaud his morbid and insane words.
Another Freeper who must never read Freep, skimbell is trying to gin up umbrage over this picture:
Here's how the phoney "progressives" roll with the Hidabitch and her election.
Can you feature the howl if the tables were turned.

ifinnegan heard Kurt Russel doesn't like Hillary, and goes off.
Sounds absurd, but Trump/Russell would be a landslide.
Freepers cultish personalities make them reflexively love the few celebrities that aren't liberal.

dp0622 is pretty sure Obama has nothing to do with Iraqi soldiers taking Fallujah when really the war in Iraq is all Obama's fault!
just in time for the election, and that fat creature will take credit even though obama CREATED ISIS or at least let it grow.
I guess not noticing the polls, Eddie01 seriously believes everyone in America hates Obama.
Why do you think 0bama bought that house in DC?

I’ve been thinking (that’s when the trouble starts) about this.

Obama is not welcome or safe anywhere else in America.

He has no proud state among the 57 of them to return to.

Purposefully bringing Islamic Terror to America does not go unnoticed, either does bringing Ebola to America.
Speaking of polls, sergeantdave is unskewing hard:
Trump doesn’t care he’s trailing in the polls.

Says who? A bunch of fake web polls from the neo-Nazi propagandists at NBC...
ColdOne can't even unskew, because he seems actively confused about Trump's numbers:
Could only read up to this in the WaPo link.......The moves come amid declining poll numbers for Trump .............................WHAT DECLINING POLL NUMBERS WAPoo?
lexington minuteman 1775 straight up embraces using his feelings rather than poll numbers:
Trump is NOT the looser the MSM has portrayed
He is within the margin of error
Hillary post she wins DEM nomination bump was short lived 
Only Donald Trump can save America...well I made that up...but it’s what I feel and if i can pee wherever I feel like or what gender I feel like I can certainly insert my “feelings” into any poll...
And this this ride will take us through November before it comes to a sudden stop.


  1. There ain't gonna be a PRESIDENT HILLARIOUS CLINTOON - nor a FIRST LADDIE
    BILLIOUS CLINTOON . . . . There IS;
    however, going to be a PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP. Learn it, Love it, Live it!

    1. Not according to the plunging polls, and his disintegrating campaign team ...
      America (freepers excluded) don't want an American Putin, an American Erdrogan, and American Kim Jong-un.

      I'm already starting a freeper involuntary asylum commitment list to keep track of all the freak-outs in November ...
      STINKIE is already at the top!

    2. Hi twinkie!

    3. Hey Twinks! Nice to see that you spelled "laddie" correctly. It shows you have a brain in that bonnet. Unlike that person who spelled loser as looser.

      Really, this post was just to point that out. It's a pet peeve of mine.

  2. I'm not at all a supporter, but it is going to be a thing of beauty when Hillary wins.
    It'll be a magical night when all of their gyrations and self-convincing lies comes to nothing.

    1. A win by Secretary Clinton is what the right wing media machine really wants anyway. They make their living on demonizing Democratic administrations. When a Republican administration is in power, they have no bogeyman.

    2. Jim is probably banking on it too, it will probably be the shortest thon on record.

  3. "Syphilis has affected his brain."

    Yep. He had no access to medicine.